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Clients will not be able to realize value from their investment if they do not address the technical and business risks and clearly identify the right SAP BusinessObjects components and ensure matching technology architecture. This is where Defiance can add value in the adoption and migration journey with its 60+ accelerators which can help manage the transition seamlessly, optimal and reliable.

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Defiance sap business_objects_mobilebi_adoption

  1. 1. SAP BusinessObjects andMobile BI AdoptionIn the last five years the adoption of Business Intelligence and Analytics has become a necessity for allenterprises. With the phenomenal growth of mobility devices - the consumption of critical BI andAnalytics on the move has also becoming a necessity. Nearly five years after the acquisition ofBusinessObjects by SAP the BusinessObjects Reporting & Dashboarding tool set is becoming the de ,facto enterprise Business Intelligence & Analytics tool set for all SAP enterprise users. SAPBusinessObjects platform offers significant benefits if leveraged effectively. It can drive effectivedecision making by unlocking the potential of data within the customer’s ERP and BW platforms.However, clients will not be able to realize value from their investment if they do not address thetechnical and business risks and clearly identify the right SAP BusinessObjects components andensure matching technology architecture. This is where Defiance can add value in the adoption andmigration journey with its 60+ accelerators which can help manage the transition seamlessly, optimaland reliable.Challenges in SAP BO and Mobile BI AdoptionBUILDING A BUSINESS CASECustomers are faced with several challenges when it comes to choosing BusinessObjects. Theadoption journey has to be linked to a comprehensible business case that is focused on achievingclearly defined business outcomes. While most clients realise the new functionalities offered by theBusinessObjects tool set, smart clients are taking a relook at their Enterprise BI and Analytics strategybefore making this important investment in new tool sets. While drawing up this strategy road mapclients are analysing their needs in multiple dimensions. The usability, speed of availability andpervasiveness of BI usage is driving the selection of information consumption tool set (namely reports,dashboards, etc. being made available in web and mobile platform) The appropriate analytics (KPI’s)is adding sense to the large volumes of the data that is being collected. Clients are also relooking attheir Data acquisition frameworks where the quality and richness of data being acquired is becomingan important parameter. All these dimensions need to be considered while building a coherentbusiness case to ensure the planned investment provides business benefits.BUSINESS ADOPTIONIn the absence of the right tool for the right job, there has been poor adoption of BI tools which is aresult of tools that do not fit the user or task in hand. BusinessObjects brings the right tool for the job.These include Executive dashboards with Xcelsius which combine data from across the organizationto give rich, dynamic views of complex data; Easy access with WebIntelligence which enable intuitiveinteraction for occasional users such as busy business managers and Report packs with Crystal whichhave Automated report pack, board packs, account portfolios and status reports.The BusinessObjects solutions can report on data both within and outside the SAP systems bothrigorously (through tools like Federator) and casually for that quick analysis. BusinessObjects Exploreroffers intuitive “search-based” interaction with your data to follow the line of thought to find the“unknown unknowns”. If you are with SAP for the long term and want to leverage new content andfunctionality you need to be on this strategic platform.BUSINESS CONTINUITYCustomers are faced with the risk of bringing in the toolset and facing challenges in user adoptionwhile seamlessly integrating with their existing technology landscape without adversely affectingbusiness continuity. Businesses faced with critical business continuity needs and limited budgets needthe transition to be quick and effective when they decide to rollout the adoption.
  2. 2. BusinessObjects and Mobile BI AdoptionDefiance’s ‘BusinessObjects and Mobile BI Adoption’ ensures that the above challenges are met without disrupting businesscontinuity, reducing risk and ensuring cost effective delivery. This route to successful adoption involves: Business Objects & MobileBI Adoption Blueprint, Infrastructure Readiness Assessment, Landscape Upgrade and Consolidation, BI Architecture ReadinessAssessment, Industrialized Reporting Migration & Mobile BI adoption. ECTS & MOBILE S OBJ NES BI BUSI ENTE RPRISE FRAMEW COE ILE ss ORK AG seAs Landscape BI Architecture Upgrade & Readiness Consolidation A Assessment Assessment do pt Infrastructure an Readiness Mobile BI dM Assessment Adoption igra lt Consu te Business Objects & Reporting & Dashboard Mobile BI Adoption Blueprint Migration SOLUTION PHASING The adoption journey begins with the exploratory phase where Defiance works with the customerBUSINESSOBJECTS & to validate or build their business case for BusinessObjects and Mobile BI adoption by clearlyMOBILE BI ADOPTION identify information opportunities and defining outcome driven value cases for each reportingBLUEPRINT component. The key output of this phase is a BOBJ adoption roadmap, which aligns the technology to business objectives and describes the priorities and the journey ahead. This stage is fundamental for success as it ensures that both IT and Business stakeholders are fully engaged and agree with the journey ahead. We strongly recommend that this stage is undertaken in all projects to ensure a clear vision is defined prior to starting the journey. The BusinessObjects solutions can report on data both within and outside the SAP systems both rigorously (through tools like Federator) and casually for that quick analysis. BusinessObjects