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Deep Books 2013 Catalogue
Part 1 - Art to Fiction

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1 art fiction

  1. 1. art & design Net of Being Making Art Alex Grey with Allyson Grey a Practice Revealing the interwoven energies of body 30 Ways to and soul, love and spirit that illuminate Paint a Pipe the core of each being, Alex Grey’s mystic (...and be the paintings articulate the realms of Artist You Are) consciousness encountered during visits to entheogenic heaven worlds. Cat Bennett His painting Net of Being – inspired Making Art A by a blazing vision of an infinite grid of Practice Godheads during an ayahuasca demonstrates journey – has reached millions as the how to create cover and interior of the band TOOL’s an art practiceISBN: 978 1 59477 384 6 Grammy award–winning triple- that catapultsITI  |  208pp  |  267 x 343 platinum album, 10,000 Days. the artist at anyfull col throughout  The book explores how the level intoHB £34.00 mystical experience expressed in Alex self-awareness, ISBN: 978 1 84409 607 7 Grey’s work opens a new artistic clarity FHP  |  128pp  |  159 x 235of related interest: understanding of our shared and action. 10 col & 10 b & w photos,Sacred Mirrors Cards consciousness and unveils the deep When we see art 20 col & 10 b & w ills £19.99 inc vat influence art can have on cultural as a practice, we PB £12.99Sacred Mirrors Visionary Art evolution. The narrative progresses let can let go ofof Alex Grey £26.00 through a successive expansion of of related interest: limiting concernsTransfigurations £34.00 identity – from the self, to self and regarding skill, Color £15.99 beloved, to self and community, world recognition or Confident Creative £8.99 spirit and cosmic consciousness, where money and allow our bodies are transparent to galactic energies. unique creativity to emerge and shine in Illuminati ways that are vital to our lives. Making Art Journal Practice walks us through illustrated by erik c. dunne exercises designed to develop the personal A blank journal with incredible cover art qualities necessary to create authentic art by Erik Dunne. and to live as artists in the world. Most books on art practice focus on art techniques that build skills or overcome creative blocks through playful exercises or writing. Making Art A Practice offers exercises that build the personal qualities critical to being an artist in the world such as courage, the ability to look and see, and connection to the true creative self, among others.ISBN: 978 886527217 6LS  |  168pp  |  150 x 210JOU23HB £8.99biography My Life in a Pea Soup Lisa Nops My Life in a Pea Soup follows one mother’s journey to reach her profoundly autistic daughter. Set against the backdrop of three countries – Sri Lanka, Bahrain and Australia – this book will appeal to anyone who has experienced heartbreak and then found a way to not only help themselves, but to help those dearest to them.ISBN: 978 1921 462 320FP  |  256pp  |  152 x 215 PB £24.002
  2. 2. biography Ecstatic Healing Clear Cut A Journey into the Shamanic One Woman’s Journey of World of Spirit Possession and Life in the Body Miraculous Medicine Ginny Jordan Margaret De Wys In the course of her life, Ginny Jordan has Margaret De Wys first became aware of been diagnosed with breast cancer, ecstatic trance healing when she was a undergone surgery and chemotherapy, young girl fascinated by the rapture of the experienced debilitating vertigo and other Holy Rollers. However, it would be decades conditions – at the same time as she has before she would be called to explore that been a daughter, wife, mother of three and early fascination. At a gathering in Upstate member of a large, active family. New York thirty years later she was In prose that is startling and evocative, spontaneously possessed by a sacred Zulu witty and generous, CLEAR CUT explores necklace – a gift from one of the most biographically, symbolically and culturally powerful shamans in Africa, Vusamazulu the meanings of nine different parts of theISBN: 978 1 59477 456 0 Credo Mutwa. Frightening yet exhilarating, body, of how much we can lose and still ISBN: 978 1 59056 316 8ITI  |  192pp  |  152 x 229  the experience set her on a search to remain wholeand know who we are. LTB  |  160pp  |  127 x 203 PB £12.99 understand the depths of ecstatic healing. of related interest: PB £16.99 In sharing her journey to reach a Alzheimer’s Disease £16.99of related interest: profound understanding of ecstatic states How To Say Yes WhenShamanic and shamanic healing, Margaret De Wys Your Body Says No £15.99Experience £16.99 not only gives the reader a direct experience Radical Healing £16.99Teachings of The of holiness, but, also, reveals the potentialSanteria Gods £14.99 each of us has for miraculous healing. Madame Blavatsky Live with Meaning, The Mother of Modern Spirituality Gary Lachman Die with Passion Madam Helena Petrovna Blavatsky – mystic, Fumitada Naoe occult writer, child of Russian aristocrats, spiritual seeker who travelled five continents Photographs by Takashi Owaki and founder (with Henry Steel Olcott) of the Born in a shanty town of Taiwan, Fumitada Theosophical Society – is still being hailed plunges in and makes his own way to as an icon and scorned as a fraud more success within Japan’s affluent business than 120 years after her death. sector. Determined to be the top Gary Lachman, the acclaimed spiritual entrepreneur in the world, he is propelled by biographer behind volumes such as Rudolf the death of a loved one and to overcome Steiner and Jung the Mystic, brings us an the discrimination he has faced throughout in-depth look at Blavatsky, objectively his life. He starts his