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Future of UI


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Future of UI

  1. 1. Thefutureof UI
  2. 2. When  self  and  context  meet  the  opportuni4es  which  are  presented  to  that  self  and  which  is  that  self  recognizes  are  what  we  call  affordances.    J.  J.  Gibson  (1977,  1979)    ac2onable  proper2es  between  the  world  and  the  actor    affordances  are  rela2onships  exist  naturally  between  the  world  and  the  actor.    They  do  not  have  to  be  visible,  known,  or  desirable  
  3. 3. pick  it  up  and  drop  it  in  a  bin  give  it  a  free  kick  and  see  if  you  can  bend  it  like  Beckam  
  4. 4. Talk  about  hap2c  percep2on,  you  can  increase  the  volume  of  the  radio  without  looking  at  the  volume  knob.  The  hap2c  percep2on    
  5. 5. Hi  ON  Folder  Dial  Record  Copy  CUE’s  
  6. 6. BMW  AR  
  7. 7. Fijthisu  
  8. 8. Illuminious  room  
  9. 9. MS  kinect  brian  
  10. 10. Interact  with  the  real  world    Natural  interac2on    Context  aware  (e2queWes)    Collaborate    Cue’s  as  needed  not  to  demanding  high  cogna2on    Inclusive  of  everyone       hWp://­‐smart-­‐phone.aspx    Sign  language  convertor