Business Plan - Project Appraisal


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Online Photo Printing - Analysis the Financial Advantages and break even of the business model

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Business Plan - Project Appraisal

  1. 1. Online printing Business Deepa
  2. 2. Objective – Providing Service of printing the photos and mailing the customers. Project Demands - Developing the best Information technology support , Shipping Arrangements and the Office Setup. Product : rs 4per copy minimum 40 print + Shipping Charges rs 40
  3. 3.
  4. 4. *To achieve all of the project goals and objectives while honoring the preconceived project constraints. *Scope – Printing at the minimum per copy cost Delivering it to your convenience . *Time – Setting up the Business model in 1 month. *Budget – 2.5 Lakh
  5. 5. Canon / HP / Espon Pic Digital Cameras Are used and in urban India’s people are not printing their photograph provide them the service at their convience has huge potential as per our secondary research conducted through google adwords With technological improvement This model of business is more viable Economy Is Growing No Objection from Government
  6. 6. HP – ink paper Courier – First Flight TKW Group Digital Frames Growing Urban PopulationPicscamp - ithasveer
  7. 7. *Secondary Research was Google Adwords *Since this is totally a IT Enabled Service – We have used the google keyword tool as a research tool to understand the behaviour of the tech savy users.
  8. 8.  Management of Projects  Ideation Stage  Market & Demand Analysis  Technical Analysis  Project Costing & Finance  Project Selection  Project Scheduling & Networking Techniques
  9. 9. Insurance Furniture Contract with Courier & Supplier Working capital is financed through our own source. Stationary – Labour – Advertisement – Rent Electricity . Working Capital Pre Operative Expenses
  10. 10. Plan means of finance based on Cost, Risk, Control, Flexibility
  11. 11. Assuming the cost increases for every quarter by 5% Assuming the Advertising Expenses are increased by 10% per quater Sales increases for every month by 2% The selling price is matching the competitive and profitable with the current inflation and costing . With these assumptions we have calculated the profitability projections.
  12. 12. * Increasing More Products & Packages *Greeting cards *Mugs *T-shirts *Cookery *Bedspreads *Curtains *Carpets * b2b model *Targeting the corporates for bulk order. *Website services