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Deerfoot Church of Christ 3 3 2019


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Deerfoot Church of Christ 3 3 2019

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Deerfoot Church of Christ 3 3 2019

  1. 1. March 3, 2019 GreetersMarch3,2019 IMPACTGROUP1 DEERFOOTDEERFOOTDEERFOOTDEERFOOT NOTESNOTESNOTESNOTES WELCOME TO THE DEERFOOT CONGREGATION We want to extend a warm wel- come to any guests that have come our way today. We hope that you enjoy our worship. If you have any thoughts or questions about any part of our services, feel free to contact the elders at: CHURCH INFORMATION 5348 Old Springville Road Pinson, AL 35126 205-833-1400 SERVICE TIMES Sundays: Worship 8:00 AM Bible Class 9:30 AM Worship 10:30 AM Worship 5:00 PM Wednesdays: 7:00 PM SHEPHERDS John Gallagher Rick Glass Sol Godwin Skip McCurry Doug Scruggs Darnell Self MINISTERS Richard Harp Tim Shoemaker Johnathan Johnson ThePowerofOneBaptism Scripture:Matthew28:18-20 Ephesians___:___ Mark___:___-___ Matthew___:___-___ Matthew___:___-___ 1.OurSinsareWashedAway 1Peter___:___-___a Genesis___:___-___ 2.OurrelationshipwithGodisrestored. Genesis___:___-___ Colossians___:___-___ 2Corinthians___:___-___ Acts___:___&___ 3.Ourlivesarerefreshed Acts___:___-___ 1Peter___:___-___ 10:30AMService Welcome OpeningPrayer DonYoung LordSupper/Offering SkipMcCurry ScriptureReading BobCarter Sermon ———————————————————— 5:00PMService OpeningPrayer DavidHayes Lord’sSupper/Offering RickGlass DOMforMarch Wilson,Cobb,Gunn BusDrivers March3JamesMorris515-5644 March17ButchKey790-3396 March24DavidSkelton541-5226 WEBSITE 205-833-1400 8:00AMService OpeningPrayer PaulWindham LordSupper/Offering JamesPepper ScriptureReading RyanCobb Sermon BaptismalGarmentsfor March BevKey Our Rule of Thumb is Green, Jesus’ Rule is Golden On Saturday morning, I woke up early and carried out my morning routine of making scrambled eggs. Because I have a green thumb, I added avocado this time. I surprised my sons with a spin on the Dr. Seuss “Green Eggs and Ham.” My youngest, age 5, took one look and said, “I don’t like green eggs.” I asked him, “how do you know unless you try it?” (I admit that from the looks of them, I agreed with his judgment.) My rule of thumb had never been greener; but having eaten them myself, I knew they tasted fantastic! He took one bite and then exclaimed, “MMMMMMmmm I like green eggs!” My son showed me an easy (maybe over easy in this case) trap we all fall into. We all have our own standard of expectation. We judge books by their covers. In a sense, we have a “rule of thumb.” I look at the sunshine outside and walk out the door with a T-shirt on, only to find that I miscalculated and needed a coat. I look at the eye of the stove on high heat, and make it a rule of thumb not to touch it so I don’t get burned. I look at my adolescence and wonder how I survived with all the poor judgments I made. Jumping a ramp 26 feet into the lake on my bicycle, my cousins and I shooting fireworks at each other are a couple few rules of thumb I disregarded. So are we allowed to judge -- or not? There is judgment that is righteous, and there is judgment that is unrighteous. Jesus said, “Judge NOT, that you be not judged. For with the judgment YOU pro- nounce you will be judged, and with the measure YOU use it will be measured to you. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye” (Matthew 7:1-5, emphasis added). If each person uses their own judgment (their rule of thumb) the standard will be different for every person. True judgment was already mentioned at the beginning of Je- sus’ sermon. Jesus tells us not to be angry (with an anger that leads to murder), do not lust, do not make oaths. He is saying that we should NOT live according to our own rules and expect others to fall in line with them. He tells us to remove the log in our own eye to see clearly to remove the speck from our brother’s eye. The only way to remove the log is by the judgment Jesus has given. When we follow His word and His rule, He removes the log that our hands (thumb included) created. Just remember that our rule of thumb is green. Jesus’ rule is Golden. A Note From the Harp EldersDownFront 8:00AMSolGodwin 10:30AMRickGlass 5:00PMJohnGallagher
  2. 2. Weekly Purpose: $15,618.00 Contribution $ 16,630.00 Contribution YTD: $142,377.00 Purpose YTD: $124,944.00 Average Weekly YTD: $17,797.00 Mission Sunday: $83,152.00 Week 8 Prayers Stephanie Theoret Vera Bonner Nancy Clements Jean Dickerson Graydena Dillbeck Ron Fields Marion George Kim Green Roy Hayes Jim Holcomb Randy Johnson Christi Key Lucille Large Frances Love Glenn May Melba Mills June Moore Bobbie Naish Ruby Norris Lori Parker Anne Powell Pat Robertson Donna Shoemaker George Shoemaker Buddy Summers Gloria Summers Melvin Thomas Nell Thomas Barbara Whisenhunt Billy White Maxine Wilson Friends & Family William Westbook (Father of Ann Townley) Milli Wallace (Cousin of Mary Lou Shoe- maker) Clark & Pam Schatz (Friends of Patricia Putnam) Sonya O'Rourke (Sister in law of Pat & Patsy O’Rourke) Stan Stephens (Father of Christi Key) Pauline Fields (Mother of Ron Fields) Suzan Carver (Daughter of Kay Carver) Phyllis Blazer (Friend of the Fields) Vada Lilja (Mother of Janice VanHorn) Laura Jenkins (Wife of Jeff Jenkins) Sandy Jenkins (Cousin of Linda Carter & Patsy O’ Rourke) Yvonne O’Brien (Mother of Connie Scruggs) Charlie Wagner (Uncle of Connie Scruggs) Jim Malone (Brother of Terry Malone) Margie Knight (Adkinson’s Cousin) Shirley Family (Friends of Montgomerys) Jennifer Cather (Daughter of Dangars) Ryan Montgomery (Son of Donna Dickerson) Brianna Bulger (Sue Adam’s niece) Dennis Zak (Charlie Chaney’s Bro-in- Law) Jerry Shea (Charlie Chaney’s nephew) Tommy Shea (Charlie Chaney’s Bro-in- law) Peggy Chaney (Sis-in-law of Charlie Chaney) Betty Trull (Sister of Sandra Singer & Sue Rawls) Rachelle Taylor (Grand daughter -in-law of Mona Jenkins) Lucas Adkinson (Grandson of Billie & Mark Adkinson) Leroy & Jean Owens (Parents of Jill Wil- liams) Jean Smith (Lisa Powell’s Mother) Our prayer list is updated monthly. 