Listening and note taking


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Listening and note taking

  1. 1. • When you have no interest in class material, how does it affect you – your behavior, yourgrades, your connection to others, your commitment? When you have no interest in class material it affects you, your behavior, your grades, yourconnection to others, and your commitment in many ways. It affects you because you are notable to do well in the class and on specific things such as assignments, quizzes, test, andprojects. Which are basically all the key essentials that make up your grade. So it will result to anot so good grade and it may even be a failing one. It’s wasting your time and money as well asa seat reserved to you in the class that another student could be using affectively. Peoplearen’tgoing towant to sit next to someone who doesn’t have a clue what’s going on and get moreso aggravated by the fact that they can’t ask you for any help. You won’t have muchcommitment to the class considering you have no interest in the material and that may affectyour attendance. People that have not interest in class material sometimes have much use oftheir cell phones during lesson which may result into aggravating the instructor. It is veryimportant that you are interested in the class material and get involved rather than attending theclass for no apparent reason. Students that have much interest in the class material do muchbetter in the class overall which results into a good grade.Next, come up with a positive course of action for Maya that might help her get something out ofher class.Although a lot of courses you have to take in order to get where you want to go in college maynot seem of any importance to you there has to be some meaning involved otherwise it wouldn’tbe mandatory to take the course. Every class in college is important and even though there notall of equal importance they still are important. Sitting down and thinking of good reasons to whyit is necessary that you take a specific class may be a great action to take that might help youget something out of the class. Even though the class may not be involved with the career andfield of study which you have chosen learning something new is never a bad thing. It is actuallya very good thing expanding your brain and working it out is something that can never get old.Getting involved in a course is a great way of expanding your knowledge. You can never benegative when it comes to something you are not interested in because you will result to gettingnowhere and you will have a much harder time with the class then most students. This is a greatlesson not only about school but life as well sometimes to get where you want to go you got tostart from the bottom and work yourself up. The bottom isn’t somewhere you’re always going towant to be but showing no interest will get you any further than where you started. Thinkingabout all the positive things and talking them threw with a classmate or family member is agreat way to go about things when you can’t find any interest.