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Reading list: What’s wrong with our universities


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Weblinks to accompany lecture given at University of Southampton on 1st February 2017

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Reading list: What’s wrong with our universities

  1. 1. What’s wrong with our Universities, and will the Teaching Excellence Framework put it right? Dorothy V. M. Bishop Distinguished Lecture Series University of Southampton 1st February 2017 Web sources (in order of mention) Department for Business Innovation and Skills. Fulfilling our Potential (Green Paper):November 2015 S-15-623-fulfilling-our-potential-teaching-excellence-social-mobility-and-student-choice.pdf Jo Johnson. Speech: September 2015 Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee. Transcript of Oral Evidence, Assessing quality in Higher Education inquiry: 29 February 2016 select/business-innovation-and-skills/inquiries/parliament-2015/assessing-quality-in-higher- education/ Dorothy Bishop blogpost: 12 December 2015 lamentable-performance-by-jo-johnson.html UK Commission for Employment and Skills. Employer Perspectives Survey 2014, UK Results: November 2011 .11.11._EPS_2014_-_Main_Report_full_V2.pdf Higher Education Policy Institution. 2015 HEPI-HEA Student Academic Experience Survey: 4 June 2015 Department for Education. Teaching Excellence Framework, Year 2 specification: September 2016 F_Year_2_specification.pdf Department for Business Innovation and Skills. Summary of Consultation Responses: May 2016
  2. 2. F_Year_2_specification.pdf Dorothy Bishop. Blogpost for CDBU: 7 January 2016 bill/ University of Cambridge. Response to Green Paper: January 2017 Cambridge-Jan16.pdf Royal Statistical Society. Response to the Department for Business Innovation and Skills’ Technical Consultation (year 2) on the Teaching Excellence Framework: 11 July 2016 Technical-Consultation-on-Teaching-Excellence-Framework-year-2.pdf Office for National Statistics. Teaching Excellence Framework: Review of Data Sources: June 2016 aching-Excellence-Framework-review-of-data-sources.pdf David Draper and Mark Gittoes. Statistical Analysis of Performance Indicators in UK Higher Education. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society. Series A (Statistics in Society), Vol. 167, No. 3 (2004), pp. 449-474 Department for Business Innovation and Skills. Higher Education and Research Bill, Detailed Impact Assessments: June 2016 s-16-295-he-research-bill-detailed-impact-assessment.pdf Dorothy Bishop. Blogpost: Cost-benefit analysis of the Teaching Excellence Framework: 17 July 2016 Sally Hunt. Guardian Higher Education Network. Tef: dump the pointless metrics and take a hard look at casualisation pointless-metrics-and-take-a-hard-look-at-casualisation Roger Brown. Blogpost- Reflections on the Green Paper, The Teaching Excellence Framework: 22 November 2015 House of Lords. Hansard: Higher Education and Research Bill, debate 18 January 2017 472D27EA2622/HigherEducationAndResearchBill#contribution-06CF9C5B-303A-4EFE-8887- 74B3E0B825CE