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Deerfoot Church of Christ 7 21 2019


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Deerfoot Church of Christ 7 21 2019

Published in: Spiritual
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Deerfoot Church of Christ 7 21 2019

  1. 1. DEERFOOTDEERFOOTDEERFOOTDEERFOOT NOTESNOTESNOTESNOTES July 21, 2019 GreetersJuly21,2019 IMPACTGROUP3 WELCOME TO THE DEERFOOT CONGREGATION We want to extend a warm wel- come to any guests that have come our way today. We hope that you enjoy our worship. If you have any thoughts or questions about any part of our services, feel free to contact the elders at: CHURCH INFORMATION 5348 Old Springville Road Pinson, AL 35126 205-833-1400 SERVICE TIMES Sundays: Worship 8:00 AM Bible Class 9:30 AM Worship 10:30 AM Worship 5:00 PM Wednesdays: 7:00 PM SHEPHERDS John Gallagher Rick Glass Sol Godwin Skip McCurry Doug Scruggs Darnell Self MINISTERS Richard Harp Tim Shoemaker Johnathan Johnson CommunicationWithYourParents Ephesians6:1-3 1.C_______________,O__________yourP_____________intheL___________, forthisisR______________. Romans___:___ Colossians___:___ Luke___:___-___ 2.“H_____________yourF________________andM_________________.” John___:___-___ 3.Y____W_____BeB______________!That’saP______________! Ephesians___:___ Luke___:___ 10:30AMService Welcome OpeningPrayer KennyRachal LordSupper/Offering RobertJeffery ScriptureReading JeffHood Sermon ———————————————————— 5:00PMService OpeningPrayer ChadKey Lord’sSupper/Offering RickGlass DOMforJuly Sugita,VanHorn,Washington BusDrivers July21DonYoung441-6321 July28JamesMorris515-5644 August4RickGlass639-7111 WEBSITE 205-833-1400 8:00AMService Welcome OpeningPrayer SolGodwin LordSupper/Offering DenisWilliams ScriptureReading RyanCobb Sermon BaptismalGarmentsfor July AmberNorris EldersDownFront 8:00AMDarnellSelf 10:30AMSkipMcCurry 5:00PMDougScruggs Ourweeklyshow,Plant&Water,isnowavailable. YoucanwatchRichardandJohnathaneveryWednes- dayonourChurchofChristFacebookpage.Youcan watchorlistentotheshowonyoursmartphone, tablet,orcomputer. Online Member Directory To view a member's address, email address and phone, click on the following link from your smart phone, tablet or computer: Password: deerfoot Updating Your Information and Viewing Your Financial Giving History If any of your information in the directory is incorrect, you can either contact the office to have it updated or update it yourself by following the instructions below. If you choose to update your member information yourself, then you will also be able to access your financial giving history. To access your member information, you will first need to create a password. The easiest way to do that is to reset your password here: On that page, enter your primary (family) email address and click "Send password reset email." Then, go to your email and follow the instructions to create a new password. Once you do that, you will be logged in to your account. You now have the ability to edit your contact information and view your financial giving his- tory. Going forward, there are two ways to access the member portal. You can either click the "Manage My Family Info" link at the bottom of the online directory, or you can click here:
  2. 2. Weekly Purpose: $15,618.00 Contribution $18,375.00 Contribution YTD: $480,881.00 Purpose YTD: $437,304.00 Average Weekly YTD: $17,129.00 Mission Sunday: $99,001.00 Week 27 Prayers Stephanie Theoret Vera Bonner Nancy Clements Jean Dickerson Graydena Dillbeck Ron Fields Marion George Ellen Godwin Kim Green Roy Hayes Jim Holcomb Randy Johnson Christi Key Lucille Large Frances Love Rita Morgan Melba Mills June Moore Rita Morgan Sue Nordgren Ruby Norris Anne Powell Sue Rawls Pat Robertson Donna Shoemaker George Shoemaker Buddy Summers Gloria Summers Nell Thomas Gayle Varner Barbara Whisenhunt Billy White Maxine Wilson Friends & Family Lloyd Glenn ( Edith Glenn’s Bro-in-Law) Natasha Champion ( Daughter of Don Champion) Galen Lilja ( Father of Janice VanHorn) Larry Dyer ( Former Member) Sybil Floyd (Johnathan Johnson’s grand- mother) Ron Clayton( Father of Jeff Clayton & Grandfather of Brendon) Kaitlin Peltz ( Brad Hagerman’s niece) Roger Peck ( Carrie Mann’s Father) Rosalyn Anthony ( Friend of Debra Dominic) Chris Burgess ( cousin of Martha Lybrand) Asher Collar (Great nephew of Sue Ad- ams & Robin Groom) JoAnn Craig (Grandmother of Brian Berryhill) Don Cobb (Cousin of Robin Spitzley & Ryan Cobb) Patricia Rowe (Mary Harp’s Grand- mother) Jett Leahy (Cousin of Richard Harp ) Hebert Norris (Brother of Ancel Norris) Melody Belle (Friend of Robin Spitzley) Sandy Jenkins (Cousin of Linda Carter & Patsy O’ Rourke) Jennifer Cather (Daughter of Dangars) Ryan Montgomery (Son of Donna Dickerson) Brianna Bulger (Sue Adam’s niece) Betty Trull (Sister of Sandra Singer & Sue Rawls) Rachelle Taylor (Grand daughter -in-law of Mona Jenkins) Lucas Adkinson (Grandson of Billie & Mark Adkinson) Jean Smith (Lisa Powell’s Mother) Our prayer list is updated monthly. 