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Deerfoot Church of Christ 7 15 2018


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Deerfoot Church of Christ

Published in: Spiritual
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Deerfoot Church of Christ 7 15 2018

  1. 1. July 15, 2018 GreetersJuly15,2018 IMPACTGROUP3 DEERFOOTDEERFOOTDEERFOOTDEERFOOT NOTESNOTESNOTESNOTES WELCOME TO THE DEERFOOT CONGREGATION We want to extend a warm wel- come to any guests that have come our way today. We hope that you enjoy our worship. If you have any thoughts or questions about any part of our services, feel free to contact the elders at: CHURCH INFORMATION 5348 Old Springville Road Pinson, AL 35126 205-833-1400 SERVICE TIMES Sundays: Worship 8:00 AM Worship 10:00 AM Bible Class 5:00 PM Wednesdays: 7:00 PM SHEPHERDS John Gallagher Rick Glass Sol Godwin Skip McCurry Doug Scruggs Darnell Self Jim Timmerman MINISTERS Richard Harp Tim Shoemaker Johnathan Johnson EddieCloerattendedHardingUniversityinSearcy,Arkansas; OklahomaChristianinOklahomaCity;andHardingGraduate SchoolofBibleandReligioninMemphis,Tennessee.Heholds theBachelorofArts,MasterofTheology,andDoctorofMinistry degrees.Hisdoctoralthesisfocusedonevangelisticpreaching. Havingbegunhispreachingcareeratagefifteen,hehas preachedthegospelforoverfortyyears,servingcongregationsin Clarksville,HotSprings,andBlytheville,Arkansas.Hehas preachedinmorethan850gospelmeetingsinthirty-fivestatesof theUSA,London,England,Singapore,andUkraine. Dr.CloerteachesBibleandpreachingclassesatHardingUniversity.Heisthe authoroftwoTruthforTodayCommentaries,Psalms1—50andPsalms51—89,as wellasseveralbooks,including:WhatIs"theChurch?",God'sDesignfor"the Church","TheChurch":ThePeopleofGod'sPurpose,"ThusFartheLordHas HelpedUs,"andCome,LetUsMagnifytheLord. Since1981,EddiehaseditedandpublishedTruthforToday,amonthlypublica- tionforpreachersandteachers.In1990,withWorldBibleSchoolteachersandthe ChampionschurchofChristinHouston,Texas,hebegantheTruthforToday PrintedPreacherSchool.ItsexpositoryBiblestudiesassistthousandsofpreachers andteachersaroundtheworld,whoareconvertingcountlesssoulstoChrist.Hedi- rectstheTruthforTodayWorldMissionSchool,anon-profitmissionworkreaching outtonearly30,000preachersin150nationsoftheworld. Eddieandhiswife,Susan,havetwomarriedchildrenandfivegrandchildren. 10:00AMService Welcome ComeLetUsSing ComeLetUsWorshipandBowDown 977TheBattleBelongtotheLord OpeningPrayer ChadKey 621TenThousandAngels LordSupper/Offering TerryRaybon Psalm19 523OurGod,HeisAlive ScriptureReading LarryLocklear Sermon 767WhoattheDoorisStanding? ———————————————————— 5:00PMService Lord’sSupper/Offering DOMforJuly Cosby,Dykes,Hayes BusDrivers July15DavidSkelton541-5226 July22DavidDanger770-527-1526 WEBSITE 205-833-1400 8:00AMService Welcome OpeningPrayer DavidHayes LordSupper/Offering RickGlass ScriptureReading JackSelf Sermon BaptismalGarmentsfor July MelindaBrakefield ElderDownFront 8AMSolGodwin 10AMJimTimmerman 5PMJohnGallagher Ournewweeklyshow,Plant&Water,isnowavail- ableasapodcastandonourYouTubechannel. Visitdeerfootcoc.comandclickon"Plant&Water" tolearnhowyoucanwatchorlistentotheshowon yoursmartphone,tablet,orcomputer. TruthforTodayWorldMissionSchoolisfundedbythedonationsofindividual ChristiansandtheregularsupportofsomecongregationsoftheLord's church.EddieCloer,whoworkswithTFTWMSonavolunteerbasis,travelsregu- larlytoreportontheworkofTFTWMSandencourageChristianstoparticipatein it.Othermengoweeklytotellcongregationsaboutthisfar-reachingmissionwork. YoucanhelpTFTWMSbyprayingfortheexpansionofthismissionworkand fortheindividualswhoreceivethebiblicalmaterials.Youcanalsohelpsendbiblical materialstothosewhoneeditbydonatingmonetarilytoTFTWMS.Thisgreatwork isfundedbygenerouscontributionsofindividualswhounderstandtheimportance ofsharingthegoodnewswithaworldinneed.Pleasedonatetothisworkbyoneof thewayslistedabove. MAYWOOD CHRISTIAN CAMP
