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Wireless innovation (Parking System)


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Published in: Automotive, Business, Technology
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Wireless innovation (Parking System)

  1. 1. Wireless Innovationfor Vehicle Parking System
  2. 2. Vehicle Parking System Today, with increasing number of vehicles, we usually find it difficult to park them. Good time is invested to search a parking place and by the time we find it, it’s too late, someone has already occupied the space. So, I thought of an idea that will help us to locate a parking space and save our precious time.
  3. 3. MY IDEAMy idea runs on a simple method as follows: Each space in the parking lot has a configured transmitter. It is a simple pressure switch inserted beneath the parking space and is connected to a transmitter. It transmits signal within a short radius and is then received by a vehicle (with GPS) which traces the signal and finds the vacant space. When a vehicle is already parked, it transmits a signal that indicates on the GPs that the parking spot is occupied. When the car leaves, the sensor is on and transmits signals as “available”.
  4. 4. VPS Scenario Car waiting for parking CAR WAITING FOR PARKING GPS system or mobile CAR PARKED & SENSOR - OFF
  5. 5. Application Theatres Malls Pay and park areas 4/5/6 star hotels Private places-clubs, marriage, party hall Airports, railway stations, transport junctions, stadiums Others….where there is no assistance This concept should be initially piloted and tested to check its success rate before implementation.
  6. 6. Advantages1. It saves time: Eg:1,00,000 vehicles/day x 1 min(search time saved) x 2 people/vehicle (avg) = 2,00,000 min= 3,330 hrs x 50 cities = 1,66,500 hours every day2. It saves effort3. It saves cost: (salary) of many logistics or parking service assistors.4. It is one time investment5. Security: it can avoid car thefts.
  7. 7. Disadvantages1. Unemployment: loss of jobs of unskilled people2. Power dependencies: electricity failures may cause a problem.3. Waterproofing: prone to water in floods(common in cities like Mumbai).4. Maintenance: small problems in technology may cause a problem.
  8. 8. Questions and Summary Email : or visit my blog Thank You for your attention