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Hybrid Mobile App Development - Xamarin


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This is the slide used by Ullas Krishnan of OCS Software for his session Hybrid Mobile App Development - Xamarin

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Hybrid Mobile App Development - Xamarin

  1. 1. Introduction to mobile development with Xamarin
  2. 2. OCS Software Director OCS Software & Engineering Solutions Pvt Ltd Mob : +91 9495826939
  3. 3. Mobile Development Approaches OCS Software
  4. 4. Basic Approach Build Apps Multiple Times • Multiple Teams • Multiple Code Bases • Different toolsets OCS Software
  5. 5. Write Once, Run Anywhere Approach Black Box • Mobile Web site • PhoneGap/Cordova/Appcelerator/RhoMobile OCS Software
  6. 6. Write Once, Run Anywhere Approach • Build a mobile version of an existing Web site • No apps to deploy to the stores OCS Software
  7. 7. Write Once, Run Anywhere Approach • Use PhoneGap/Cordova with HTML5 • Basically, a native app with a Web viewer displaying HTML5 pages • Native look is simulated with CSS • Apps are packaged as native apps
  8. 8. Xamarin OCS Software
  9. 9. 1. Xamarin approach OCS Software
  10. 10. Xamarin’s Unique Approach • Native User Interface • Native Performance • Shared code across platforms • C# & .NET Framework • Full API Coverage OCS Software
  11. 11. Xamarin History Over a Decade of Enterprise Production Use 2000 Ximian Founded 2001 Mono Started 2003 Ximian Acquired by Novell 2009 First iOS product (now Xamarin.iOS) launches 2011 Xamarin Founded First Release of Xamarin.Android 2012 First release of Xamarin.Mac Launch Partner Program 2013 Xamarin 2.0 Component Store Evolve 2013 Xamarin Test Cloud Microsoft Partnership Reach 200,000 Developer Mark 500,000+ Developers 100+ Partners 100+ Components 2014 Xamarin 3.0 Xamarin Forms Evolve 2014 Insights Simulator
  12. 12. Microsoft and Xamarin Partner Globally With Xamarin, developers combine all of the productivity benefits of C#, Visual Studio 2013 and Windows Azure with the flexibility to quickly build for multiple device targets.” S. Somasegar, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft OCS Software
  13. 13. Mobile Apps developed : Xamarin OCS Software
  14. 14. Why C# • Shorter, Simpler, More Maintainable • LINQ • Lambdas • Events • Generics • Async/Await OCS Software
  15. 15. Write Everything in C# iOS, Android, Windows, Windows Phone, Mac 2.5+ Billion Devices! OCS Software
  16. 16. 100% API Coverage •Anything you can do in Objective-C or Java can be done in C# and Visual Studio with Xamarin! Windows API Android API iOS API
  17. 17. Xamarin.iOS does full Ahead Of Time (AOT) compilation to produce an ARM binary for Apple’s App Store. Native Performance Xamarin.Android takes advantage of Just In Time (JIT) compilation on the Android device.
  18. 18. Code Sharing: Accelerate Development Code-sharing stats from iCircuit, built with Xamarin and featured on the App Store. Source: • Up to 90% Code Reuse • Leverage existing libraries NuGet Support OCS Software
  19. 19. Portable Class Libraries • 1 Assembly • Multiple Platforms • Including: • Xamarin.Android • Xamarin.iOS OCS Software
  20. 20. Distribute Everywhere A Xamarin app is an app, distribute it everywhere
  21. 21. 2 Xamarin UI approaches
  22. 22. Platform Specific UI • UI Is platform specific • Tuned for each platform • UI code is non sharable • Best to get the optimal UI on each platform OCS Software
  23. 23. Xamarin.Forms • Cross-platform UI toolkit abstraction • Share UI code across platforms • Rendered natively on each platform • 95% code reuse • OK for many apps styles but not for everything OCS Software
  24. 24. Development Environment Xamarin Studio PC or Mac Visual Studio Plugin VS 2010/2012/2013
  25. 25. Cost - Software Cost per dev and per device platform: • iOS • Android
  26. 26. Cost - Hardware • Android Development can be done on Windows or Mac • iOS A Mac is required Development can be done on a Windows machine but compilation MUST be done on a Mac Compilation can be done on a networked Mac OCS Software
  27. 27. Cost – Hardware - Testing •Cloud Test Solution •Emulators are OK for development •But always test on physical devices OCS Software
  28. 28. Xamarin Studio • Optimized for cross-platform mobile development • Explore native APIs with code completion • World class Android and iOS designers • Powerful debugging on simulator or device OCS Software
  29. 29. Android Designer • Worlds best Android designer • Available in: • Xamarin Studio • Visual Studio • Create UI with drag & drop simplicity • Target multiple screen sizes, resolutions and Android versions • Layouts saved in standard Android XML files OCS Software
  30. 30. iOS Designer • World’s first iOS Designer available in Xamarin Studio and Visual Studio • Follows familiar Visual Studio designer idioms • Supports all UIKit elements • Edit custom and 3rd party components • Live preview of changes to properties OCS Software
  31. 31. Visual Studio Integration A single solution: • iOS • Android • Windows Phone • Windows Store Leverage the entire Microsoft ecosystem: • ReSharper • Team Foundation Server • Your favorite code coverage and profiling tools OCS Software
  32. 32. Visual Studio Integration Debug to: • Emulators • Devices Integrated into toolbar • Status • Logs • List of devices Just Click Start Debugging! OCS Software
  33. 33. Xamarin benefits • Xamarin enables developers to reach all major mobile platforms! Native User Interface Native Performance Shared Code Across Platforms C# & .NET Framework
  34. 34. OCS Software Questions ?