  2. 2. Wednesday Night Meal Please sign up in foyer before Wed. so Kitty will know how much food to prepare. Dinner is served at 6 pm. The cost is $5.00 each July 18, 2018 Fried Chicken, Green Beans, Roasted Potatoes, Carrots Weekly Purpose: $16,138.00 Contribution $ 16,159.00 Contribution YTD: $441,703.00 Purpose YTD: $419,588.00 Average Weekly YTD: $16,988.00 Mission Sunday: $83,152.00 Week 27 Prayers Nancy Clements June Cooper Jean Dickerson Graydena Dillbeck Libby Edgeworth Ron Fields Audrey Gammage Marion George Roy Hayes Jim Holcomb Randy Johnson Christi Key Lucille Large Frances Love Glenn May June Moore Bobbie Naish Ruby Norris Lori Parker Anne Powell Sue Rawls Melton Robertson Connie Scruggs Eric Stark George Shoemaker Buddy Summers Gloria Summers Nell Thomas Lynn Timmerman Barbara Whisenhunt Billy White Friends & Family Paul & James Choate ( Brothers of Priscilla Newton & Eunice Spitzley) Ben Hubbart ( bro-in-law of Jim William- son Sawyer Payne ( 7 yr. old friend of Sherita Bitten) Martha Simmons ( Rene Lowery’s Mother) April Mann Overstreet ( daughter of Merrill & Sandra Mann) Mary Davis ( Friend of David & Martha Lybrand) Charlie Wagner ( Uncle of Connie Scruggs Louise Self ( Mother of Darnell Self) Sheryl Martin ( Cousin of Freida Galla- gher) Joanna Goins ( niece of Jack & Joyce Taggart) Virga Gardner ( Chauncey Gardner’s mother) Kyra Wilson ( 6yr old from Ky, friend of Richard & Mary) Jared Hunt ( Former Member) Brianna Bulger (Sue Adam’s niece) Dennis Zak (Charlie Chaney’s Bro-in- Law) Jerry Shea (Charlie Chaney’s nephew) Tommy Shea (Charlie Chaney’s Bro-in- law) Marie Simrell (Lon Thomas’ sister ) Ryan Montgomery (Donna Dickerson’s son) Harold White (Bro-in-law of Janet Snow & Pam Stringfellow) Diedra Fields Sanderson (daughter of Ron & Barbara Fields) Kathy Roy (daughter of Sol & Ellen) Peggy Chaney (Sis-in-law of Charlie Chaney) Betty Trull (sister of Sandra Singer & Sue Rawls) Rachelle Taylor (Grand daughter -in-law of Mona Jenkins) Lucas Adkinson (Grandson of Billie & Mark Adkinson) Jason Smith (Former Member) Leroy & Jean Owens (Parents of Jill Wil- liams) Our Honored Guests 7– 8 - 2018 In Town: Jonathan & Jennifer Cupps, Devon Bronson, Shelley Strickland, Charles Tuggle Out of Town: Victor Cayetano, John Owens, Ryan Potts PANTRY ITEMS: Canned Carrots Please no boxed items Hospital / Rehab List Jim Holcomb—went home James Lollar– went home Glen May-VA Lori Parker– Recovering at home Melton Robertson– Trussville Rehab. Tim Shoemaker ATTENDANCE FOR JULY 8, 2018 AM 411 PM 124 Upcoming Events for the Youth AIMcon July 20-22 Local Campaign July 27-28 Gospel Meeting July 29-Aug. 1 Woodcutters Through the Forrest Paul was a prisoner of Rome when he wrote this letter to the church at Philippi. It was not the first time that he had been imprisoned. One would think that this would be a time of great discourage- ment for Paul since his great desire and love was in teaching others about Christ, but now it seems that those efforts have been stopped. It would seem that the progress of the gospel was being hindered. But Paul would strongly disagree with this. Paul would say, “Not so!” Apparently the church at Philippi had written to Paul inquiring as to his welfare. And in his response Paul says that what had happened, had happened to the furtherance of the gospel. Paul is still able to preach the gospel. Now he is able to teach the gospel to those of the Praetorian Guard. The Praetorian Guard was the emperor’s army gar- rison or body guard in Rome. When Paul said that his imprisonment had actually resulted in the furtherance of the gospel, what did he mean? This word, “furtherance” means “a striking forward; progress.” Originally the word was used of a pioneer cutting his way through brushwood; to cut down in advance.” For example it was used of removing barriers which would hinder the progress of an army. It was used for cutting away the trees and the undergrowth. Paul’s imprisonment had been an encourage- ment