Explorer offers intuitive “search-based” interaction with your data to follow the line of thought to find the “unknown unknowns”. This phase explores the existing corporate BI infrastructure and outlines the new infrastructureINFRASTRUCTURE needs for the adoption of the BusinessObjects toolset including the mobile BI adoption. ThisREADINESS stage delivers a detailed ‘As-Is’ architecture statement and a statement of the ‘To-Be’ASSESSMENT infrastructure requirements, considering new platform, application and overall security requirements. This is an optional stage in the journey, and we fully understand that customers may use their existing infrastructure providers to support this stage of the journey. In such instances Defiance Technologies can provide an indication of the areas that need to be considered and the expected outputs. In this phase we review the ‘As-Is’ BI landscape and determine the need for version upgrades, asLANDSCAPE well as opportunities for consolidation of existing BI platforms. The core activities of this phaseUPGRADE AND are to undertake a detailed landscape assessment and then produce a detailed upgrade andCONSOLIDATION consolidation roadmap. We have industrialised SAP and BW upgrade offerings which we could use to take a customer through the upgrade journey, but we recognise that in many cases a technology upgrade may fall into the domain of a client’s existing service provider. In this phase we examine the status of the existing BI solutions architecture, particularly BW toBI ARCHITECTURE determine whether there are existing solution designs in place that may prevent adoption of theREADINESS new technology components. In order to achieve this we need to take a more detailed pass ofASSESSMENT the adoption roadmap and get a firmer view of the ‘To-Be’ requirements. This entire process is important to organisations that have a BW / BEx based solution in place. This is because there are at present a number of former BW / BEx design principles that cannot be exploited with a BO4.0 presentation layer. The outcome of this phase is a detailed assessment, which can be used to drive redesign/rework during the final phase. This phase is where the detailed design and build work is undertaken to support the newINDUSTRIALISED BusinessObjects component adoption. Our offshoring model will be used for this part of theREPORTING journey to minimise overall costs and ensure that all deliverables are of a high quality and meetMIGRATION business requirements. Typically, this will be undertaken in iterative phased manner, based upon the defined BOBJ exploitation roadmap which will have identified priority areas for adoption. Our existing factory demand model, governance model and accelerators will be exploited to ensure that a scalable and effective service can be offered to the client. Making the appropriate reports and dashboards available to the key users on the mobileMOBILE BI platforms (as mobile BI and also as part of mobile apps enabling key business processes)ADOPTION involves expertise in Usability and Mobile rendering. The right security strategy is also another critical component of this adoption.
  3. 3. Agile Enterprise Consulting FrameworkDefiance’s Agile Enterprise Consulting Framework provides a 360 degree view on the different dimensions of the client landscape.It does an objective assessment of “AS IS” maturity state and provides the “TO BE” state and actionable roadmap. BI MATURITY Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Information Access is limited Reports are available but not Business Useful reports and Information Access is and is not uniform in a useable format Dashboards available in near real time Adhocism to information availability Lots of Dormant reports Multiple media for reports access is over Mobile and Web in a available Usable format Mobile BI Difficult to access to the Information Non standardization of reporting Usability Standards are formats Right kind of reports & dashboards Adoption No Usability standards Usability is poor available to right kind of user implemented Multiple sources of information Mobile dashboards are enabled BI system is widely used and adoption is all pervasive Self service BI fully enabled Requirements are driven from Identified, but not well used Identified and effectively used Robust and flexible BI a limited Executive group Weak to moderate business Strong business ownership of architecture Information Not standardized or linked to business needs ownership of requirements requirements Global Enterprise Data Warehouse implemented and Analytics Few Operational reports with little Multiple sets of KPIs & information Common set of rationalized KPIs BI platform viewed as a strategic requirements often conflict and information requirements business benefit enabler for Business Generic KPIs are not business Business relevance of every metric Historical reporting. Information optimized validated Ability for high-speed analytics reliant on lagging indicators Robust and user-friendly No Value KPIs Value measurement is coincidental Value is tracked and reported presentation layer IT Driven BI Governance Business Driven BI Business Governance with Enterprise-wide BI Governance Technology-centric organization Governance Evolving Competency Center Developing with Business Leadership and implementations Low to moderate participation of High Business Ownership to all BI Enterprise participation on all Business in BI governance Activities developments Governance No/little business participation in projects Considering a competency center Activities guided by business goals Governance includes feedback Weak end-user skills. No Weak to moderate end-user skills. Business case and ROI for BI mechanisms from the full value employee or manager self service Some core group of super-users projects chain No BI competency center Moderate end-user skills with ESS and MSS fully adopted ESS partially used “pockets” of strong users. BI competency center is mature Do not exist or are not uniform Evolving effort to formalize Exist and are not uniform Uniform, followed and audited No service