Associates degree in business and work opportuniti


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Once you decide to take up associate’s degree in business, you need to find a university or college with regional accreditation. Business programs should be accredited otherwise you will only waste money. There are different work opportunities after graduation. If you are interested in business related courses, this is a great choice.

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Associates degree in business and work opportuniti

  1. 1. Associates Degree in Businessand Work Opportunity
  2. 2. Once you decide to take up associate’s degreein business, you need to find a university orcollege with regional accreditation. Businessprograms should be accredited otherwise youwill only waste money. There are different workopportunities after graduation. If you areinterested in business related courses, this is agreat choice.
  3. 3. It is possible to land entry-level jobs after finishingthe associate’s degree in business. Newgraduates can earn around $32,000 annually, toas high as $57,000! Just in case you’re currentlyemployed and you are not satisfied with thesalary, you can advance your career by finishingthe associate’s degree. You must be aware thataverage salaries are usually based on the type ofbusiness or establishment, and the jobresponsibilities it involves
  4. 4. The coursework willdepend on the universityor college where you areenrolled and typicallyinclude macro/microeconomics, accounting,business law, finance,management, socialsciences, and speech.There are also schoolsthat offer internship
  5. 5. you may have noticed, the coursework is too general. Ifyou want, you can choose associate’s degree inbusiness with specific emphasis on areas likeinternational business, humanresources, accounting, real estate, and fashionmerchandising.The following are some of the work opportunities youcan find after finishing associate’s degree in business:
  6. 6.  Receptionist or office assistant – theseare entry-level positions but you can workyour way up to become an administrativeassistant, executive assistant, or even anoffice manager. These positions usuallyrequire strong knowledge in bookkeeping,communication skills, and computer skills.You can also become medical or legalsecretaries.
  7. 7.  Assistant manager or manager – in orderto hold a position of authority, you need to befamiliar with the different facets of businessoperations including accounting, sales,management, and personnel. It is best tostart with entry-level positions because youcan learn the operations through yourimmediate superiors
  8. 8.  Human resource officer – if you loveworking with different kinds of people,this is a great opportunity for you. To behired, you need to specialize in humanresource. Your job involves interviewingor evaluating applicants, and organizesor conducts employee meetings.
  9. 9.  Become an entrepreneur – withassociate’s degree in business, youcan also become a business owner.You must know how to run abusiness, and become your own boss.Keep in mind that this opportunityrequires flexibility and multi-tasking.You need to put on more hoursespecially during the initial stages ofthe business, and have adequateknowledge in areas likepersonnel, sales, publicspeaking, management, and
  10. 10. In taking up the associate’s degree, youhave two options – finish the courseworkonline or enroll at a traditional college oruniversity. Either way, you have to makesure that the program is accredited. It willtake about two years to finish the degreeif you study full-time. However, part-timeclasses are also offered. The latter willwork for those who plan to make acareer shift, as well as working students.
  11. 11. Now that you know the different workopportunities, you can choose to specialize inassociate’s degree in business or just stickwith the general coursework. Good luck inyour studies.Read More : Associates Degree inBusiness