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  1. 1. AdspliceAdsplice is an ad utility which is used to add off-cycle products to oracleapps i.e. products released between maintenance packs.Download the product patch which contains information about the newproduct,adplice control file and other associated files. Go through thereadme and apply pre-reqs if any. Now for using adsplice there is a controlfile newprods.txt. A typical newprods.txt looks like->product=zsabase_product_top=*APPL_TOP*oracle_schema=zsasizing_factor=100main_tspace=ZSADindex_tspace=ZSAXtemp_tspace=TEMPdefault_tspace=ZSADIf we are using OFA tablespace model then we need to change the last 4parameters else for OATM it is optional.One can then copy it in $APPL_TOP/admin and run adsplice from applmgruser and follow the prompts.Then we can verify that product is correctlyspliced or not using adutconf.sql (AD Configuration report). We need tologout and login again so that the new environment is set.We can thenverify that new <PROD>_TOP environment variable is set and need toapply the patches for newly added product