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Generating Revenue Through Mobile Apps


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An overview of why developers should break into the mobile application market. Insights on market trends globally and locally, and Steps that can be used by start-ups and individuals to monetize their mobile application.

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Generating Revenue Through Mobile Apps

  1. 1. Introduction to why and how to monetize your mobile product
  2. 2. 640M 1.2M ApplicationsiOS and Android available forDevices in use in download through July 2012 iTunes & Google Play 2x Faster adoption to mobile application usage than the Internet boom of the 90s
  3. 3. Earnings bydevelopers since thelaunch of iTunes
  4. 4. Generates revenue through:1. You set the price. 1. Selling advertising.2. User pays to download the app. 2. Increasing sales of related product.3. Apple / Google Play takes a 30% cut. 3. Increased Exposure through Branding.4. The rest is yours. 4. Sale for application upgrades
  5. 5. Mobile AdvertisingSimplest and most popular way to monetize an application.Click-Through Rate (CTR)Cost Per Million (CPM)
  6. 6. The FREEMIUM ApplicationGive users a basic version of your product with one importantfunctionality as a free download. The complete application with fullbenefits is available as a paid application.In App PurchasePrompt users to buy virtual goods within the application for anenhanced experience.
  7. 7. M-CommerceApplication earns revenue from end-to-end transactions through theapp. This involves efforts beyond app creation (ex. Redemptionprograms, merchant signups etc)Usage Data based monetizationSuch apps are free to most users but sell targetted user intent tospecified segments (ex. Consumer purchase intent)
  8. 8. M-PaymentDifferent from M-Commerce, generating revenue from only the “Buy”cycle for goods, services and paid contentBrandingIncreases the perception of your brand. Increased user engagement.
  9. 9. Popular Applications Think Big or Think Tiny…
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