own company with exploring her unique and singular virtually no experience or funds and builds contributions toward introducing Eastern ISBN: 978 1 58542 863 2 it to a thirty million dollar business within and esoteric spiritual ideas to the West JPT  |  352pp  |  140 x 216 ISBN: 978 0 97850 845 6 ina year. Fumitada’s musings are as during the nineteenth century, as well as the PB £14.99OPB  |  128pp  |  127 x 178 inspiring as they are moving. controversies that continue to colour theb & w photos throughout  discussions of her life and work. of related interest: of related interest:HB £16.99 Jung The Mystic £21.00 Autobiography of A Yogi £7.99 Lords of The Left-Hand Hannah Senesh £16.99 Path £21.00 Secret Doctrine £15.99 Secret Societies £14.99 From Harlem In The Center with Love of the Fire An Ivy Leaguer’s Inner City Odyssey A Memoir of the Occult 1966-1989 Joseph Holland James Wasserman As a diplomat’s son, star athlete and In this daring exposé by a survivor of a Harvard Law School graduate, in the early unique era in the New York occult scene, 1980s Joseph Holland had a world of James Wasserman, a longtime proponent opportunities awaiting him in corporate of the teachings of Aleister Crowley, brings America. Instead, he found himself in us into a world of candlelit temples, burning Harlem during the nadir of its blight and incense and sonorous invocations. He endeavoured to contribute to a shares an intimate look at the New York neighbourhood that was tough in every Underground of the 1970s and introduces sense of the word. A five-year sojourn us to the company of such avant-garde became a three-decade commitment, as luminaries as Alejandro Jodorowsky, HarryISBN: 978 1 59056 322 9 his Harlem-based career morphed from Smith and Angus MacLise. ISBN: 978 0 89254 201 7LTB  |  288pp  |  152 x 229  practising law to empowering the homeless, of related interest: IB  |  336pp  |  152 x 229 PB £16.99 to running small businesses, to serving in HB £30.00 Illustrated History of The Knights politics – all aimed at revitalising a Templar £16.99 beaten-down, cultural mecca haunted by Mystery Traditions £16.99 poignant memories of its glory days in the Templars and The early twentieth century. Assassins £14.99 3
  3. 3. biography My Life of Marzipan and Love & Truth Magnolias Barry Long Elizabeth Lancaster Barry Long, spiritual teacher and Western MARZIPAN AND MAGNOLIAS is a charming, master, was the bestselling author of more poignant and humorous story that traces than 20 titles, translated into 11 languages Elizabeth Lancaster’s complex relationship and selling more than 100,000 copies with her somewhat eccentric mother, Ruth. worldwide. For the first time, this book tells The relationship becomes even more the story of his early life, from successful complicated when Elizabeth refuses to Sydney newspaper editor and family man, acknowledge the early signs of her own through crisis and realisation, to incurable illness – multiple sclerosis. transcendental, tantric spiritual master. Growing up in a family of boys, Elizabeth of related interest: struggles to maintain her independence in the face of her mother’s intense love for Knowing Yourself £7.99 ISBN: 978 1921 462 207 her only daughter. When Elizabeth realises Making Love £10.99 FP  |  224pp  |  152 x 215 ISBN: 978 1 899324 19 4 her dream of living overseas, Ruth pulls Meditation A Foundation Course £7.99 PB £24.00BL  |  456pp  |  153 x 234 away emotionally, fearing that her daughter Start Meditating NowPB £19.99 will never return. The tension between them 2 CD Set £17.99 inc vat deepens when Elizabeth falls in love and becomes engaged to Martin, who is German. Upon their eventual return to Australia, Elizabeth endeavours to break through the emotional barriers her mother has set up, as well as deal with the When the unwelcome onset of her own strange and frightening medical symptoms. Bough Breaks Joanne W Jones The Marble Room From endless rounds of IVF to faith healing How I Lost God and Found and Chinese herbs, she tried them all, Myself in Africa believing that with enough willpower and bill hatcher determination she would succeed. But it was not to be. And then began Joanne’s At 27, Bill Hatcher was at a crossroads. real challenge, the painful task of how to Brought up in an evangelical household in accept and adjust to the fact that she the American Bible Belt, his religion had would never be a mother, never hold her provided no answers to his parents’ own child, never share the ups and broken marriage or, indeed, his downs of parenting with her partner. own divorce. The key to his WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS is a salvation would come from aISBN: 978 1921 462 221 beautifully written and compelling most unlikely source: a flyerFP  |  256pp  |  152 x 215 journey of self discovery – sometimes calling for Peace CorpsPB £24.00 sad, frequently amusing, courageous volunteers. A year later, and above all, blazingly honest. It will Hatcher finds himself in resonate with women everywhere, Tanzania, East Africa. Filled with ISBN: 978 1 59056 406 6 regardless of their circumstances, as breathtaking accounts of LTB  |  288pp  |  140 x 216 ultimately it is a story of learning to death-defying mountain climbs and PB £15.99 accept yourself for who you are, unconditionally. the spectacular beauty of the African countryside, this memoir is both a tale of adventure and self-discovery – and proof that even the most naive and insular American can achieve a spiritual awakening. The Fat Paddler False Start Sean Smith A Memoir of Things Best Forgotten This is the extraordinary tale of an ordinary Mark O’Flynn man’s recovery from physical and mental In the early 1980s recently graduated arts