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Quotes by Deepbaazigar - II


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Quotes by Deepbaazigar - II

  1. 1. Quotes byDeepbaazigar - II Deepak Doddamani
  2. 2. Quotes by Deepbaazigar - IICompilation of Quotes by Deepbaazigar Deepak Doddamani
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  4. 4. Quotes by Deepbaazigar - II PdF E-book was shared with friends & readers of Quotes by Deepbaazigar by the author. Here is what they have to say about the e-book. Some of the quotes are sharp observations that cut close to the bone, witticisms that encapsulates open to unadulterated truths driving home the pertinent facts. The quotes are written in easy toread lucid style.This e-book gives umpteen smart phrases making it a one session good reading. - Monika Singh (HR Manager, Blogger) Quotes by Deepbaazigar has an edge of truth of practical day to day life and this is the USP of the Book. - Pravin Suryavanshi (Self Emlpoyed, Marathi Writer) I dedicated this book to my all my friends and readers.
  5. 5. PrefaceDeepak Doddamani, B-401 Sindhu Garden CHS, Y.K.Nagar, Virar(W), Thane -401303, Maharashtra, India PREFACE Preface to the Quotes by Deepbaazigar - II After the overwhelming response to my first Pdf E-book Quotes by Deepbaazigar; I feel really glad to introduce you to Quotes by Deepbaazigar - II, the second Pdf book in the series. Quotes by Deepbaazigar posts series on my blog Deepak Doddamani ( is basically compilation of some of my tweets on Twitter and some of my status updates on Facebook. I started this series for the purpose of self-improvement & to share my thoughts in more effective manner. But after my readers gave tremendous response to my Quotes, I made Pdf version E-Book of my 125 quotes using In Quotes by Deepbaazigar - II you can read more quotes by me (Deepak Doddamani aka Deepbaazigar) on various topics viz. Politics, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Relationship, Life etc. The book contains motivating, thought-provoking quotes along with some funny humorous quotes.This time, I have avoided targeting any famous personality of India in this E-book.All the quotes are my personal opinions and does not have any indecent or unethical verbal content. Most of the quotes are in English language barring some exception where I have used Hinglish (Hindi + English together).
  6. 6. The sole purpose of writing this E-book is to convert all myquotes in documented form and compile them as Pdf Books.But in this process if any reader gets benefited by my thoughtprocess I will be really happy and uplift my soul on cloud nine.Most of the leadership and entrepreneurship quotes are basedon my personal experiences , while all the political quotes arepurely based on my observations. I have tried to motivatereaders to give back to society through some of my socialquotes. At the same time some quotes are full of sarcasm. I amsure you will enjoy reading this E-book.I am really thankful to my dear friend Ms. Monika Singh (HRProfessional) who kept encouraging me throughout the journeyof Quotes by Deepbaazigar series. She went a step ahead thistime and corrected my grammatical mistakes so as to makeE-book more effective and easy to understand. I am reallythankful to her. And like the first E-Book I completely dedicatethis second Pdf E-book to Ms. Monika Singh only.I also thank to for turning Blogger like me intoAuthor. I am really thankful to all the readers who madeQuotes by Deepbaazigar successful and I hope I will surelyimpress you in my second attempt too. Sincerely, - Deepbaazigar
  7. 7. (Deepak Doddamani) Author,Quotes by Deepbaazigar - II
  8. 8. ContentsQuotes by Deepbaazigar - II Pdf E-book 1
  9. 9. Quotes by Deepbaazigar - II Pdf E-book Quotes by Deepbaazigar - II1) When you call someone rebel, first understand the reasonsbehind it. Dont be in a hurry to rebuke without even diagnosing.2) If you have any sort of confusion; be calm, take a break, thinkcalmly on it and choose the right alternative with brain. But if youhave any ethical dilemma you must listen to your heart.Yourconscientiousness hardly allows any ethical lapse.3) Bad Phases exist only for Business People. For Entrepreneursthere are only Temporary Setbacks4) We are lucky enough to be born in a democratic country likeIndia & we must all respect our freedom of expression with greatresponsibility5) People with Mood Swings should never try to becomeEntrepreneur. They not only ruin their Organization but also the lifeof people who trust them. They are fit to work as employees where 1
