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Deerfoot Church of Christ 1 26 2020


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Deerfoot Church of Christ 1 26 2020

Published in: Spiritual
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Deerfoot Church of Christ 1 26 2020

  1. 1. DEERFOOTDEERFOOTDEERFOOTDEERFOOT NOTESNOTESNOTESNOTES January 26, 2020 GreetersJanuary26,2020 IMPACTGROUP4 WELCOME TO THE DEERFOOT CONGREGATION We want to extend a warm wel- come to any guests that have come our way today. We hope that you enjoy our worship. If you have any thoughts or questions about any part of our services, feel free to contact the elders at: CHURCH INFORMATION 5348 Old Springville Road Pinson, AL 35126 205-833-1400 SERVICE TIMES Sundays: Worship 8:15 AM Bible Class 9:30 AM Worship 10:30 AM Worship 5:00 PM Wednesdays: 7:00 PM SHEPHERDS Michael Dykes John Gallagher Rick Glass Sol Godwin Skip McCurry Darnell Self MINISTERS Richard Harp Tim Shoemaker Johnathan Johnson WeAreAmbassadors Scripture:2Corinthians5:16-20 1.TheL____________ofC____________C_____________Us 2Corinthians___:___-___ Acts___:___-___ 2.W____________N_______C_____________ 2Corinthians___:___-___ Job___:___-___ John___:___-___ 3.W_____________B__________R________________. 2Corinthians___:___-___ Luke___:___-___ 10:30AMService Welcome OpeningPrayer GeraldWilson LordSupper/Offering JimTimmerman ScriptureReading BobCarter Sermon ———————————————————— 5:00PMService OpeningPrayer SkipMcCurry Lord’sSupper/Offering ChadKey DOMforFebruary Cosby,Gunn,Hayes BusDrivers January26DonYoung441-6321 February02SteveMaynard332-0981 February09JamesMorris515-5644 February16RickGlass639-7111 WEBSITE 205-833-1400 8:15AMService Welcome OpeningPrayer KerryNewland LordSupper/Offering RandyWilson ScriptureReading DerrellPepper Sermon BaptismalGarmentsfor February PamStringfellow DawnCouch EldersDownFront 8:15AMSolGodwin 10:30AMRickGlass 5:00PMJohnGallagher Questions Sometimes questions can make us uncomfortable. Words like interrogate, cross-examine, and investigate cause our anxiety levels to rise. We can imagine the setting: a dark room with one light, shining in the di- rection of the person being questioned. But this should never be the concept of questions we have concerning God’s word. Jesus’ disciples questioned Him on many occasions, because Jesus was considered their Rabbi. A Rabbi is a teacher, and a disciple is a student. Students ask questions. The following are few asked by the disciples. The disciples questioned Jesus concerning His use of parables: “And when His disciples asked Him what this parable meant, He said, ‘To you it has been given to know the secrets of the kingdom of God, but for others they are in parables, so that seeing they may not see, and hearing they may not understand’”(Luke 8:9-10). The disciples questioned Jesus about a blind man: “As he passed by, he saw a man blind from birth. And his disciples asked him, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?” Jesus answered, “It was not that this man sinned, or his parents, but that the works of God might be displayed in him” (John 9:1-4). The disciples questioned Jesus about demons: “Then the disciples came to Jesus privately and said, “Why could we not cast it out?” He said to them, “Because of your little faith. For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you” (Matthew 17:19-20). Every time we hear of Jesus being asked questions, He gives an answer or an opportunity to learn. Every 4th Sunday, we also have an opportunity to learn by asking questions. I want to encourage you to ask questions (maybe even ones you have already found an answer to) that are challenging. Others are likely experiencing the same questions. Please consider entering these questions into the question box or emailing me at In Him, Richard Ourweeklyshow,Plant&Water,isnowavailable. YoucanwatchRichardandJohnathanevery WednesdayonourChurchofChristFacebookpage. Youcanwatchorlistentotheshowonyoursmart phone,tablet,orcomputer.
  2. 2. Weekly Purpose: $16,830.00 Contribution $15,518.00 Contribution YTD: $55,327.00 Purpose YTD: $50,490.00 Average Weekly YTD: $18,422.00 Mission Sunday: $99,001.00 Week 03 Prayers Stephanie Theoret Vera Bonner Charlie Chaney Nancy Clements Terry Davidson Jean Dickerson Margie England Audrey Gammage Marion George Mike Godwin Kim Green Jim Holcomb Randy Johnson Christi Key Lucille Large Nancy Locklear Frances Love Judy Marlow Glenda Newland June Moore Rita Morgan Sue Nordgren Ruby Norris Anne Powell Donna Shoemaker George Shoemaker Buddy Summers Nell Thomas Becky Tuggle Johnny Tucker Gayle Varner Barbara Whisenhunt Billy White Maxine Wilson Friends & Family Michelle West & Maxezine Cantrell ( Friends of Robin Spitzley) Wayne Champion (Brother of Don Champion) Josh Vernon ( Husband of Amy Taggart Vernon) Greg Clayton (Jeff Clayton’s brother) Jane Ricks (Asked for Prayers) Nicole Baker (Niece of Sol & Ellen Godwin) Annie Palmer (Niece of the Sugitas) Kay Linley (Sister of Freida Gallagher) Clarice Suber (Cousin of Ancel Norris) Ana Thomas (Sis-in-Law of Kenny & Pam Rachel) Jean McKee (Mother of Roy Hayes) Alton Blom (Connie Scruggs’ Relative) Charlie Boone (friend of Terry Malone) Natasha Champion (Daughter of Don Champion) Galen Lilja (Father of Janice VanHorn) Sybil Floyd (Johnathan Johnson’s grand- mother) Rosalyn Anthony (Friend of Debra Domi- nic) Sandy Jenkins (Cousin of Linda Carter & Patsy O’ Rourke) Jennifer Cather (Daughter of Dangars) Ryan Montgomery (Son of Donna Dickerson) Brianna Bulger (Sue Adam’s niece) Betty Trull (Sister of Sandra Singer & Sue Rawls) Lucas Adkinson (Grandson of Billie & Mark Adkinson) Jean Smith (Lisa Powell’s Mother) Our prayer list is updated monthly. 