833-1400. Our Honored Guests 2-24-2019 In Town: Sammy Estes, Raven Jackson, Shawn Polk, Tracey White Out of Town: Shirley Brashaw PANTRY ITEMS: Jelly Hospital / Rehab List Judy Barnett– knee replacement– Recovering at home Thurman Crawford– Arteriogram– February 26 @ St. Vin E. Marilyn Glass– Back Surgery– recovering at home Joyce Taggart- cataract surgery Feb. 19th & Feb.27 Mike Godwin– Meadow View Nursing Center Visitors Welcome Tim Shoemaker ATTENDANCE FOR 2-24- 2019 AM 435 PM 210 Events for the Youth YOUR FEET CAN BE BEAUTIFUL Has anyone ever compliment you on your feet? Paul talked of those individuals who had beautiful feet. He wasn’t speaking of the physical appearance of those feet but of their involvement in work and service to God. He told the Roman brethren, “For whoever will call upon the name of the Lord will be saved. How then shall they call upon Him in whom they have not be- lieved? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear with- out a preacher? And how shall they preach unless they are sent? Just as it is written, HOW BEAUTIFUL ARE THE FEET OF THOSE WHO BRING GLAD TID- INGS OF GOOD THINGS” (Rom. 10:13-15). The feet are said to be beautiful because of the message they bring. Perhaps Paul mentioned the feet because so many of those who preached at that time traveled by foot. The Battle of Marathon was fought on the plains of Marathon in the year 490 B.C. between the Greeks and the Persians. If the Persians won the Greeks would see their way of life destroyed and themselves become slaves. The people in Athens, 25 miles away from the battle, waited anxiously to know the outcome. Were their warriors able to stop the Persian advance? In the distance they saw a runner bringing news from Mara- thon. The man’s name was Pheidippides. He had run the 22 miles without stopping to bring the good news: “Rejoice, we conquer”. And with those words he col- lapsed and died. Imagine how welcome, how beautiful to the peo- ple of Athens was the sight of that messenger who brought the good news of victory. Paul here is quoting from Isaiah 52:7 in regard to God’s promise that Judah would be brought back from captivity in Babylon and re- stored to their own land. The messenger is seen in the distance running, an indication of the joyful message he is bringing. Such a sight was indeed beautiful to those Jews waiting for that very moment in time. The last words of Jesus before leaving this world were, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation” (Mk. 16:15). The word gospel means “good news.” The good news is the news of being released from the captivity to sin. The world is enslaved to sin for to whoever we yield ourselves to obey we become the slaves of that which we obey (Rom. 6:16). Those Chris- tians in Rome had been slaves of sin but they had obeyed that form of doctrine that made them free from sin. Whenever we involve ourselves in teaching the gos- pel to others we are bringing good news to them that they might be free from their sin that is destroying them. In bearing the good news to them, our feet are beautiful. Are your feet beautiful? Have you helped teach anyone that good news? Thank You Our heartfelt thanks for every expression of love and concern these past two weeks. You sat with Rick for six plus hours during Marilyn's surgery. You prepared wonderful meals. Every visit, card, call and especially your ongoing prayers are appreciated beyond words. With love and gratitude, Rick and Marilyn Glass Bibles for Belize We are in need of new Bibles for Belize. Large print are the most requested. Most of the Christian Bible stores will match prices. World Bible School has the best price, $5 for the Bibles plus shipping and handling. You can go to and order. These are not the large print but are good Bibles. We are also in need of reading glasses or you can donate money to buy Bibles and glasses. We will be going to Corozal. TODAY JR. & SR No Classes Today March 10, 2019 Area Wide Singing 3-8 Plainview Church of Christ 3-15 Gurley Church of Christ 3-22 Arab Church of Christ 3-29 Oneonta Church of Christ WEE FOLKS Wee Folks—TONIGHT MAYWOOD CHRISTIAN CAMP Registration is now open for Maywood. Jerry Jenkins week is July 7-12. Maywood’s Annual Fundraising Benefit Dinner Saturday, May 18, 2019 Tickets $50 per person $20 per current camper RSVP Jeff Goff: Or Cindy Swan: MENS PRAYER BREAKFAST Save the Date MARCH 16 7 AM—9 AM SIGN UP SHEET IN THE FOYER Member Involvement Sheets Please take a member involvement sheet and fill out the areas of work you would like to be involved in at Deerfoot. If you do not see an area of work that you think is needed, please write it on the sheet. Please fill out your complete name, ad- dress, phone numbers, e-mails, and the best time you can be reached. Please also include the service time that you attend. Member involvement sheets are in the foyer. Bibles For Belize still Needed