trauma. Over an eight-year period, Sean student Mark O’Flynn is told in no uncertain Smith survived two major car accidents as terms by his father to stop fruit picking and well as the Bali Bombing in 2002. These get a proper job! In an effort to kickstart incidents left him with significant physical his son’s career in the workplace he and mental injuries, including obesity and arranges for Mark to work in a quarry in heart problems and set him on a path to outback Australia. likely premature death. At a low point in Dropped in the middle of central his life, Sean accepted the challenge from Queensland, and somewhat underwhelmed friends to compete in a kayak by the 40 degree heat, barrage of flies, ultramarathon. With only seven months’ never ending parade of snakes and a steady preparation and despite early failures, he diet of meat and beer, Mark encounters a ISBN: 978 1921 462 894ISBN: 978 1921 462 313 persevered. So began his recovery. His group of men the likes of whom he has FP  |  256pp  |  152 x 215 FP  |  240pp  |  152 x 230 enthusiasm for new adventures lit a never seen before in his city life. PB £24.0016pp col photos  passion in him for the outdoors – and thePB £24.00 Fat Paddler was born.4
  4. 4. biography High-Altitude No Chopsticks Woman Required From Extreme Sports to My Family’s Unexpected Indigenous Cultures Year in Shanghai Discovering the Power of the Feminine Katrina Beikoff Jan Reynolds No Chopsticks Required is award World record – breaking skier and climber, winning journalist Katrina Beikoff’s memoir Jan Reynolds, has sought adventure in the of the year she and her young family spent Himalayas, the Southern Alps, the Sahara living and working in Shanghai (after she Desert, the Canadian Arctic and the and her husband accepted contracts to Amazon Basin – often as the only woman in work at The Shanghai Daily). During their her expedition. Expected time and again to year, Katrina and her family witnessed a prove herself in the company of men, her range of major events: a once-in-a-lifetime tireless dedication on each high-risk snow storm, a devastating earthquake ISBN: 978 1 92146 229 0ISBN: 978 1 59477 485 0 excursion opened the door for many of which killed over 80,000 people, the FP  |  256pp  |  152 x 215ITI  |  368pp  |  152 x 229 todays female extreme athletes. Tibetan uprising, the enormous cover up of PB £24.0016pp col insert  Recounting in vivid detail many of her incidents at the Beijing Olympics, thePB £16.99 adventures, including multiple Mount melamine-tainted milk scandal and the Everest expeditions, Reynolds explains that crippling global financial crisis.of related interest: her success on each formidable journey Written in a highly amusing andInner Glide £12.99 didn’t arise simply by emulating the men warmly appealing tone, Katrina’s around her but by embracing her feminine personal observations of daily life strengths of compassion, mediation, in contemporary China are insightful cooperation and observation. as they are as fascinating. Yes Chef! What I Would The Ungarnished Confessions of an Australian Chef Do If I Were You Dispatches From the Frontline Phillip McMillan of Family Life Yes Chef! is an insider’s frequently funny Mandy Nolan and often frightening foray behind the swinging doors of restaurants. Welcome to the wonderful, slightly-wacky It’s a wonder Phillip McMillan ever world of Mandy Nolan. She is a stand-up became a chef at all, given that his comedian, an artist and a mother of five introduction to food as a child was of children ranging in age from toddler to leathery meat and over-boiled vegetables. teenager. Her on-stage accounts of However, his world was expanded after first everyday events of family life have sighting exotic food (a humble eggplant) in entertained audiences for years. What I his local Italian greengrocer. From that Would Do If I Were You is a hilarious moment on he was smitten. collection of stories centred around ISBN: 978 1921 462 337ISBN: 978 1921 462 818 Following the mandatory apprentice Mandy’s chaotic and slightly dysfunctional FP  |  224pp  |  152 x 215 FP  |  256pp  |  152 x 215  training, Phillip went on to become a family life – and her attempts to be the like PB £24.00PB £24.00 sought-after chef in the highly competitive the perfect, ideal mother she knows and physically demanding world of exists… somewhere. commercial kitchens. Treedom The Road to Freedom Takashi Kobayashi As if looking into long forgotten memories of another life, emotionally charged photography and prose explore an outsiders feeling of loneliness and coming to terms with one’s purpose in a trip through the life of leading Japanese tree house creator, Takashi Kobayashi. The accompanying DVD documentary is based on a trip he made to Oregon City and features a 2006 tree house making film in Okinawa and Hokkaido, Japan.ISBN: 978 0 97850 846 3 of related interest:OPB  |  160pp  |  152 x 229 Humanitrees £9.99full col & b & w photos Personalitrees £8.99throughout, inc free CDHB £21.00 5