level agreements BI Processes and standards may be BI process & standards are BI Process and standards are Design, development and documented documented but not followed documented, followed and audited Standards management processes are Verbal SLA, but no formal & regular Informal governance group which Formal governance board in place for strategy and direction and Processes informal update/negotiation process is responsible for issue resolution Written SLAs in place with formal High use of generic BI objects or Little to moderate reuse of infos Written SLAs, but no formal and heavily customized development regular update process and regular update/negotiation Initial efforts to standardize master process No reuse of data or information data Moderate to heavy reuse of infos Heavy reuse of information BI “Silos” for each Business Some Shared BI Applications Consolidating and Upgrading Robust and flexible BI Significant variances between BU’s Variances between BU’s with Initial attempts at implementing a architecture Application Limited access to information multiple BI systems Global Enterprise Data Warehouse Global Enterprise Data Warehouse Heavy reliance on spreadsheets and (either logical or physical) implemented Architecture Users get what IT gives BI platform viewed as a strategic data manipulation Spreadsheets are used selectively Ad-hoc patches & Upgrades enabler for Business Planned migration to better Central tech support landscapes Ability for high-speed analytics Patches up-to-date Robust and user-friendly Plans for patches and upgrades presentation layerDedicated Center of Excellence in BusinessObjectsDefiance Technologies has a dedicated Business Objects and Mobile BI adoption Center of Excellence (CoE) in Bangalore. TheCOE is staffed with a mix of resources providing support for SAP BW Architecture, BO Architecture, Data Quality Assessment andManagement, Universe Design, Report & Dashboard Development, Mobile BI rendering, Testing & Validation, QA, and Delivery &Program Management. Agile and Flexible Team Technology + Business + Performance Flexible resource pool specialized in BO Adoption I Multiple BO Adoption engagements using tools, processes and methodology Systematic knowledge sharing and management I Focus on ongoing improvement Resources Repository Standardization Tools BO Migration in a Lab Infrastructure Dedicated pool in one Reusable Objects Checklists BOAdopt Manufacturing Reduction of TCO Location: India location Knowledge management Delivery templates BOAdopt Automobile Reduction in Project Dedicated facilities Continuous education from multiple Standard processes BOAdopt CFO Timelines Workstation & Servers and knowledge sharing engagements Improvement of Usability Return of experiences BOAdopt Sales & High Level of Security BI Experts on SAP BW, Documentation Marketing BO, Xcelsius, Webi, Methodology Universe Design With 60+ accelerators and sector specific KPI repository, CoE helps clearly define the scope with quality delivery while minimizing risk and providing business continuity within the committed schedule.
  4. 4. Customer Success StoriesDefiance has delivered SAP BI Implementations for several Global 500 and Fortune 1000companies in different sectors and geographies.Global SAP BI BO implementation for major global manufacturerThe customer is a diversified, global company that provides vital products and services tocustomers in more than 60 countries and has more than 100,000 employees worldwide.Defiance delivered end-to-end SAP BI Implementation aligned with Global SAPImplementation and program managed the delivery with onsite, offsite and offshore basedmodel. Defiance developed dashboard tools and accelerators in SD, MM, PP and FICO.Defiance implemented common, global business processes based on SAP Best Practicestemplate and rollout. With the implementation, the customer was able to easily extract,transform, and deliver data in real time or at any interval. The solution provided a single view ofthe organization and enabled Ad hoc reporting, query and analysis. It helped to significantlyreduce development efforts and support costs.Oil and gas major: Delivered a comprehensive roadmap for adoption of the full BusinessUser suite and implemented SAP BI/BO for user’s reportGlobal technology services firm: Enhanced SAP BI Reports for a leading technologyservices firm which earlier published BI Reports in third party toolsLeading generic drug manufacturers: Built a Pharma and Supply Chain in BI/BODashboard using a combination of tools Xcelcius, Live Office and Web IntelligenceMultinational insurance company: Enhanced SAP BI Reports and worked with customer tobuild a comprehensive roadmap for adoption of the full Business User suiteBenefitsDefiance Technologies’ “BusinessObjects & Mobile BI Adoption Program” helps establish a BItechnology roadmap that will help build your business case. It will help mitigate the risksassociated with introduction of new technology. It will help in assured transition delivering realbusiness benefits taking account of your landscape. The global delivery factory model willensure low cost and efficient migration. The program will bring your SAP BI platformup-to-date, enable the latest BI technology and align you with SAP’s BI strategy. The offshoreCoE will use the accelerators to carry out this journey in cost effective manner.Why Defiance?Defiance Technologies is a SAP focused consulting enterprise with global group pedigreeDeep domain knowledgeInnovative and flexible pricing models based on service level including pay for use conceptEnd-to-end support solutions for SAP Support by common talent poolSeamless, virtual extension of your enterprise IT environmentIntegrated support services for application support, maintenance and administrationState-of-the-art dedicated support center with 24x7 service through offshoringBetter visibility for customers with IPR protectionTo know more about Defiance’s SAP BusinessObjects and Mobile BI Adoption contact our BusinessIntelligence and Analytics Head Ravi Kumar Vadaga at or get intouch with our Middle East Sales Head Manojeet Chowdhury