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I nominated my grandmother to be the Philadelphia Phillies Phan of the Year in 2006 and she won at the grand age of 90! They flew her down to Spring Training in Clearwater, FL as her prize. Me, my mom, and my friend Mary went with her.

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  • I was luck enough to be Midge's official photographer on the day she was appointed Phan of the year. I also accompanied her & her lovely family to Spring Training & we had quite the adventure. Miss you Midge!
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Philadelphia Phillies Phan of the Year

  1. 1. Midge
  2. 2. Here’s the thing. We need to talk about Mildred Vichko (aka Midge). She’ll be 90 this year, and she is, hands down, the biggest Phils fan around... Midge Means Go
  3. 3. Sure, I’ve heard of Midge. Who hasn’t? Every time one of the stats guys thinks they’re so smart, she’s like, “Hey, Stat Boy, who hit .238 for the ’42 Phils?” Midge Means Go
  4. 4. It’s Pinky May... but I didn’t need to look in a book to know that! Midge Midge Means Go
  5. 5. She’s good, isn’t she? You may not know this, but Midge has been a Phils fan since she was 14 years old – that’s 75 years ! I guess we could say 2006 is her Diamond Anniversary with the Club. Midge Means Go
  6. 6. Yeah, she seems like a cool fan and all, but come on, we’re going to get a TON of entries. How can we know how big a fan she is? Midge Means Go
  7. 7. Chew on this: while she hasn’t been able to make it to a home game in years*, she’s never missed a game ! She watches every single game on TV, and listens to the others on her little antique radio on her back porch! Midge Means Go *As an early 90 th birthday surprise, she was taken to the Sept. 3 rd doubleheader this year. She calls the experience “The best day of [her] life.”
  8. 8. Midge Means Go How much do I love the Phils? Thi-i-is much!
  9. 9. Whaddya say, Phils? Ya gotta believe! (That’s she’s your Phan of the Year.) Midge Means Go
  10. 10. Midge Means Go Even though she always says she “likes Richie Ashburn best,” she can still tell you about that time I hit the Astrodome speaker back in ’74 – I like her! Hey, she came to the game where I hit 50, 51 & 52 – she’s got my vote!
  11. 11. And Phan of the Year goes to... Midge Means Go
  12. 12. Phan of the Year? Me? Sure would be nice, but who knows... Midge Means Go
  13. 13. Midge Means Go Name: Mildred “Midge” Vichko Stats: 75 th year with the club