  5. 5. New Releases from CAREER PRESS and NEW PAGE BOOKS 5 Minutes to Stress Relief The Atlas of Ancient Enigmas How to Release Worry, Fear, and A Guided Tour of the Most Enduring Mysteries Doubt…Instantly of the World Lauren E. Miller Philip Coppens EAN 978-1-60163-256-2 EAN 978-1-60163-270-8 “5 Minutes to Stress Relief From new dimensions to Stonehenge, contains essential insights and Easter Island, and Sedona, to techniques needed to walk unknown fairy hills in Scotland and through any storm in life.” the legendary labyrinth of Egypt, —Marci Shimoff, New York Times best- Coppens brings his unique touch to selling author of Happy for No Reason understanding our ancient past. The Subversive Job Search Inside the Real Area 51 How to Overcome a Lousy Job, Sluggish The Secret History of Wright-Patterson Economy, and Useless Degree to Create Thomas J. Carey and Donald R. Schmitt a Six-Figure Career Alan Corey EAN 978-1-60163-236-4 EAN 978-1-60163-257-9 “There is no one on this planet who knows more about the Roswell “The Subversive Job Search Incident than these two guys.” isn’t just career advice that is thinking outside the box, it’s —Larry Landsman, director of special projects for the Syfy Channel and creative executive of The making a whole new box!” Roswell Crash —Barbara Corcoran, real estate mogul and Shark Tank business expert, star of ABC’s  Office Idiots On the Edge of Reality What to Do When Your Workplace Hidden Technology, Powers of the Mind, Is a Jerkplace Quantum Physics, Paranormal Phenomena, Orbs, Ken Lloyd UFOs, Harmonic Transmissions, and Crop Circles Colin Andrews with Synthia Andrews EAN 978-1-60163-268-5 EAN 978-1-60163-255-5 This book spotlights real-life ridiculous behavior in the work- Old ways of thinking and of see- place, followed by practical ing the world are shifting. Mind- advice on what to do and say stretching new phenomena are when you encounter these challenging current reality. New office idiots. frontiers of science are disclosing a connection between our con- sciousness and physical reality. Superstar Leadership The Five Seasons A 31-Day Plan to Motivate People, Tap Into Natures Secrets for Health, Communicate Positively, and Get Happiness, and Harmony Everyone On Your Side Joseph Cardillo Rick Conlow and Doug Watsabaugh EAN 978-1-60163-258-6 EAN 978-1-60163-265-4 Based on the five universal seasons “This is a great book that pulls from traditional Chinese medicine as together the most important, well as on Western psychology, The proven leadership principles and Five Seasons will teach you how to ideas by people who have been use the rising and falling energies of successful business leaders.” nature’s seasons to train your mind —Ken Hicks, CEO/chairman, Footlocker, Inc. and body to feel relaxed, energized, and content…all year long.CareerPress.com NewPageBooks.com
  6. 6. business & reference 100 Ways to business Motivate Others How Great Leaders Can Produce Insane Results Without Driving People Crazy Third Edition Hal Becker’s Steve Chandler Ultimate Sales Book and Scott Richardson A Revolutionary Training Manual Chandler and Richardson have crafted a Guaranteed to Improve Your Skills and vital, user-friendly, inspirational guide for Boost Your Net Worth executives, managers and professionals – and those aspiring to reach their level. 100 Hal Becker With Nancy Traum WAYS TO MOTIVATE OTHERS is based on There are hundreds of books about sales, years of successful live workshops, seminars but how many of them have actually helped and personal coaching programmes on anyone become a better salesperson? HAL communication and leadership. ISBN: 978 1 60163 243 2 BECKER’S ULTIMATE SALES BOOK is a This new edition includes fresh insights CP  |  256pp  |  133 x 210  sales book and sales training course rolled into communication and rapid decision- PB £13.99 into one, written by Xerox’s former making, the importance of personal self-leadership and physical energy and of related interest: number-one U.S. salesperson and one of America’s top sales trainers. exciting new methods for enrolling clients Everyday Alchemist’sISBN: 978 1 60163 241 8 It contains a wealth of practical and selling to customers in service-oriented Happiness Handbook £8.99CP  |  256pp  |  133 x 210 information that many seasoned salespeople ways that leave behind the old paradigm of Happy Pocket Full of15 b & w ills  have forgotten… and which new salespeople manipulation and persuasion. Money £14.99PB £13.99 need to master. It includes action steps to Now Habit £12.99 help you develop unique and proven sellingof related interest: methods, set goals, list prospects and evenSecrets of PowerNegotiating £14.99 discover your own ways to answer objections. Plus targeted quizzes at the end of each 100 Ways to chapter to hone your skills. Motivate Yourself Change Your Life Forever Third Edition Frugal Isn’t Cheap Steve Chandler Spend Less, Save More With this third, revised edition, Steve and Live BETTER Chandler helps you create an action plan clare k. levison for living your vision, in business and in life. It features 100 proven methods to In FRUGAL ISN’T CHEAP, Clare Levison positively change the way you think and act. serves up practical financial advice with a 100 WAYS TO MOTIVATE YOURSELF will side of southern charm. Filled with real help you break through the negative stories, it will challenge you to change the barriers and banish the pessimistic way you think about money. Her message is thoughts that are preventing you from deceptively simple and clear: it’s cool to be fulfilling your lifelong goals and dreams. ISBN: 978 1 60163 244 9 smart about your money; it’s stylish to be This edition, also, contains new mental and CP  |  256pp  |  133 x 210  sensible rather than overindulgent; spiritual techniques that give readers more PB £13.99 financial stability is more glamorous than immediate access to action and results in extravagance. But cut up the credit cards? their lives. If you’re ready to finally make a of related interest: No way. Levison prefers to promote change and reach your goals, Steve 100 Ways To Motivate responsibility rather than abstinence. She Chandler challenges you to turn your Others £13.99ISBN: 978 1 60163 260 9 takes a realistic approach to personal defeatist attitude into energetic, optimistic, From Fatigued ToCP  |  256pp  |  140 x 216 finance that we can all live with. enthusiastic accomplishments. Fantastic! £15.99PB £12.99 