to the brethren. It had helped to clear away that which would hinder the progress of the gospel. How could that have happened? The brethren took courage from Paul’s example. There’s no way of estimating the power of a good example. These brethren saw that God was not defeated. God used this as an opportunity to use Paul to teach the elite of the Roman army. The brethren at Philippi were drawn out of their timidity and were embolden to teach the gospel as fearlessly as had Paul. So many times the leadership of one person to faithful- ness influences others to faithfulness. I remember reading a story of an atheist addressing a crowd and spewing out his hatred of religion and the belief in a Superior Being and challenging anyone who believed in such foolishness to defend their beliefs. At first none dared to say anything. They all seemed to be too afraid. Then two young girls stood up toward the back and began singing, “Stand up, stand up for Jesus, ye soldiers of the cross. Lift high His royal banner, it must not suffer loss.” Gradually others, all over the auditorium, began to rise and join in the singing. Soon all were standing and sing- ing together until the atheist gave up and walked off the stage. Gospel Meeting July 29-August 1 Andrew Phillips Andrew grew up in the Memphis, TN area, where he graduated High School from Harding Acad- emy. He attended Freed- Hardeman University, and he has received an M.A. from Harding School of Theology. He is cur- rently enrolled in the Master of Divinity program at Harding. Before coming to Graymere, he served as Education Minister for the Mount Juliet Church of Christ in Mount Juliet, TN, and then he preached for the Crittenden Drive Church of Christ in Russellville, KY. He and his wife Kathryn, a native of Lebanon, TN, have two sons: Luke and Micah. Kathryn taught elementary school for Goodpasture Christian School while in the Nashville area. Andrew began working with the Graymere Church of Christ in June of 2011, and he and Kathryn feel tremendously blessed to be part of this congregation! HOMECOMING DINNER AFTER THE 10 AM SERVICE Pot luck, bring enough for you and visitors July 18- Scott Harp –Personal Evangel- ism July 25– John McMath –Worship August 8– Serge Shoemaker –Prayer August 15– Austin Johnson –Bible Study August 22– Drew Kiser –Image SERIES Teaching Opportunity We are in need of a gentleman who would like to teach a class at St. Clair Prison. If you are interested please see Chuck Spitzley for further details. This is in an honor dorm. The class will be on Mon- days nights from 5 pm to 6 pm. PRISON MINSTRY We will be collecting hygiene items for prison for the month of July. Items needed: Regular size Lotion Powder Deodorant (like Degree or Sure) Tooth Paste Soap/Body wash Shampoo We are collecting for both men & women. Please leave in the basket in the foyer. SCHOOL SUPPLIES We will be collecting school sup- plies to give out on Saturday, July 28 as an outreach for our Gospel Meeting. Following is a list: • 16 or 24 count of crayons • School scissors • #2 pencil • Spiral notebooks or loose leaf paper BELIZE CITY Brother Bennett continues to teach in Belize City Opportunity to Serve The youth group will be handing out school supplies on Saturday, July 28 from 11 am –1 pm. We will also be serving hot- dogs. We will need people of all ages to come out and help with this Community event. We will also be doing some door knocking. Please see Johnathan Johnson if you would like to serve in any way. Hallelujah praise the Lord another soul has been added to the Lord. Meet our new sis- ter . Sister Lisa From Bro. Bennett Congratulations To Doreen & Derrell Pepper at the birth of a new grand- daughter. Great grandfather is James Pepper. Alina Iris Gunnells was born on Sunday. Proud parent are Hunter & Michael Gunnells We extend our sympathy to Joyce Henson at the passing of her sister, Ruth Reid. Her funeral was Saturday in Tuscumbia.