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Design Portfolio


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Published in: Design, Education, Technology
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Design Portfolio

  1. 1. Children with hearing impairment always from teachers as well. Their feedback helpedhave speech problems and difficulties in me to select best concept to work upon.constructing sentences and grammar.Keeping same level of interest is difficult for The project focuses on repetition andteachers while teaching. Parents don’t know encouragement to speak which will improvehow to train them at home and people in the their speech and language skills. ‘Chatakpat’,surrounding are unable to understand a game was designed to encourage 4 to 8what they say. year old hearing impaired children to speak. Guessing an answer and identifying letters isI thought of many interesting ideas and tested the game which can be played in the schoolsome of them with children and got feedback or one senior moderator at home. Contextual inquiry in the school
  2. 2. अ अा ई ऊ ए अोAlternative Concepts अं अ:
  3. 3. Execution of the FInal Concept Evaluation and Feedback
  4. 4. CROWD RUNNER 00:00 Redesigning Mumbai Railway LED display IndicatorMumbai sub-urban railway system is known as The project started with initial study of the railwayone of the most crowded public transportation indicators in Mumbai, other places in India, foreignsystem in Mumbai. It has one of the highest countries and study of users to understand howpassenger densities in any urban railway systems indicators communicate with commuters. Basedin the world. This system is referred as ‘Locals’ by on the findings, insights and problems, I decided tothe general populations. focus on improving the Devanagari font and visual display of indicator. The final design ‘CrowdRunner‘This project aims at re-designing Mumbai sub-urban would communicate very effectively and would let therailway indicators for effective communication with crowd take decisions to reach their destination withregular commuters as well as new travellers. People ease. The concept can be proposed to Mumbai sub-who travel in the train always have the problems of urban railway.missing trains, missing stations, bad Signage designswhich causes emotional distress and wastage of time.
  5. 5. SCRIPTOToy Design for Pre-school Children to teach Devanagari Scriptunder Prof. Anirudh Joshi at mansoon workshop HCI.Concept is done by me and other team members, andgraphic design and the modular font created by me.
  6. 6. In Marathi ‘Chakva‘ means to trick someone.This is two players game and goal your colour-balls inthe holes. Idea is to engage children with the game andimprove their concentration. This game is full of fun andspectators also can enjoy.
  7. 7. A film poster design: Taare Zameen Par
  8. 8. A book design ofMY COLOURFUL DREAMThis is not a printed book. It is made of hand cut-outs of colourful papers. This book is about a dreamwhich I had in my childhood