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EVOMOUSE --- Future Mouse


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Evo Mouse is one of the coolest gadgets. Evo Mouse pet offers multitouch control, looks like a cute dog. Introducing Evo Mouse, the latest and probably most cutting-edge version of the mouse today. While the Seoul-based leader in 3D Electronic Perception Technology added this product to its technology lineup, the company has yet to divulge when the evo Mouse will be out on the market. In the meantime, a video was released previewing its features.
The evo Mouse works on nearly any flat surface and requires very little space. It tracks effortlessly to your comfortable and natural movements. With the Evo Mouse, you can perform common mouse operations using only your fingers. You can control the cursor, click and select, double-click, right-click and drag with basic hand gestures.

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EVOMOUSE --- Future Mouse

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