Propel Stand Up For Five Ways to Amp Up Your Marketing and Accelerate Business Yourself Without Whitney Keyes Getting Fired Foreword by Maggie Winkels Resolve Workplace Conflicts Before You Quit, Get Axed, or Sue the Bastards In today’s competitive marketplace, size doesn’t matter. Success for every Donna Ballman organisation boils down to five keys: If you are facing a crucial career moment, strategy, story, strength, simplicity and mistakes and misinformation can cost you speed. Blending traditional marketing dearly. In STAND UP FOR YOURSELF techniques with social media tools, PROPEL WITHOUT GETTING FIRED, celebrated shows you how to identify opportunities at lawyer, Donna Ballman, provides winning your fingertips and use them to build answers to many tough questions. market share, boost brand loyalty and Whether you’re a recent graduate or generate more revenue – fast! nearing retirement, newly employed or laidISBN: 978 1 60163 233 3 ISBN: 978 1 60163 235 7CP  |  224pp  |  152 x 229 off after 20 years; shop floor or CEO… this CP  |  256pp  |  152 x 229 PB £13.99 book will give you the specific and relevant PB £13.99 advice you need to face any career- threatening situation… and come out ahead. 7
  7. 7. business & reference – business The Young The Young Professional’s Professional’s Guide to Managing Guide to the Building, Guiding, and Motivating Your Team to Achieve Awesome Results Working World Savvy Strategies to Get In, Get Ahead, Aaron McDaniel and Rise to the Top One of the hardest challenges in anyone’s Aaron McDaniel career is changing from being a employee responsible solely for one’s own work to a While companies spend millions of dollars a manager responsible for others’ year scrambling to learn more about the performance. New managers face the Millennial generation and adapt their work stress of giving up control while needing to cultures to fit them, there are remarkably few drive results through others. Many of the resources dedicated to teaching these young more than 80 million members of the people the traits and techniques that will Millennial generation are facing the help them succeed in an ever-changing and ISBN: 978 1 60163 242 5ISBN: 978 1 60163 254 8 always-challenging corporate environment. CP  |  224pp  |  140 x 216CP  |  224pp  |  140 x 216  challenge of managing others without a guide to success specifically tailored THE YOUNG PROFESSIONAL’S PB £12.99PB £12.99 GUIDE TO THE WORKING to them. THE YOUNG of related interest:of related interest: PROFESSIONAL’S GUIDE TO WORLD fills this void, offering relevant advice to Highly EffectiveHighly Effective MANAGING fills this void young professionals Networking £13.99Networking £13.99 with a mix of relevant tips seeking to build a strong They Dont Teach CorporateThey Don’t Teach Corporate and stories and a career foundation. In College £13.99In College £13.99 connection to rich Y In The Workplace £13.99Y In The Workplace £13.99 online resources. The Manager’s The Z Factor Phrase Book How to Get the Life You Dream of With the Law of Extraordinary Effort 3000+ Powerful Phrases that Put You In Command In Any Situation Edwin J. Sprague Patrick Alain Edwin Sprague, is committed to fulfilling all of his dreams – including playing for the This book is a collection of thousands of New York Jets, making a fortune and ready-to-use phrases that will enable you to publishing a book… this book. move into the ranks of today’s most Unlike the abstractions of the Law of competent managers. Regardless of your Attraction, THE Z FACTOR is anything but position in the corporate world, you will elusive or indescribable. “Z”is the have all the weapons you need to succeed extraordinary effort ordinary people can where vibrant, meaningful and appropriate generate that produces quantitative results, language is required. dream-fulfilling results. THE MANAGER’S PHRASE BOOK Is it time to finally be what you dreamtISBN: 978 1 60163 246 3 makes it easy for you to break out of the youd be when you grew up? If so, it’s time ISBN: 978 1 60163 245 6CP  |  192pp  |  152 x 229  mundane world of management and to to harness the absolute power of Z. No CP  |  240pp  |  152 x 229 PB £12.99 take on all comers. affirmations here – just humourous, PB £14.99 motivating and gritty stories.of related interest: of related interest:Great Quotes From Great Law of Agreement £12.99Leaders £7.99 No Excuse Guide to Success £12.99Leader Phrase Book £12.99 The CEO Code Create a Great Company and Inspire The Referral Engine People to Greatness with Practical Advice from an Experienced Executive Teaching Your Business to Market Itself John Jantsch david rohlander THE CEO CODE shows how to develop the The power of glitzy advertising and attitudes, knowledge, skills and behaviour elaborate marketing campaigns is on the required to master leadership and build a wane; word-of-mouth referrals are what great company. This practical book shows drive business today. People trust the you how to design your own programme of recommendation of a friend, family development and create a masterpiece, member, colleague or even stranger with personally and professionally. It is based on similar tastes over anything thrust at the wisdom gained from more than 30 them by a faceless company. years of business experience. Most business owners believe that Inspirational and informative, Rohlander whether customers refer them is entirely shares real-life stories of success and failure ISBN: 978 1 60163 253 1 out of their hands. But science shows that from his personal journey and work as CP  |  240pp  |  152 x 229 people can’t help recommending products mentor and coach to CEOs and executives of 7 b & w illsISBN: 978 1 59184 311 5 and services to their friends. And smart Fortune 500 companies, meduim-sized PB £14.99PF  |  256pp  |  152 x 229  businesses can tap into that hardwired companies and new businesses.HB £22.00 desire. Marketing expert, John Jantsch, offers practical techniques for harnessing of related interest: the power of referrals to ensure a steady 100 Ways To Motivate £13.99 flow of new customers. Financial Statements £15.998