833-1400. Our Honored Guests 7-14-2019 In Town: Nelda Crawford Out of Town: Linda Murray, Joanne Peck PANTRY ITEMS: Canned Fruit and Jelly Hospital / Rehab List Devan Kizer had surgery on Wednesday Priscilla Newton had surgery on Wednesday Natasha Champion—Recovering at home Mike Godwin– Meadow View Nursing Center ATTENDANCE FOR 7ATTENDANCE FOR 7ATTENDANCE FOR 7ATTENDANCE FOR 7----14141414----19191919 AM 400 PM 186 Events for the Youth Aim-Con July 19th-21st August 3– Back to School Giveaway Hezekiah’s Sickness and Recovery By: Tim Shoemaker “In those days Hezekiah was sick and near death. And Isaiah the prophet, the son of Amoz, went to him and said to him, "Thus says the LORD: 'Set your house in order, for you shall die and not live” (Isaiah 38:1). Just prior to this time Sennacherib king of Assyria had come down against Judah and threatened to destroy them. Hezekiah had prayed to God that he would “deliver us from his hand that all the kingdoms of the earth may know that Thou alone, O Lord, art God” (II Kings 19:19). God answered Hezekiah’s prayer and the angel of the Lord destroyed 185,000 in the camp of the Assyrians. But the joy of that great deliverance was inter- rupted for Hezekiah with this illness for which God told him there would be no cure. As before, when this great king was faced with obstacles that he could not overcome, Hezekiah took his concern to God. “Then Hezekiah turned his face to- ward the wall, and prayed to the LORD, 3 and said, "Remember now, O LORD, I pray, how I have walked before You in truth and with a loyal heart, and have done what is good in Your sight." And Hezekiah wept bitterly” (Isa. 38:2, 3). I believe that anyone of us in a similar situation would have reacted in the same way and that we would have gone to God in prayer. Yet could we all say that we could make an appeal to God upon the same basis as Hezekiah? Hezekiah was not a perfect man but he was a man who had tried to live for God and do what was right. And all that he can do in his prayer is to ask that God would remember him as one who walked in truth, with a loyal heart and did what was good in God’s sight. God immediately sent Isaiah back to the king with this word, “Thus says the LORD, the God of David your father: "I have heard your prayer, I have seen your tears; surely I will add to your days fifteen years” (Isaiah 38:5). God hears our prayers. God’s ears are not dull that He cannot hear (Isa. 59:1). God sees our tears. God knows our sorrow. When our hearts are broken He sees. David said, “Thou hast kept count of my tossings; put thou my tears in thy bottle! Are they not in thy book?” (Psalms 56:8). God heals. He heals us of our greatest problem – sin! Our appeal to God for that healing which we need is based not upon our own goodness but upon the goodness of the One who died for us. Jesus lived the perfect life (Heb. 4:15) and gave that life that we might be forgiven and be declared righteous. Olivia's House They are in need of hygiene products. Any size Soap, Shampoo, Deodorant, Lotions, Feminine hygiene products, Toothpaste, Toothbrushes. SUMMER SERIES July 24– Scott Harp– Strengthen Our Knees 31– Nic Weymounth– Strengthen Our Feet August 14– Demar Elam– Strengthen Our Heart 21– Jack Self—Strengthen Our Voice Mark Your Calendar August 3 Back to School giveaway August 10 Parenting Seminar Dr. Stephen Besson Polishing the Pulpit August 16-22 Meet Our Newest Member Marilyn Torrice 8515 Emerald Lake Road Pinson, AL 35126 BACK TO SCHOOL GIVEAWAY August 3 16 or 24 count of crayons glue sticks school (fisker) scissors cloth pencil pouches #2 pencils plastic pocket folders with brads (different colors) Crayola Markers spiral notebooks (one subject) Loose leaf paper (wide ruled) Sympathy To the family of Bobbie Naish, her funeral was Monday in Trussville. CPR CLASS July 27 8 am– 12 pm sign up sheet in the foyer Free for Deerfoot Members $40 for Non Members FOR MAX JAMES LONG Born on 6-7-19 Son of Devin & Kelsey Long Everyone is invited Fellowship Hall July 28, 2 pm-4 pm Diapers & Gift Cards BABY SHOWER TOWN HALL MEETING TODAY @ 4PM AUDITORIUM EVERYONE IS INVITED Thank You Dear Church Family, I want to thank you for all the cards and letters over the past year since I have been gone. Thank you for showing this love to me. Continue to pray for me. Love Linda Murray WORLD BIBLE SCHOOL July 28 EDDIE CLOER 8 AM, Bible Class, 10:30 AM