Associates in Criminal Justice: Stepping Stone for a Bright Future


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An associate in Criminal Justice is a rewarding and interesting field of career. Continuing a degree in criminal justice offers students the chance to move in a variation of profession especially a law enforcement career. Upon the completion of this studies also serve as the stepping stone of obtaining advance education in the area. May students opt to pursue their learning at the Bachelor’s level, and most of them choose to continue graduate study upon their undergraduate years.

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Associates in Criminal Justice: Stepping Stone for a Bright Future

  1. 1. An associate in Criminal Justice is arewarding and interesting field of career.Continuing a degree in criminal justice offersstudents the chance to move in a variation ofprofession especially a law enforcementcareer. Upon the completion of this studiesalso serve as the stepping stone of obtainingadvance education in the area. May studentsopt to pursue their learning at the Bachelor’slevel, and most of them choose to continuegraduate study upon their undergraduateyears.
  2. 2. What Can You Get In Online Associate inCriminal JusticeOnline learning in higher education makes theobjective in continuing a college degree moreaccessible for person facing time difficultiesbecause of existing job or family obligation.Every session is much shorter than thetraditional sixteen weeks semester in typicalcollege set-up. At the same time students cannow take rarer courses, and complete theirdegree in two years of study.
  3. 3. The program provides a wide number of courses,including general courses and requirement that aredefinite to criminal justice. The general requirementsoffer a firm outline of education that students start toshape their specialty.The associate in criminal justice provide students aneducation which will better make them for variouscareer selections in the criminal or legal justice field.Line of business includes court reporter, paralegal,private security, correction officer, legal specialist,court clerk, bailiff, probation officer and any lawenforcement purpose
  4. 4. An online degree of associate in criminaljustice offers flexibility to a student whowants to pursue and earn a degree on theirprogram. The credits that you will earned inthis two year online degree can also beapplied thru bachelor’s degree program.
  5. 5. Details of the Program• This program is comprise of sixty hours totalcredit, thirty hours of overall education jointwith thirty hours of a criminal justice courses.• It takes two years to complete the program• This program will register proceeding toeight week semester. The semester has amultiple dates too start all over the year.
  6. 6. Content of Criminal Justice Course:•Criminology•Criminal Law•Criminal Investigation•Court Procedures and Processes•Justice System•General Psychology•Victimology•Juvenile Delinquency•Parole and Probation•Police Procedure and Operations•Police Management and Administration
  7. 7. Associate in Criminal Justice degree vs. HighSchool DiplomaAnybody who has a degree in associate in criminaljustice will receive high salary compare to those whohas high school diploma. If you have an associatedegree you might receive a $40,000 annuallyagainst $26,000 holders of high school diploma. Ithas a big difference; therefore obtaining an associatedegree really does pay.The associate in criminal justices only takes fewyears in order to complete the degree compared tobachelor’s degree that need s four year of study.
  8. 8. It is true that holders of bachelor degree earnmuch more than those who have an associatedegree, but associate degree is suitable for theperson without that capability of pursuingfour years in order to earn high salary.Through associate degree it can lead you tothe next level of profession which is fasterthan those who has high school diploma.Associate degree is a good degree to beginyour career.
  9. 9. Benefits of Studying Associate in CriminalJustice Online• A degree in associate in criminal justice canbenefit students who currently employed inthe area of court reporters, law enforcementofficer and paralegals the chance to havespecial training for their existing employment,but wish to be hired on any field of criminaljustice or searching advancement to theirexisting career.
  10. 10. • Many universities and colleges also admittransfer credits, reducing the money and timein taking the degree of Bachelor’s. For thosewho want to continue a career in criminaljustice or associated fields which requiredforward looking degrees. Associate in criminaljustice is a great place to begin with. Mostpeople that hold a current position as aforensic pathologist, lawyers, psychiatrists,coroners, medical examiners and judges begintheir career in this way.
  11. 11. • Associate in Criminal Justice onlineprogram is a good chance in gaining highquality education in fast growing field ofcareer, while having your own schedule. Itallows every student to study with comfortright on their own place without sacrificingtheir existing jobs or the precious time withtheir family. Furthermore, the wide range ofopportunities in different careers after thecompletion of the program is the best way infinding a career that suits them.
  12. 12. Associate inCriminalJustice alreadybecomeextremelyfamousaccording tothe surveyconductedlast October2007.
  13. 13. Increasing threat to homeland enforcementand safety of serious criminal prosecutionlaw has overcome the total of correctionofficials as well as the legal researchers andparalegals. This degree is the first step inobtaining fine future. An associate incriminal justice assists every student toobtain an entry level work in the profession.Maybe this is not the total necessity that youobtain in this degree, no wonder that it willprovide you a good fight on your competition.