833-1400 Our Honored Guests 1-19-2020 In Town: Riku & Kairi Gallagher, Camille Powell Out of Town: Carrie Rogers PANTRY ITEMS: February Peanut Butter & Jelly Canned Soups & Stews Canned Fruit Please no boxed items Cans only Hospital / Rehab List Margie England– Threw her hip out Jim Holcomb– Chemo Treatments Nancy Locklear– Chemo Glenda Newland– Had a stroke Chuck Spitzley– Biopsy on January 27 Johnny Tucker– Had a biopsy Mike Godwin– Meadow View Rehab. ATTENDANCE FOR 1ATTENDANCE FOR 1ATTENDANCE FOR 1ATTENDANCE FOR 1----19191919----2020202020202020 AM 417 PM 180 Events for the Youth February 2 Local Devo February 9 Golden Age Banquet By: Tim Shoemaker CONSECRATION David desired to build a Temple for God. He carried this desire throughout his life. David did not feel that it was right that he should have a fine home while God was still residing in a tent (the tabernacle). Now we see David as an old man with not many days left on this earth. His initial plans to build that Temple have been denied. When Solomon wrote of his father’s desire to build that temple he explained why David never followed through on that desire. Solomon wrote, “But the LORD said to my father David, 'Whereas it was in your heart to build a temple for My name, you did well that it was in your heart. 19 Nevertheless you shall not build the temple, but your son who will come from your body, he shall build the temple for My name’” (I Kings 8:18). David was a warrior that had shed blood and thus would not be al- lowed to build a house for God. David then called a sol- emn assembly and spoke to the people. It was my desire, David said, but it will be my son’s privilege. Although David will not be honored with the privilege of building the Temple, he would make a gift to that build before he died. David gave 3,000 talents of gold and 7,000 talents of refined silver. David continued his speech saying, “The gold for things of gold, and the silver for things of silver, and for all manner of work to be made by the hands of artificers. And who then is willing to consecrate his service this day unto the LORD?” (I Chron. 29:5). David was calling upon all the people of Israel to follow his example in providing the things that would be needed to build the temple. He wanted them to consecrate their service to God. The word consecrate means “to set apart for God’s use and service.” There should be a dedication of our lives to God’s service. You may not preach or be a missionary; you may not be an elder or deacon; but your life needs to be dedicated to God! In his commentary of this passage brother Burton Coffman wrote, “This is in- deed a profound propo- sition. What David gave and urged others to give to the house of the worship of God was, in the last analysis, unto Jehovah. How much more is it true that what men freely give to the holy Church of Jesus Christ is actually the consecration of the giver unto God in Christ.” Truly as children of God we need to be sure that our lives are consecrated to God. As Christians we are a holy nation (I Pet. 2:9). We have been called out of the world and “set apart” for service to God. Area Wide Singing FEBRUARY 7 7 pm—9 pm Deerfoot Church of Christ Please bring finger foods: brownies, cookies, sandwiches, hotdogs, chip & dips, little smokies, chili, or soup, drinks. Please bring enough for your family and our guests. Elders Communication Meeting January 26 4 PM We encourage everyone to attend From the Safety Team: Please add to your phone contacts. If you see anything the safety team needs to be aware of you can text or email this address and they will be notified. Teaching Rocket Webinar For those who missed Michael Whitworth's presentation last April and would like to catch up and prepare for Teaching Rocket 2 this coming April, we have an opportunity to view his webinar January 27-31. You will have 5 days to view 4 hours of lectures and opportunities to ask questions. Material will be emailed to each registrant. The elders will reimburse the cost ($30) to those who register and complete the webi- nar and bring in the certificate of completion. Registration is easy at webinar-1 Belize Campaigners March 20-27 Remaining amount due Feb. 2 Please be praying for a successful campaign Wee Folks Tonight Baby Shower Today 1-3 pm Fellowship Hall For Ashley & Hunter Shepherd Baby-Hannah Lee Ashley is registered at Buy Buy Baby, Amazon and Target. January 26 Jr. & Sr. Bible Bowl 3-4 pm No Puppets January 26 Song leading class directly after the 5 pm service. Room 1, new building Welcome New Members Ken & Karen Shepherd 551 Skyview Lake Road Warrior, AL 35180 Come Grow, learn & Serve every Tuesday @ 9:30 am Thank You I would like to thank all that have offered prayers to God for me for my quick recov- ery. I’m blessed in a lot of ways by God. I know because I’ve been heard and God has blessed me with a positive outcome from the stroke. Thank You, Cathy Bennett