Advanced visualization


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Event : Seminar on Business Intelligence Trends
Topic : Advanced visualization
Date : Friday, July 20, 2012 at 9:30am
Location : Technopark

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Published in: Technology, Education
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Advanced visualization

  1. 1. Advanced Visualization Bijilash Babu Technical Architect Technology Development Centre NeST Software Session on Emerging trends in Business Intelligence 20 July 2012: Zenith Hall Bhavani, Technopark, Trivandrum
  2. 2. Big Data, It’s Visualization • Gartner’s definition of big data refers to high-volume, high-velocity and high- variety information assets that demand cost-effective, innovative forms of information processing for enhanced insight and decision making. • Big Data is the convergence of three v’s: volume, variety and velocity.. • Internet of things (with different sensors), CRM, social media, etc.. • Improved use of Big Data could add t to the economy and create N jobs. • Volume of data keeps creeping, Decision makers would struggle.. • Data visualisation would be a key for better perception.8-Aug-12 NeST Controlled/Confidential 2
  3. 3. Roadmap • Big Data • Dimensionality • Current trends • Ordinary analytics • Applied maths • Advanced Technology8-Aug-12 NeST Controlled 3
  4. 4. When big wasn’t that big Track rises and falls over time • Line graph • Stack graph • Categories Stack graph See relationships among data points • Scatterplot • Matrix chart • Network Diagram Compare a set of values • Bar chart • Block histogram • Bubble chart See parts of a whole • Pie Chart • Tree Map • Analyze a text • Word tree • Wordle See the world • Mapping8-Aug-12 NeST Controlled/Confidential 4
  5. 5. Timeline Source: The Economist8-Aug-12 NeST Controlled/Confidential 5
  6. 6. Better Representation Source: 9876546765 987-654-67658-Aug-12 NeST Controlled/Confidential 6
  7. 7. Better Representation Source: The New York Times8-Aug-12 NeST Controlled/Confidential 7
  8. 8. The volcano8-Aug-12 NeST Controlled/Confidential 8
  9. 9. Create your own visual Tag Cloud, NSF proposals Source: George K. Thiruvathukal, Associate Editor in Chief Computing in Science & Engineering8-Aug-12 NeST Controlled/Confidential 9
  10. 10. Create your own visual Created in R with wordcloud package. Data from country population. Note that the proportional sizes of China and India were reduced in half.8-Aug-12 NeST Controlled/Confidential 10
  11. 11. Big Data • With the exponential growth in data acquisition and generation. • High-resolution sensors • More disk space and more CPU cycles... • You know, there are couple of walls around the CPU, • and GPUs come into picture!8-Aug-12 NeST Controlled/Confidential 11
  12. 12. How to go around • Need to bring in better methods for extracting a smaller set of relevant data • Big Data isn’t just about numbers or volume, but the trends – how they change over time. • Visualisation is an invaluable tool in identifying trends within massive data sets. • spotting anomalies as well as outliers8-Aug-12 NeST Controlled/Confidential 12
  13. 13. Calling in Maths • Scientific Data Analysis techniques • Numerical Linear Algebra • SVD - The prize, compression • PCA/ NLPCA – to reduce the dimensionality, feature extraction Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) • SVM - classification, regression, and anomaly detection. • SOM - neural network algorithm based on unsupervised learning8-Aug-12 NeST Controlled/Confidential 13
  14. 14. Log plots • Response to skewness towards large values; i.e., cases in which one or a few points are much larger than the bulk of the data. • To show percent change or multiplicative factors. • Base of ten is useful when the data range over several orders of magnitude, a base of two is useful when the data have a smaller range8-Aug-12 NeST Controlled/Confidential 14
  15. 15. Better Mixing + =?8-Aug-12 NeST Controlled/Confidential 15
  16. 16. Visual data Mining Source: S.J. Simoff et al. (Eds.): Visual Data Mining, LNCS 44048-Aug-12 NeST Controlled/Confidential 16
  17. 17. Advanced technology8-Aug-12 NeST Controlled/Confidential 17
  18. 18. Hans Rosling... ...What’s next?8-Aug-12 NeST Controlled/Confidential 18
  19. 19. Thank you!!!8-Aug-12 NeST Controlled/Confidential 19