  8. 8. business & reference – business Superstar Sales Superstar A 31-Day Plan to Motivate People, Build Rapport, and Close More Sales Leadership A 31-Day Plan to Motivate People, rick conlow and Communicate Positively, and Get doug watsabaugh Everyone On Your Side Do you want to be more successful? rick conlow and Achieve record breaking sales? Make more doug watsabaugh money right now? Are you committed to learning more Take a random sampling of managers and about your customers and improving your executives and you will inevitably encounter skills and approach to helping them? the good, the bad and the inept. Salespeople are some of the least But there are those rare souls who are trusted professionals of any career. That’s excellent bosses, who achieve great results an opportunity for you! By using this book while retaining their staff’s loyalty, affection as your guide, you can substantially and exemplary performance. Who areISBN: 978 1 60163 266 1 differentiate yourself from your these elite performers – these ISBN: 978 1 60163 265 4CP  |  224pp  |  152 x 229  competition. Superstar leaders? And how can CP  |  224pp  |  152 x 229 PB £14.99 This 31-day book teaches the you become one? PB £14.99 skills and habits of sales stars in This 31-day book uses nine keyof related interest: bite-sized chunks you can learn and performance drivers to evaluate of related interest:151 Quick Ideas To apply today. It challenges and help leaders quickly increase 100 Ways To MotivateIncrease Sales £10.99 conventional sales thinking and results and sustain them. Each Others £12.99Question Your Way To Sales leads you to a path of greatness evaluation and activity hones your Propel £13.99Success £12.99 leadership skills, transforming you Titleless Leader £13.99Up Your Sales In A Down into a Superstar leader.Market £13.99 9 Powerful Work Like a Spy Practices of Really Business Tips From a Former CIA Officer Great Teams j. c. carleson stephen e. kohn and Businesses could learn a lot from spies vincent d. o’connell – not only how to respond to crises, but, Increasingly, organisations count on project also, how to achieve operational excellence. teams to develop products and deliver WORK LIKE A SPY reveals techniques services to their customers. Consequently, used by CIA officers that can give readers effective teamwork and team leadership a tremendous strategic advantage are integral components of an in business. organisations success. Using real examples from her In 9 POWERFUL PRACTICES OF REALLY experiences as an undercover CIA officer, GREAT TEAMS, Stephen E. Kohn and Vincent Carleson explains how to create loyalty by D. O’Connell define the essence of superior inspiring it; recognise individual performance by project teams at work andISBN: 978 1 59184 353 5 achievement even during times of team ISBN: 978 1 60163 264 7 identify nine attributes of team membershipPF  |  224pp  |  152 x 229  failure and establish a sense of urgency – CP  |  224pp  |  133 x 210 and team leadership that set the stage forHB £22.00 but only when it’s really urgent. PB £14.99 accomplishment of group objectives. Kohn and O’Connell bring these proven strategies of related interest: to life with actual examples drawn from Essential Supervisors decades of experience. Handbook £12.99 Office Idiots 9 Powerful Winning with Teamwork £7.99 What To Do When Your Workplace Is a Jerkplace Practices of Really ken lloyd Great Bosses Most books that deal with ridiculous stephen e. kohn and behaviour in the workplace are premised largely on conjecture, anecdotes and vincent d. o’connell limited data, but that’s not the case with Why does one management style make OFFICE IDIOTS. Written by Ken Lloyd, one of employees hate their jobs, while a different the foremost experts on jerks at work, this style inspires them to outperform and book relies on data from actual workplaces commands their respect? Emotionally across America to present a sweeping and intelligent people-management skills turn frighteningly accurate snapshot of the out to be the primary reason. antics of office idiots. Based on thousands 9 POWERFUL PRACTICES OF REALLY of letters to his newspaper column and GREAT BOSSES features a sensible,ISBN: 978 1 60163 268 5 Website, www.jerksatwork.com, this book easily-implemented framework organisedCP  |  224pp  |  152 x 230  spotlights office idiots wherever they exist into three distinct sets of skills –PB £13.99 in an organisation, followed by practical foundational, prevention of common pitfalls advice on what to do and even and advanced relationship management.of related interest: what to say when you encounter them. of related interest:Jerks at Work £13.99 ISBN: 978 1 60163 272 2 100 Ways To Motivate Others £13.99Stand Up for Yourself Without CP  |  224pp  |  133 x 210 6 Habits of Highly SuccessfulGetting Fired £13.99 PB £12.99 Managers £13.99 9