  10. 10. employers set rules & restrictions on them6) Whatever goes up; comes down. But intra-day trader earns infalling market also, so nothing matters.7) Fame without Money is like a bulb without electricity, it can giveyou only hope but not the actual light.8) If you want to keep asking yourself Have I made it large?, firstlearn to make your own pegs, dont rely on the waiter.9) They say Politics is bad. But they always do Politics in real life;knowingly or unknowingly. Politics is a game played everywhere. Inhome, in school, in college, in offices...everywhere. No one isapolitical. No one.10) For any Government work, if patience is the key then Money isthe Master-key11) Bungee jumping without elastic cord, Skydiving withoutParachutes and Scuba diving without scuba sets: are examples ofsuicides and not risk appetites of people. Similarly Entrepreneurs 2
  11. 11. should understand the difference between suicide and risk. Theymust take risks but should not commit suicide.12) It clearly shows that like - for film-makers audiences are moreimportant than critics or fellow film makers; for writers - readers aremore important than reviewers or fellow writers.13) Job Offer letter without even appearing for interview is likegetting a girlfriend without any proposal.. both are scams.14) If you are rich; you need not prove it by wearing ironedunderwear.Remember, even the richest person on this earth has todie one day.15) I fear, Media will make Arjun Tendulkar; another RohanGavaskar. Its such a tough task to grow under shadows of bigtrees.16) To whichever Religion they belong to; extremists are Cancer ofSociety 3
  12. 12. 17) If Sachin Tendulkar is God of Cricket; then A R Rehman is Godof Music18) The right to freedom Article 19 in the great constitution of Indiaguarantees the Freedom of Speech and Expression to every Indian.But only Mahesh Bhatt and bloggers like me seem to use it to thefullest19) Social Activist Arvind Kejariwal became Politician; Never mindwhether its Baseball or Cricket you just have to hit the ball as hardas possible; time teaches you the rules anyhow ;)20) People KNOW that corruption eats their hard earned money;but they dont seem to be REALIZING it.21) Never do traditional businesses in traditional ways22) The process of Change starts once you start challenging thestatus-quo.You can change your life; if you are determined to do so! 4
  13. 13. 23) If you are not doing any sustainable business; you are justwasting your time.Its always better to take up a good job, if yourbusiness doesnt fulfill the criteria of sustainability.24) Its a sad reality that when OLD FRIENDS meet after a longtime; They are more interested in "What you aredoing now-days "Rather than "How are you?" and still they start theconversation with"How Are You?"25) If you are a pass out from among the premium institutes ofIndia, and you are doing anything less than entrepreneurship; youhave just wasted one most important seat.26) Laws are very complicated and if your lawyer doesnt explainthem to you in simple language then those law become rocketscience for you. But unfortunately all lawyers are expert infrightening the clients without any reason.27) In India you will be remembered as Social Entrepreneur onlyafter winning Ramon Magsaysay award. Thats such a difficultcriteria, right? 5
  14. 14. 28) If you start late from the home, the possibility of missing yourregular local train increases. We all lose control of many things inlife which we term as uncontrollable once they go beyond ourcontrol.... OK now..Control29) I am always genuine with genuine people and manipulated withmanipulated people. That implies that I am a Manipulated personwho has a genuine heart, Is my logic correct?30) One should promote his/her work and let his/her work promotehim/her.Because if you will do other way round you will be left allalone to praise your own work.31) When nothing is well and still you are singing All is well.... Youare definitely a Mumbaikar32) KYC documents are much more important than your marriagecertificate because if you lose KYC docs; you will lose your Identityand if you loose your Marriage certificate you will regain youridentity.33) If you are not street-smart, then you are a padha-likha anpadh 6
