Deepayan som presentation 3 3-12


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Design future in ADITAC - improving the quality & service

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Deepayan som presentation 3 3-12

  1. 1. Design future in ADITAC - improving the quality & serviceBy Deepayan Som
  2. 2. What is design ?Thinking visuallyWhat we are thinking in our daily life we can express it Visually by designs
  3. 3. Inform, Influence & Inspire by thinking in picturesA picture is worth a thousand words is asaying/cliche that refers to the idea thatcomplex stories canbe described with just a single still image,orthat an imagemay be more influential than a substantialamount of text.
  4. 4. Steps toThinking visually1. Empathize: See the world as a child Observe Notice the little things that others miss Ask Ask questions, even silly Ones Explore Entertain your curiosity
  5. 5. Steps toThinking visually YOU2. Memorize: Commit thoughts to memory3. Analyze: Take a step back Your subject
  6. 6. Steps toThinking visually5. Visualize: See it, then do it
  7. 7. A checklist for thinking visually…The proper connection of vision & memory +
  8. 8. Design in aditacWe are creating design for retail interiors, exhibition, & display units.In the creation of these we are think both of thebeauty (aesthetically) & functionality (utility)
  9. 9. But in every project there is teamworkAny improper input from any team member can destroy the whole project.So share the proper & physical inputs to create a better design.Approximate or may be word should not acceptable
  10. 10. The Thought processWe all are professionals here.So the brief or inputs is very important part to develop a design•Understanding the client requirement.•Proper dimension.•Inputs (graphic, logo etc) INPUT DEVELOPMENT OUTPUTIf inputs are not enough to develop a designmore time is needed to gather that.
  11. 11. Design is reflection of thought to support the utilityWe should understand the requirement of clientDesign accordingly to thatSo the utility is first choiceA Relax mind can think beyond
  12. 12. Design is reflection of thought to support the utilitySo it is essential to certain time to develop it.We should understand the client & also make them understanding to us.Hurry , Urgency & other irrelevant workcan be harmful to development a new conceptA COMFORTABLE DEADLINEIS NEEDED FOR EVERY PROJECT
  13. 13. Design- Traditional & futurePresently the design is conventional & as per the clients requirements.But the trend is changing very rapidlyIn last few years the retail sagments growing rapidly& requirement is more advanced.
  14. 14. Futuristic DesignFuturistic design is relating to design, technology, new raw material, etc. That is thoughtlikely to be current or fashionable at some future time, that means ultramodern.Always the futuristic rejection of traditional forms, It influenced to coming generations.Some concepts or designs are so innovative or revolutionary, which are may be impracticalto produce. But after make the design we try to produce and we do.New material can be used on that. Like corian , ACP, Acrylic, SS, LED light etc.We can incorporate the Touch screen display, LCD technology & Dreamoc for an example.
  15. 15. As example of old/Traditional design & futuristic design on Phones
  16. 16. Service to clientMost clients prefer services that are as simple as possible.& This is in a short timeline with a quality.There are many company who can provide services.But to stand out from others we must be a differentSo the QUALITY is that to be.For that we need to improve all of us.
  17. 17. Quality Improvement•Need to check the required measurement properly•Think the design innovative & out of the box.•Follow the Measurement in design & detailing accurately.•In execution proper management & quality check needs to be improve.•Ultimate post production job need to more improve version.
  18. 18. Success in FutureWe should follow these thoughts to improve us for a great futureBut one thing we must understand thatHectic work or more work pressure & time can make more errorsSo we must avoid it& take a proper comfortable timelineA happy times is needed for everyone.For successful future.
  19. 19. Thank You