  9. 9. business & reference – business When Talent The Subversive Isn’t Enough Job Search Business Basics for How to Overcome a Lousy the Creatively Inclined Job, Sluggish Economy, and Kristen Fischer Useless Degree to Create a Six-Figure Career WHEN TALENT ISN’T ENOUGH offers extensive, practical and easy-to-apply alan corey business advice for writers, designers and Are you tired of missing out on other self-employed creatives who want to: that pay increase, bonus or promotion? ●● Select a viable business model Do you want to turn your dead-end job ●● Market themselves alongside seasoned into a high-paying career? pros and established agencies Money-making guru, Alan Corey, faced ●● Cultivate lasting client partnerships all these questions himself, then went from ●● Improve their innate abilities and collecting unemployment benefit to a ISBN: 978 1 60163 257 9 expand on their skill sets six-figure salary in just over a year. This CP  |  224pp  |  133 x 210 ISBN: 978 1 60163 250 0 ●● Run a profitable, fulfilling business inspirational and entertaining book is PB £12.99CP  |  224pp  |  152 x 229  WHEN TALENT ISN’T ENOUGH provides the jam-packed with easy-to-follow steps thatPB £13.99 foundation that any writer, designer, you can use to transform your own career. of related interest:of related interest: illustrator or Web developer needs to create Alan couples his personal anecdotes with 30 Days To Online PR &401 Questions Every lasting success as an entrepreneur. scientific studies that are guaranteed to Marketing Success £11.99Entrepreneur Should increase your salary. They Don’t Teach CorporateAsk £12.99 In College £13.99Business Black Belt £13.99 Y in The Workplace £13.99Dream Big £14.99 How to Start a Phrases That Pay Business & Ignite 1,200 Phrases You Can Use to Sell Anything to Anyone Your Life robert w bly A Simple Guide to Combining Business When every marketer has access to the Wisdom with Passion same technology, only the words you use Ernesto Sirolli can increase the power of your advertising to convince people to buy. And the rise of Dr. Ernesto Sirolli is one of the world’s the Web has created an increased demand leading consultants and lecturers on the for people who can persuade others with topic of economic development. For over words. But there’s a lot of competition for thirty years, Ernesto has been teaching the consumer’s attention: the New York thousands of people around the world how Times reports that the average city dweller to successfully start a business based upon sees up to 5,000 ad messages per day. So their own personal interests. Now, in his whats the secret to persuading others in new book HOW TO START A BUSINESS &ISBN: 978 0 7570 0374 5 print or in person? It’s knowing the trigger ISBN: 978 1 60163 269 2 IGNITE YOUR LIFE, Ernesto Sirolli hasSO  |  176pp  |  152 x 229  words and phrases that motivate people, CP  |  288pp  |  152 x 230  written down his easy-to-follow formula forPB £14.99 command attention and persuade them to PB £14.99 success so that anyone with an idea for a buy your product or service – the magic business can pursue his or her dream. phrases that sell. of related interest: PHRASES THAT PAY is your guide to the 30 Days To Social Media 11 Secrets of Time world’s most persuasive words and phrases – words that can affect how the reader or Success £11.99 Cashvertising £12.99 Management for listener thinks, feels and acts. Salespeople Gain the Competitive Edge and Make Every Second Count 11th Anniversary Edition Dave KahlE The problems for salespeople are becoming even more acute, with smart phones and tablets creating a culture of instant communication. Salespeople need assistance in not being seduced by all the digital noise.ISBN: 978 1 60163 262 3 11 SECRETS OF TIME MANAGEMENTCP  |  256pp  |  133 x 210  FOR SALESPEOPLE provides powerful,PB £13.99 practical insights and ideas that really work, including hundreds of specific,of related interest: practical, effective time-management tipsHow To Win Any from dozens of salespeople who are on theArgument £13.99 front lines every day.Question Your Way To SalesSuccess £12.99Secrets of PowerNegotiating £14.9910
  10. 10. business & reference – business The Quick and The Winning Easy Performance Manager’s Appraisal Playbook Phrasebook 6 Practices Every Manager Needs to Succeed 3000+ Powerful Phrases for Successful Reviews, Appraisals, and Evaluations john cioffi and ken willing patrick alain THE WINNING MANAGERS PLAYBOOK gives business owners and managers what they Have you ever found yourself at a loss for so desperately need: a clear, focused, laser- words around appraisal time? Do you find sharp tactical manual of what they need to yourself searching for the tone that will know right now to make their organisation perfectly encapsulate exactly what you a success. need to say to each employee? If so, THE The authors’ presentation of their six QUICK AND EASY PERFORMANCE commonsense practices creates aISBN: 978 1 60163 267 8 APPRAISAL PHRASEBOOK is definitely for systematic framework useful to managers, ISBN: 978 1 60163 273 9CP  |  224pp  |  152 x 230  you! Whether you’re a seasoned manager entrepreneurs and executives alike, CP  |  256pp  |  152 x 229 PB £12.99 or just starting out, this is your go-to providing them with: PB £13.99 reference. Whether you need to jump-start ●● Clear, hard-hitting content that is easyof related interest: the review-writing process or are searching of related interest: to understandEssential Performance for phrases you can use verbatim, THE ●● Numerous actual company anecdotes Ask The Right Questions,Review Handbook £12.99 QUICK AND EASY PERFORMANCE that bring the concepts to life Hire The Best PeopleLeader Phrase Book APPRAISAL PHRASE BOOK features ●● The building blocks, neither faddish nor £12.99£12.99 ready-made wording for virtually every outdated, of a successful business Great Quotes From GreatManager’s Phrase situation. With this book, any manager will ●● A means of creating a company culture Leaders £7.99Book £12.99 be able to quickly and easily select the best of achievement and accountability Virtual Manager £13.99 phrasing for any appraisal – good or bad. ●● Detailed guidance