  15. 15. 34) We are all Social Animals, but the real success lies inbecoming Social human being35) If you are married with your first ever love; and if you haveprofession which was your first ever passion; and still if you are notsuccessful in both your personal & professional life; then you are achallenging case-study for God himself36) It will be interesting to find out how many PETA activists areactually really non-vegetarians and dont eat Meat or Chicken at all.37) When someone cuts your wings, And you are not able to flyanymore. You must thank that person for making you realizethat You are a human being and you mustnt have wings in firstplace.38) No; we are not mere puppets with the strings in the hands ofGod. We are all Kites in the sky, with threads in the almightyshands. He wants us all to fly, high up in the sky freely...But, we arethe ones who cut each others threads & push them on the ground. 7
  16. 16. 39) When any relationship fails completely, its always better toseparate with dignity rather than playing a blame game andregretting about it40) Without Investment even God rejects to bless now adays; Forget about the Business partnerships. So if you get suchchance; you must grab it..without wasting a single second41) When you are not in the market; you are out of business. Evenfor established brands one has to do Branding & Advertising42) A true leader is one; who finds out strength of even the weakestteam member of the organization and motivates him to perform bygiving an equal and fair opportunity43) Family is Family Family is not People44) "Goal" doesnt play games with you ! So follow it with wholeheart. Even if you fail to achieve it, you know who is to be blamed.45) If u are neither famous nor notoriously infamous; your quoteswill be shared as Anonymous without giving you any credit 8
  17. 17. 46) Thanks to psychopath serial killer Charles Manson who killedseven innocent people in 1969 and still convinced world that he is aScientologist; I dared to post my Quotes by Deepbaazigar onWikiquotes today.47) Sentiments of People is the most powerful tool of massmobilization that builds the nations across the world,but in IndiaPoliticians use it as weapon of mass-destruction48) Girls take stand for marriage not after falling in love; but aftermaking love in most of the love marriages49) Whenever Indo-Pak meets for PEACE talks; India meansPeace in land and Pakistan piece of land50) Not only Wikipedia but also the almighty God is only interestedin your ACTIVE years of life which you have devoted to the Societyin which you live51) When it comes to Resolution; I play both the roles; Killer aswell as Victim. 9
  18. 18. 52) Being Nice with everyone is just a part of behavior, Treatingwell everyone is part of the character; Good character improvesbehavior too53) Search their bank accounts you will see how poor theyare, Search their thoughts you will find how rich they are, Thats thebeauty of FIRST GENERATION Entrepreneurship54) I always felt; being King-Maker is much bigger achievementthan being a King .But perhaps its the most thank-less job.55) Insecure leaders are always afraid of upcoming leadership inthe Organization while true leaders nurture potential leaders.56) Success is all about setting new standards; reaching newmilestones and walking continuously towards newerdestinations. Only losers keep boasting on the same past successagain and again.57) The day Entrepreneurs start considering their Organizations astheir personal property ; they will actually start making keys for the 10
  19. 19. lock that will close the shutter of their office forever. No problem inattachment, beware of possessiveness.58) If you attack me from the front; I might forgive you sooner orlater. If you back-stab me; You should start counting your days59) Excitement towards a new beginning is the characteristic of animmature person. A Mature person gets charged up to accept theresponsibility ahead.60) Never waste your time in teaching someone a lesson; Learnyour lesson and move ahead ignoring them completely61) Being autocratic in nature I always prefer to speak, butwhenever I meet children I always love to listen.62) Whenever warriors become chocolate heroes they are no moreuseful for your troupe63) They are not capable enough; to settle problems of their ownhouse; so they keep throwing stones at neighbors windows; out ofjealousy 11
  20. 20. 64) Tell the politicians sitting in PARLIAMENTS (Sansad andMazlis-E-Shoora) of both the countries to fight war at BORDER andyou will never find India & Pakistan fight with each other again.65) For me as a Director; concept/script is the real hero, others arejust actors. I knew that only I can give justice to my script so Istarted direction.66) Productive Politics in workforce is always better thanunproductive peace, at least it keeps you on your toes.67) If you think you are not creative at all or doesnt have any artisticcapability. Dont feel bad. Try gardening, you will get the satisfactionof creativity as well as nourishment.68) A wise politician and a smart businessman both follow the samerule: Make rivals but not enemies69) Target completed after deadline is equivalent to shocktreatments after death, to check if any last hope of revival is there? 12
