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Meap and business platforms


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MEAP's are comprehensive container platforms that addresses all the aspects of mobile IT enablement of enterprises for rolling out their mobility roadmap

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Meap and business platforms

  1. 1. MEAP and Business Platforms
  2. 2. MOBILE IS AN ENTERPRISE PRIORITY Mobile and Cloud are top spending priorities for CIOs! Dramatic Growth in Mobile Devices • Mobile data traffic exceeded voice in 2010 • Shipments of Smartphones exceeded total Source: Wells Fargo Securities, January 23, 2012 PC shipments for the first time in 2011 Fostering the People: The Shift to Engagement Apps • 10 Billion mobile connected devices are expected to be in use by 2020 2011 IBM Global CIO Study Wireless Industry News, August 26, 2010 and 2011 Economist
  3. 3. WHY MEAP FOR BUSINESS? The consumerization of IT makes smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices in the enterprise to stay Recent surveys show that around 83 percent of users considered their device more important than their morning cup of coffee 79 percent said they use their smartphone more than their office or home phone to conduct business Strong trend of business transformation with more and more enterprise roles demands mobility as mobile devices and mobility solutions have become part of the mainstream IT What the mobility driven consumerization trend means for businesses? Embrace mobility for topline and bottom-line boosting IT enablement in a contextualized, holistic and optimal manner that deliver maximum ROI Context: Business context, customer context – platform coverage, application type, BYOD, IT context – policy management, inventory mgmt., security mgmt., software distribution etc Holistic and Optimal way for mobility : Multi-platform, integration effectiveness, deployment and management effectiveness # MEAPs are comprehensive container platforms that addresses all the aspects of mobile IT enablement of enterprises for rolling out their mobility roadmap
  4. 4. MEAP – KEY COMPONENTS Mobile Application Life Cycle Design Build Integrate Certify Publish Manage Analyze• Design • Build once for • Integration • Certify the • OEM app store • Unified IT • Provision for templates multiple effectiveness application for non • Enterprise App management continuous based on app device for a unified functional aspects Store system for both data analytics type/ category platforms multi-platform including • OTA download desktop/ laptop• Rich UI • Flexibility and integration ruggedness assets and controls/ UI provision in • Configurable depending on the mobile assets/ framework choosing the and business context devices to be libraries appln. type customizable • Compliance to managed integration OEM guidelines • IT Policy adapters for • Compliance to IT mgmt. the leading security policies of • Device/ App enterprise IT the organization mgmt. packages • Inventory • Integration mgmt. with business • Notification support handling systems # A robust MEAP platform should cover the complete application life cycle of mobility solutions by providing multiple built in flexibilities for each cycle!
  6. 6. HOW TO EVALUATE A MEAP PLATFORM? KEY DECISION GUIDELINES Decision Factors Description This includes existing client base, partner base, feedback from prior experience, analysisMarket presence by Gartner etc. Support for major mobile platforms like iPhone/ iPad, Blackberry, Android, WindowsMobile platform support Mobile etc.Mobile client architecture Thick client, browser based thin client, rich client (hybrid)requirements Targeted user segment - B2C, B2E, B2B segments, UI guideline defined by theUser Segment and UI guidelines organization for the user segment Complexity involved in developing, testing and integrating applications. Support forEase of Implementation development tools like Eclipse, Visual Studio etc.Build once – Deploy on multiple Support for code reuse for multi platform build across platformsdevices Integration & Adapter layers to connect to backend IT systems like Oracle/ Siebel CRM,Integration w/ IT Packages SAP ERP, Oracle DB etc. Support for data encryption over-the-air, local device data encryption, poison pill,Security authentication, policy etc. Offline data access capability, real-time data synchronization, transaction management,Data Synchronization intelligent network detection, optimal use of network band width etc.Device / Configuration Mgmt. / Device configuration, auto-updates to applications, remote takeover of device, data wipeBYOD support out etc. Post-sales support for implementation, support, upgrades & maintenance. LeverageProfessional Services & Support existing partnership with SI vendors.
  7. 7. BUSINESS PLATFORMS AROUND MEAP : TELCOS/ WIRELESS SERVICE PROVIDERS• AT&T launched its MEAP platform and business model around it leveraging Antenna MEAP• Vodafone UK used Dexterra (later acquired by Antenna Software) as the backbone of its mobile applications service• Flypp platform of Infosys powers the Aircel mobile application store• Attinad uses its CONCORD platform for rapid product and solutions development and deployment
  8. 8. OUR CONCORD MOBILITY PLATFORM CONCORD Mobility Platform Enterprise Systems Mobile Client (iPhone/ BB/ Android/ Mobility Server Windows Mobile) E n t UI Rendering Engine Workflow e • Screen generation Engine r • Action Mapper p r i Data capture Module Creation Data capture s Engine module e • UI Engine engine Wireless • Reference Data Manager S network e SOA Compliant Service Configuration r interface Dashboard Manager v • Rule interpreter i • Graphical Control Library c • Data Binder Data Adapter e Platform Component A • Local Storage Dashboard d • Security & Encryption engine a p Data sync Framework t e Legacy systems Device Management Framework r
  9. 9. OUR SAP MOBILITY SOLUTION BUILT ON TOP OF CONCORD PLATFORM Mobile Client Mobile Server SAP Server Components Components Application UI Rendering Engine  Screen Creation Approval S  Action Mapping Workflow A Creation SAP  Screen Creation Engine P Module R/3 Document Creation Engine S  UI Engine Document e Maintenance  Reference Data Manager GPRS Creation r v Module SAP , WIFI , Engine i ECC Reference Data EDGE, c BI Reporting Engine Manager 3G Configurati e Data Processing  Graphical Control Library  Data Binder on Manager Module A Network d SAP Cloud a CRM Platform Component Data p Data  Local Storage Adapter t Generic Web Binder  Security & Encryption e Service r Legacy Data Storage Apps DMZ
  10. 10. THANK YOU!