ABE: Anything But an Engineer


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Students in an advanced economies would rather be physicians, lawyers, or business people or ABE: Anything but engineers. This ppt deck some of the reasons why and suggests that the Big Beacon movement may lead to ways to help make engineering a more interesting career choice for many students.

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ABE: Anything But an Engineer

  1. 1. A.B.E: Anything but an EngineerDavid E. GoldbergThreeJoy Associates, Inc. & the Big Beacondeg@threejoy.com © David E. Goldberg 2012
  2. 2. A.B.E.©  David  E.  Goldberg  2011  
  3. 3. Students in affluent countries want to be…
  4. 4. Anything
  5. 5. but
  6. 6. an
  7. 7. Engineer
  8. 8. A.B.E.©  David  E.  Goldberg  2011  
  9. 9. Reasons Complex•  Degree difficult: math-science death march.•  Environment hostile: Delight in failure.•  Engineer socially captive: Wage slave.•  Medium-to-low status: Not understood by public.•  Limited potential: Pay OK to start (in some countries), but need to shift to grow.•  Viewed as narrow education: Not agile or adaptable.
  10. 10. As antidote to A.B.E.©  David  E.  Goldberg  2011  
  11. 11. Big Beacon is a globalmovement ©  David  E.  Goldberg  2011  
  12. 12. To bring5 Pillarstotransformengineeringeducation
  13. 13. bycollaborativelydisrupting the status quo. ©  David  E.  Goldberg  2011  
  14. 14. 5 Elements of the Movement•  Vision of whole new engineer•  Vision of whole new engineering education•  Educational rewire process•  All stakeholders at table.•  A system for collaborative disruption
  15. 15. The whole new engineer…1.  Finds joy in engineering and in life.2.  Is open, trusted, and trusting.3.  Is authentically connected with others.
  16. 16. A whole new engineering education…13.  Is a joyful and challenging experience.14.  Trusts students, believing they are resourceful, creative, and whole.15.  Encourages diverse student aspirations and increases student autonomy and choice.
  17. 17. Educational rewire…25. Questions, listens, and is mindfully present to the possibilities of effective action.26. Engages the willing, and embraces the once unwilling as soon as they are open to change.27. Uses exemplars of authentic student engagement to change hearts then minds.
  18. 18. All stakeholders at table…•  Students•  Engineers•  Engineering employers•  Educators
  19. 19. System for Collaborative Disruption•  Thought leadership approach. Thought  •  Coalition of Leadership   Campaign   collaborators. Compete   BB  •  Show rooms of then   Cooperate   Coali@on   innovation.•  Network of incubators. Big   Beacon   LiAle  Red  •  Open source innovation. See-­‐Be-­‐Do   Share  Tank   School   House  •  NLQ + TASL + POCA Network   training.•  Embrace the once Android  OS   for  New  Ed   Incubators   unwilling.
  20. 20. www.bigbeacon.org© David E. Goldberg 2011
  21. 21. A.B.E: Anything but an EngineerDavid E. GoldbergThreeJoy Associates, Inc. & the Big Beacondeg@threejoy.com © David E. Goldberg 2012