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ICLEI Networking Event WUF 9


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Beatrice Ch'ng en ICLEI presentó la iniciativa EcoMobility, cuyo objetivo es priorizar los modos activos, el transporte público y otros modos innovadores con bajas emisiones de carbono de una manera conectada e integrada. En línea con esta visión, cada 2 años se organiza el EcoMobility World Festival donde se construye una zona libre de automóviles dentro de un barrio en el que se prioriza el transporte público y los modos activos.

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ICLEI Networking Event WUF 9

  1. 1. Beat rice Ch’ng EcoMobility Team ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability World Secretariat Bonn,Germany
  2. 2. EcoMobility EcoMobility W orld Festivals EcoMobility SHIFT Cycling P ublic transport Other innovative and low-carbon modes W alking P rioritisation for In a connect ed and int egrat ed manner
  3. 3. Managing motorized transport Changing mind-set through participatory governance P hysical and infrastructure improvement Creating a liveable Hamasen through ecomobility Goal 3D Policy  Decarbonize transport  Decrease in speed of mobilit y  Downsize vehicles Nudging through policies, principles, and urban design Environmental awareness programme and exhibition Local cultural activities and warm-up events Creating conversations at workshops, public holdings etc. T o enhance public acceptance by fostering collaboration in planning and implementation Increasing active mobility networks P roviding green and public spaces Encouraging use of public transport and shared mobility Encouraging integrated and electric mobility Managing motorized transport Improving last-mile connectivity P roviding ecologistic services T owards a more liveable environment & multi-modal mobility system
  4. 4. 15 % 15 % 23 % 29 % 60 % 118 % 110 7 % Bus Ferry Shared bike Taxi MRT LRT Neighbourhood shut t le Daily usage of ecomobile t ransport modes Before and during the Festival month It’s rare to see streets in such pleasant conditions.With the newly paved sidewalks,we can now walk on the streets in a relaxed way. We no longer have to pay attention of scooters and do not have t o be afraid of cars. (Konrad Otto- Zimmerma nn, 2018)
  5. 5. www.ecomobilit ecomobilit y_ ecomobilit