on how to execute the key concepts,with a focus on goals reference Human-Animal Phonebooks Studies luca rosso A Bibliography Two superb high quality Phonebooks from Lo Scarabeo. Phone and address book with Margo DeMello special varnish and embossed cover effect. An exhaustive listing of books, journals, articles, films, conferences, college programmes, organisations and websites from the new and exciting discipline of Human-Animal Studies. This information was gathered by leading academics in the humanities, the social sciences and the Moon Phonebook natural sciences, and is the only reference ISBN: 978 886527160 5 of its kind. LS  |  192pp  |  99 x 146 This project was completed in conjunction PB01 ISBN: 978 1 59056 180 5 with the book Teaching the Animal. Hb £8.99 inc vatLTB  |  180pp  |  127 x 203 PB £16.99of related interest:Stories Rabbits Tell £21.00Teaching TheAnimal £43.00 Star Phonebook ISBN: 978 886527161 2 LS  |  192pp  |  99 x 146 PB02  Hb £8.99 inc vat 11
  11. 11. children’s Color Your Life No Room for Bullies with Crystals Lesson Plans for Grades 9-12 Teachers’ Guide Your First Guide to Crystals, Color and Chakras Kim Yeutter-Brammer, Margaret ann Lembo Susan Lamke, Jo Dillon and Matthew J. Minturn This book addresses young readers between 7 and 14 years of age. It is child-friendly and Find more than 30 engaging, classroom- accessible, featuring an index of vocabulary friendly lessons that tackle the problem of used in the book and a phonic pronunciation teen bullying. Each lesson addresses a alongside each of the crystal names. specific topic, from sexual innuendo and The book begins by introducing the cyberbullying to protective social skills young reader to some basics like positive and problem solving. Includes CD with thinking, the power of colours, picking the reproducible worksheets and social ISBN: 978 1 93449 042 6 right crystals and an introduction to skill handouts.ISBN: 978 1 84409 605 3 BT  |  112pp  |  216 x 279 gemology. From there the book is divided with free CD RomED  |  128pp  |  127 x 190 into seven sections, each standing for one62 col photos  PB £18.99 of the seven chakras.PB £7.99 Dreams No Room for Bullies Around Lesson Plans for Grades 5-8 the World Teachers’ Guide Kim Yeutter-Brammer, Takashi Owaki Susan Lamke, Jo Dillon and DREAMS AROUND THE WORLD introduces Matthew J. Minturn you to thirteen children between the ages of Every day in schools, acts of bullying take four and eight who share their dreams for place – a 10-year-old is shunned by other the future, as well as their day-to-day lives. girls during lunch, a 12-year-old boy fakes From Finland in the north to Argentina in being sick so he doesn’t have to deal with a the south, from Mexico in the west to China bully at school or a 13-year-old girl endures in the east, you will meet girls and boys who ridicule over a vicious rumour posted dream about becoming doctors, jockeys and online. Whether bullying happens even kung-fu masters… just like you. face-to-face or in the digital world, its Photographs, maps, flags and interestingISBN: 978 1 93554 811 9 effects are serious, harmful and in many facts about every place accompany each ISBN: 978 1 93449 033 4OPB  |  32pp  |  204 x 254 cases devastating to the victims. These child’s story, letting you participate in a BT  |  90pp  |  216 x 279full col throughout  lesson plans guide teachers in addressing cultural experience like no other. with free CD RomHB £14.99 skill deficits with the key players (bully, of related interest: victim and bystanders), examining the PB £18.99 Girls Who Looked Under Rocks £7.99 impacts of bullying and teaching methods of related interest: How We Know What We Know About Our for problem solving. Changing Climate £10.99 Bullyproof Your Child For An enclosed CD gives teachers Life £12.99 reproducible copies of handouts, worksheets No Room For Bullies £11.99 and skill posters to use in the classroom. No Room For Bullies CD £21.00 inc vat Friend Me! Be Like God 10 Awsome Steps to Fun and Friendship God’s To-Do List for Kids Laura J. Buddenberg and Dr Ron Wolfson Alesia K. Montgomery This inspirational guide for kids ages eight Kids are asked to consider these questions: to twelve is a marvel, showing them (and Do you want a best friend? Do you wish you their families) that it’s easy to become had more friends? Do you have friendships God’s partner on earth: figure out what God that just aren’t any fun? does in the Bible, then do it! Inside readers will find: God creates, blesses, rests, calls, ●● 10 easy-to-follow rules for making and comforts, cares, repairs, wrestles, gives keeping friends and forgives. For each of God’s ●● 10 friendship skills for getting along superpowers, Dr. Ron Wolfson gives kids with anyone stories and suggestions for what might be ●● Tips on being friendly (and kind) when on their own God’s to-do list – the many using social media, including texting ways they can use their superpowers toISBN: 978 1 93449 038 9 ●● Lots of silly and serious questions and make a difference inthe lives of others and ISBN: 978 1 58023 510 5BT  |  100pp  |  140 x 216  quizzes to help kids work out what type find meaning and purpose for their own. JL  |  144pp  |178 x 230 PB £8.99 of friends they want – and what type of of related interest: PB £13.99 friend they want to beof related interest: God’s To Do List £14.99 Everyone deserves true friendship! This How Does God Listen £7.99Good Friend £7.99 book will give kids the skills and the Spirituality of Welcoming £16.99What Is A Friend? £6.99 confidence to seek out new relationships, What You Will See Inside a put more fun in their friendships and be the Synagogue £7.99 kind of person others can happily call “my good friend.”12