  21. 21. 70) Half-hearted attempts, careless attitude, useless excuses andweak will power, all these act as hurdles which will always keep youaway from achieving your target.Get rid of them first71) Im born to lead and I will lead till my death. I have lived like aleader & I will die like a leader72) Random thoughts scribbled on paper can sometimes help youtake right decisions in life. Try it73) Sometimes we need some external forces to reassure that whatwe are thinking is correct. Whatever is necessary - is correct74) I dont like to walk on cake. So I dont do anything which is aCake-walk75) Businessmen are labelled as capitalists but Entrepreneurs arepraised as creators. 13
  22. 22. 76) Poverty is curse only if its a Poverty of Thoughts. Beingfinancially/economically poor is not at all a crime.77) People always explain that they are not trying to give you anyexplanation because they dont like to give any explanation toanyone; including you.78) Its always important to run an Organization for some period,some months or may be a whole year before actually going for itsregistration. You must get convinced yourself first that you want todo it & you must also gain confidence that you can do it. Then onlyyou will have conviction in your voice whenever you motivate yourteam79) I have confidence; because I always keep on learning. The dayI will stop learning, I will be good for nothing80) When personal life & professional life both are well-balanced;mind always remains in a state of equilibrium81) I have a good sense of humor but mind you I am not a JOKER:) 14
  23. 23. 82) If you play; play to win; If you deal; deal for a Win-Win situation.83) Social Work, Social Activism and Social Entrepreneurship;these three terms are same only for uneducated people &padha-likha anpadhs (educated illiterates)84) If you wont get smart wife its completely OK.But you mustalways have a smart Chartered Accountant :-)85) When your sweet memories turns into painful past;Either yourheart is broken or something is missing in your heart86) Sharing your goals with everyone is really important as it helpsto increase your determination many-folds87) I believe; in life priorities keeps changing person to person &time to time and there is nothing wrong about it. What matters ishow committed you are towards them ? 15
  24. 24. 88) Less than life if you are keeping anything or everything atstake; you are still left with something with you which you can keepat stake when time demands.89) In India; Charisma & Popularity has always been rated higherthan Knowledge & Skills. King Makers always choose Popularleaders over knowledgeable leaders because popular leader canrise in revolt & take his supporters along with him90) Men wants women to read between the lines and Women wantsmen to read their MiNDS. Women expect tooooooooo much91) No matter what you are doing for your bread and butter; if youstop learning; you will end up doing routine work which in -turn willmake you just another surviving human being on this planet.Soalways keep learning.92) Karma becomes culprit only when you start behaving as if youare victim of fate93) sBig Talks can take you nowhere in life; but Big Dreams cansurely take you to somewhere 16
  25. 25. 94) My conviction is not a result of my confidence; Its just abyproduct of my intense determination95) Whenever people treat you like UNDERDOG; Give your100%; But AFTER you become Champion; Give 101%96) Apply COMMON SENSE and Basic Principles of Humanityfirst before actually applying any Human Resource Managementstrategies in your firm97) No one can understand your VISION, So never try to explainanyone about it beyond some limit. Just explain them their scope ofwork & responsibility. Most of the people are born to followTARGETS and not to enVISION98) Remember, we are all trustees of Trust called Earth whosemanaging trustee is God (Nature for atheist)99) Time wasted in doing nothing is equivalent to time wasted indoing wrong things; in both cases you regret. So better invest yourtime in smaller but good things.It will ultimately lead to a complete 17
  26. 26. meaningful life as a whole100) Why do people write so lengthy blog posts? If they dont wantreaders they should not write in first place. Thank you all for reading my QUOTES; Do give me your feedbackson 18