Finding the Best Business Administration School Online


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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a degree that focuses on business administration and commerce. The course should be completed by students for four years with credit hours of 120. BBA focuses on courses for general business and also advanced courses in particular concentrations. The main focus of the degree is to give the students wider knowledge about how different departments of a company functions. Students can also select a business area where they want to concentrate on specializations like accounting, finance, entrepreneurship, economics, international business, marketing, organizational behavior, etc.

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  • In India, BBA can be received in 3 years time. I know of a Business School that offers good BBA prospects and placements. Here is their link:
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Finding the Best Business Administration School Online

  1. 1. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is adegree that focuses on business administrationand commerce. The course should be completedby students for four years with credit hours of 120.BBA focuses on courses for general business andalso advanced courses in particular concentrations.The main focus of the degree is to give thestudents wider knowledge about how differentdepartments of a company functions. Students canalso select a business area where they want toconcentrate on specializations like accounting,finance, entrepreneurship, economics, internationalbusiness, marketing, organizational behavior, etc.
  2. 2. The degree helps in developing everystudent’s managerial skills, decision-making for the business and theircommunication skills capabilities.Bachelors of business administration alsoincorporates practical experience byletting the students have their trainings bygiving them case projects, letting themhave internships and having interactionswith the business industry experts.
  3. 3. How to Apply for Bachelors of BusinessAdministration OnlineWhen a student wants to have a businessdegree but can’t attend classes inuniversities, taking it online will be themost convenient option. Taking thebachelors of business administrationcourse online can help the student in fixingthe schedule for all classes and progressin the degree even when taking it at home.
  4. 4. The academic requirements in taking bachelors ofbusiness administration online are as follows:• Prospective student has graduated from highschool• Student should have at least 24 transferablehours in college• Should have a score of 19 and above in ACT• Should have a SAT score of more than 450 onevery section• It is also required that the student has an averageof 2.25 or higher in high school GPA• Should pass the personal interview
  5. 5. When the student is finished completing allthe requirements, he may now start attendingclasses online based on the schedule that hewants. The student must complete amaximum of 138 credit hours or a total of fouryears to finish the business course online.There are ways on making the online coursefinish earlier by adding the course load of thestudent or taking classes schedule full time. Ifthese options are not applicable to thestudents schedule then he may take theonline course for four years in completing theprogram.
  6. 6. Job Opportunities for Bachelors ofBusiness Administration GraduatesThere are many job opportunities invarious companies when a person is agraduate of bachelors of businessadministration. Opportunities like havinghigh positions in administrative jobs, suchas office management, financialadministration, administrative assistant,and other marketing positions in differentcompanies .
  7. 7. Finding a job for a graduate of businessdegree wont be hard because the degreecovers a broad range of job opportunities.The person can choose jobs under officemanagement like being a sales manager,marketing manager, purchasing manager,operation manager, account or financemanager and a lot more. The person canalso have jobs that are related to thespecialization that he/she had aftergraduating.
  8. 8. Graduating with bachelors in businessadministration can also open job careers likebeing an administrative executive, a HRmanager, business developer and officeadministrator. Because the degree is able tocover a vast range of specializations, jobopportunities for the degree graduates areendless. Another impressive advantage that agraduate can have from the degree is that it canprovide a job for a long time basis.
  9. 9. Taking Bachelors of BusinessAdministration in Reputable Online SchoolWhen a individuals takes a course abouthaving the degree on business administrationthere are many advantages that will openwhen they finish the course. There are onlineschools that can help a person get a degree inbusiness administration. The following top 3schools are known to be the best in giving anonline degree in bachelors of businessadministration:
  10. 10. • The online school that is on top of the list is theWashington State UniversityThe school is known for its accredited online programsthat are competitively priced. The university is alsoknown for its respected reputation in giving the bestbusiness degree program online.• The next school that is Florida InternationalUniversityKnown for its affordable online programs and isconsidered to be a business school that is top-rankedthat focuses on international business course.• UMassOnlineThe school is known for offering business degreesonline at a reasonable price. The business school isalso known to be highly regarded.