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A broad overview of Tele-consultation through SocialNUI lens


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This talk was given in the Health theme meeting of Microsoft Research Center for SocialNUI, University of Melbourne, Australia.

Published in: Healthcare
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A broad overview of Tele-consultation through SocialNUI lens

  1. 1. + A broad overview of Teleconsultation through SocialNUI lens Deepti Aggarwal
  2. 2. + Agenda Introduction of teleconsultation: types and mediums Discussion of SocialNUI theme fitting into teleconsultation Research Opportunities
  3. 3. + Rise of teleconsultation Advancements is communication and web technologies
  4. 4. + What is teleconsultation? Use of electronic information and communication technologies to support health care remotely (Darkins, and Cary, 2000)
  5. 5. + Different Terminologies (van Dyk, 2014)
  6. 6. + Different Terminologies Teleconsultation
  7. 7. + Types of (tele)consultations • Avoiding or addressing a particular diseasePreventative • Identification of a diseaseDiagnostic • Treatment of a health problem by drug, human interaction (therapy)Therapeutic • Educating people about health (can be promotional)Educational Based upon the topic of consultation
  8. 8. + Types of teleconsultation mediums Store-and-forward Real time (Interactive) Based upon the choice of communication medium
  9. 9. + Store-and-forward Teleconsultation To monitor different health measures
  10. 10. + Interactive Teleconsultation To make it feel real
  11. 11. + An example of teleconsultation Utilizing store-and-forward devices during interactive consultation
  12. 12. + Understanding teleconsultation through SocialNUI projects
  13. 13. + Mental Health mHealth/eHealth; diagnostic/therapeutic; Interactive
  14. 14. + Improving Vitamin D status eHealth/telecare; Preventative; Store-and-forward
  15. 15. + Connecting older people Telecare; Preventative; Interactive
  16. 16. + Smoking Cessation Telehealth/Telecare; Preventative/Educational; Interactive
  17. 17. + Video consultation Telemedicine; Diagnostic/therapeutic; Interactive/Store-and- forward
  18. 18. + Need to redefine teleconsultation Stretching the boundaries of teleconsultation
  19. 19. + Extending the consultation beyond health professionals with people having similar experiences (seeking peer group support) (A snapshot of training the parents of autistic kids )
  20. 20. + Extending the consultation beyond health professionals with (elderly) person or a family member (Snapshot of a Facebook community for Ayurveda cure)
  21. 21. + Extending the possible mediums One-third of Americans use Internet as a diagnostic tool (Pew Survey, 2013)
  22. 22. + Research Gaps
  23. 23. + Scarcity of (landmark) literature Lack of standardization; less understanding
  24. 24. + Lack of holistic understanding Technology and people are separately investigated
  25. 25. + Lack of users’ perspective Users needs, and confidence with technology are ignored
  26. 26. + Lack of social presence Focus only on verbal communication
  27. 27. + So where are we heading towards? Understanding the user experience with teleconsultation systems
  28. 28. + Thankyou. Teleconsultation: next best thing
  29. 29. + References Teleconsultation in Remote communities. Preventive Healthcare. Medical Diagnosis. _diagnosis Fox, S., and Duggan, M. 2013. Health Online. Pew Internet and American Life Project. van Dyk, L. 2014. A review of Telehealth Service Implementation Frameworks. In Environmental Research and Public Health, 11, 1279-1298. Darkins, W. A., and Cary, A. M. 2000. Telemedicine and Telehealth: Priniciples, Policies, Performance and Pitfalls. Springer. Yellowlees, P. 2005. Successfully developing a telemedicine system. In J. Telemed. Telecare, 11, 331-336.