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Ch2 goals an time managment

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Ch2 goals an time managment

  1. 1. Samantha Degen1. How do goals help you strive for success? Goals help me strive for success by helping memange what it is I need to do to be successful.2. How can you create and achieve realistic goals? You can create and achieve realistic goals bycreating long term and short term goals. Short term goals help achieve your long term goals.3. How can you effectively manage your time? You can effectively manage your time by buildinga schedule and using a planner.Get to Know Yourself1. What are you good at and interested in? I’m good and taking the time to learn new thingsand I’minterested in doing something that would make a difference in not only my own life butsomeone else’s as well2. What do you want to achieve? I want to achieve many things by being successful in school anwhich ever career I choose to devote my time into.3. What values guide your life choices? Many values guide my life choices but my most importantone is my family.