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HealthXL Hackathon- Hacking Aging

  1. Hack Aging hackathon by July, 10th - 12th Melbourne #HXLHACK (Quanticare-Dementia) Automatic environment therapy for people with Dementia
  2. 2 Problem: Agitated Behaviour #HXLHACK “How can we support Ted during his agitations?”
  3. 3 Current Solution: Multi-sensory Experience #HXLHACK Snoezelen Rooms Music Therapy
  4. 4 Motivation #HXLHACK Inaccessible from home Does not offer active reception Lesser Personalization Not available at the right moment
  5. 5 Our Solution: Ambient Room #HXLHACK Continuous Stress Monitoring Automatic modulatation of room environment Signals the system Multi-sensory therapy Pippa gets better understanding of Ted
  6. 6 1) Heart Rate Variability #HXLHACK  Provides variation in the time interval b/w heartbeats  Measures autonomic nervous system (e.g., stress, anxiety)
  7. 7 2) Environmental Modulators #HXLHACK Slow and calm technology
  8. 8 Business Model #HXLHACK Unit Package worth $2000  Room Actuators (light, music, and visual systems) + 3 HR Sensors $2Bn $1.4Bn Value Preposition  Enhance the care of people with Dementia  Reduce the workload on caregivers  One-time investment (cost-effective for family and government)
  9. 9 Market Size #HXLHACK $800Mn $560Mn Total Addressable Market People with Dementia in Australia Segmented Addressable Market Living in Residential Community
  10. 10 Distribution Channel #HXLHACK Caregivers managing agitated person with Dementia Searches online for support We will target these caregivers through Google ad words We will offer our product via our online web store along with delivery and setup services
  11. 11 Impact of multi-sensory experience #HXLHACK “Experience of being human is embedded in the sensory events of everyday life” We are on right track... “When I went into the room I was dying, and when I came out, I was living” “Music [and other senses] evokes emotion, and emotions can bring with it memory... It brings back the feeling of life when nothing else can’t”
  12. 12 Future Plan #HXLHACK  Switch to wearable heart rate monitors  Validate with field studies  Extension to geofensing capabilities, bacons  Building smart and personalized home/aged care facilities HexoskinVital Connect

Editor's Notes

  1. Automated agitation response Upto the carer to determine the Without the carer having to do anything, Automating agitation therapy Take the
  2. - What is HRV? Difference b/w HR and HRV (figure of PQRS diagram) Relevance of HRV to stress monitoring
  3. 30k per person per year, we can reduce this cost significantly
  4. 400k people with Dementia in Australia by 2010 statistics
  5. It is difficult to find the tangible value but we are sure that the carers will love it.
  6. “When used appropriately, our senses can shift mood, manage stress-induced agitation, stimulate positive interactions, facilitate cognitive function and coordinate motor movements.”