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Learn the Various Baptist Degrees Offered Online


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There are Baptist degrees offered online. Schools and universities have started offering these programs, seminars, and courses that people around the world can take and study. Online Baptist seminaries or degree providers offer a genuine blend of rigorous academic content and transformational hands-on applications to the students that enroll to them. Some online Baptist degree providers are cheap and can help the students save more money because the students no longer need to travel or reside near the seminaries or universities where they enrolled.

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Learn the Various Baptist Degrees Offered Online

  1. 1. There are Baptist degrees offered online.Schools and universities have started offeringthese programs, seminars, and courses thatpeople around the world can take and study.Online Baptist seminaries or degree providersoffer a genuine blend of rigorous academiccontent and transformational hands-onapplications to the students that enroll to them.Some online Baptist degree providers arecheap and can help the students save moremoney because the students no longer needto travel or reside near the seminaries oruniversities where they enrolled.
  2. 2. Online Baptist degree providers offer differentchoices of seminary courses that student cantake, such as Mastery of Ministry, Master ofDivinity, Master of Theology, Doctor ofPhilosophy, Doctor of Ministry. This programsobjective is to prepare the student for furtherstudy in a seminary or graduate level and forentry level positions in the church ministries.This program discuss about Contemporary andPhilosophy ideas, Christian Life andEvangelism, History of the Christian Church,and Introduction to Church Ministries.
  3. 3. Online Baptist degree providers also offerprograms such as Associate Programs, thatrequire the enrollees to be a high schoolgraduate, GED passer, has a average grade intheir high school subjects or much higher.Associate Programs such as, AssociateTheology degree for sixty credit hours and hastwenty different courses. The student mustcomplete each course because it is worth 3credit hours per course. Student can select thetwenty different courses from the selectionsheet that the Baptist degree provided and thehandbook that they give the students.
  4. 4. Bachelor Programs are also offered online bysome university, colleges, and seminarieswebsites. The common requirements of theprovider for the student who want to enroll isthat enrollees should have a Associatedegree in Theology or sixty hours of credits onTheology. The Bachelor of Theology programdegree requires sixty credit hours above theAssociate’s Degree. Like the Associatedegree the bachelor degree is alsocomposed of 20 courses and each is worth 3hours of credit hours.
  5. 5. This program teaches the student abouttheological understanding andconcentration on specific Bible teachingsand texts as well as the scriptures that are onthe bible, and also language study. Studentslearn about Hebrew, Greek, Christian history,Preaching, and Systematic Theology.Students can take different careers aftercompleting this program; they can be aTheologian, Professor of Theology, Pastor,Minister, Christian School Administrator,Graduate Student/ Seminarian.
  6. 6. Masters degree in theology is also offeredonline, Master of Arts in Theological Studies, Thisdegree program is all about equipping thestudents to serve as assistance to the church ina supportive capability. This program is hasbeen developed for persons whom alreadyserve as leaders, Christian educators, andpastors. This program is consisting of 36 totalcredit hours. The program compromises corecourses and elective or professional studies,and examples of these are, Introduction toapologetics, Old Testament Orientation,Systematic Theology, and Cross CulturalEvangelism and Church Planting.
  7. 7. Another Baptist degree offered online is theMaster of Religious Education, This program isdesigned to prepare the students whom areenrolled to this to be trained dealing withpositions in the church or Christianassociations, positions such as discipleshippastor, associate pastor, and small grouppastor. And it is also designed to blend theprinciples of Christian theology with thoseeducational teaching so that student mayobtain both knowledge of both fields.
  8. 8. Students are taught to have a wellrounded knowledge of both fields andhow they should complement eachother. Subjects that comprise bothelective and core subjects, core coursessuch as Small Group Ministries, Theologyand Apologetics, Church Administration,Strategic Driven Ministries.
  9. 9. Online Degree providers also ProvideDoctoral Degrees in Theology, or Doctoratein Theology and Apologetic, This programcontains courses that are available only aton campus but also have online courses thatcan be taken up. This program prepares thestudent to teach and write on a professionallevel but also take an active part with thechurch.
  10. 10. Student should graduate within 5 years ofbeing enrolled to this degree program andthey also need to maintain a grade pointaverage of 2.0 or much higher. Coursesoffered in this program are preparation of thesermon, Communication in Christian ministry,team leadership and conflict resolution, andBiblical foundations of Christian Leaderships.
  11. 11. Doctor of Ministry is also offered online, this program is allabout worship studies, it has practical aspects andtheoretical aspects as well where in student get tointeract and work with ministry leaders.
  12. 12. People whom are already established with thechurch are the usual best person for thisprogram. This program is consist of seminarsand ends with a thesis project that is needed tobe passed. Students must undergo electiveseminars and study seminars such as The role ofthe Pastor with the Worship Leader, Building aTheology of Worship, Growth andDevelopment of the Contemporary Minister,and Twenty First Century Tools and Techniquesfor the Church.