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  1. 1. =
  2. 2. OverviewPremise: – A fully integrated, real-time automated data collection solution: • Is essential for multi-site implementations • Yields a very high benefit levelEvidence: – GKN Driveline and Eagle Consulting and Development will use GKN’s US implementation to demonstrate their strategic approach to multi-site implementation and how that approach yielded specific benefits
  3. 3. High-Level Goals and BenefitsGKN wished to: – Build a sophisticated, inter-related network of sites that could transfer materials and components 24 hours a day – Track each transfer, in real time, as the sites “feed” one another – Use offsite warehouse facilities to monitor the movement of material into the manufacturing sites – Meet the stringent requirements of Honda and other high-profile automakers, including Just-In-Time product delivery.
  4. 4. The Multi-Site / Multinational RolloutUnique challenges and requirements – Maintain seamless connection between sites – Transfer materials between sites efficiently – Establish and maintain high levels of visibility into the network of sites – Address differences in local equipment, process and people – Meet varying end-customer requirements
  5. 5. About GKNCompany background – World’s leading producer of automotive driveline components – A global tier-one supplier – 21,000 people at 49 locations in 31 countries. Power Transfer Unit GKN Drivelines PTUs are compact, lightweight, have excellent NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) characteristics. This makes them a popular choice in a large range of applications. Copyright GKN plc
  6. 6. About GKNAn industry leader – Closely involved with many key milestones in automotive history. A recent example: • Jan 2006 announcement: Vehicle makers plan to introduce breakthrough technology from GKN Driveline that provides lighter driveshaft components, improved fuel economy and better overall vehicle performance… including reduction in driveline noise, vibration and harshness. • This has been described as the first major change in constant-velocity-joint (CVJ) technology in more than 70 years • GKN Driveline currently produces more than 95 million CVJs per year
  7. 7. GKN’s Requirements External – Meet automaker requirements (e.g., Honda) – Meet end customer requirements • GM, Ford, Honda and others Internal – Replace existing automated data collection system and see significant improvements – Increase the number of transactions captured in real time – Reduce the number of disconnected systems
  8. 8. GKN’s Expected Gains Achieve savings – Eliminate waste Increase productivity – Gain access to more accurate reporting Improve accuracy – Reduce human intervention – Establish consistent process across sites Copyright GKN plc Leverage QAD MFG/PRO capabilities
  9. 9. Why chooseEagle’s solution:RF Express™ for MFG/PRO
  10. 10. Technical considerationsRF Express for MFG/PRO: – Provides a seamless, plug-and-play integration with QAD MFG/PRO – Is an online, real-time, PROGRESS-based automated data collection and bar coding solution – Enables all Eagle customers to enjoy the benefits of simplified data entry, portable terminals, barcode scanning/labeling, as well as integrated scale weight transactions and the ability to print portable bar code labels – Makes it possible to configure functionality on a site-specific basis
  11. 11. Technical considerations (continued)RF Express for MFG/PRO: – Does not require any side databases or separate server platform • multi-site implementations do not require a separate server for each physical site – Operates in Linux, Windows and UNIX environments – Supports both Progress and Oracle databases – Calls QAD MFG/PRO edit and update routines to provide real-time data checking with enhanced functionality
  12. 12. Technical considerations (continued)RF Express for MFG/PRO: – Supports a wide array of devices, including: • RF handheld networks – IEEE 802.11BG Direct Sequence – Fixed shop floor stations with laser scanners • RFID tags • Fixed RF printers • Portable RF printers Copyright GKN plc • Scales • Thermal transfer printers • Bumpy bar codes
  13. 13. Cost considerationsLess hardware and software are required because RF Express for MFG/PRO uses the existing database and existing serverReduced database/server ongoing maintenanceSimplified database control: QAD MFG/PRO and RF Express for MFG/PRO work together
  14. 14. Industry Acceptance and Usage Eagle has provided solutions to the QAD MFG/PRO community since 1992 Eagle’s solution is currently installed at 800 customers and over 3,000 sites worldwide Eagle is used only by QAD MFG/PRO customers, so all installations are also QAD MFG/PRO installations Eagle’s customer list includes Fortune 500 companies worldwide in every industry served by QAD Eagle’s status as a Honda-approved solution provider, as well as its experience with FDA compliance issues, enables Eagle to add value in addressing industry- specific requirements
  15. 15. Customer SatisfactionEagle consistently achieves Excellent customer ratings not only on its product, but on its responsiveness, support and serviceFor specific customer comments, visit Eagle’s booth for a copy of What Our Customers Say
  16. 16. Key Process Points – RF Express for MFG/PRO
  17. 17. Scope and Project Plan Initial onsite analysis July 2004 – Primary implementation site identified – Site-specific requirements identified – Initial software pilot environment setup completed Training/piloting activities Sept 2004-Feb 2005 per GKN timeline – Honda EDI/label testing – Test 50+ other ship-scenarios – GKN brought key representatives from each site to the “training house”
  18. 18. Timelines: GKN’s and Eagle’sGo Live February 2005---All sites – Key support from the primary site
  19. 19. ImplementationNuts and BoltsRF Express for MFG/PRO
  20. 20. Eagle User RequirementsKeep the transactions simpleMaintain Pallet/Container Reference numberCapture transactions in real time
  21. 21. Eagle TransactionsInventory Management ModuleAdvanced RepetitiveEnhanced ShippingWarehouse Management
  22. 22. Inventory Management ModulePO ReceiptPallet MoveComponent scrap
  23. 23. Advanced Repetitive ModuleKanban Backflush with Container Label CreateBackflush with Multiple Container Label Create
  24. 24. Enhanced Shipping ModuleLoad Truck – With automatic additional container item addVerify Load
  25. 25. Warehouse Management ModulePallet Distribution Order ShipPallet Distribution Order Receipt
  26. 26. Eagle Transactions Linking the Sites Alamance Siteproduces a component to be Roxboro Siteused in Roxboro using backflush places an intersite request viatransaction QAD MFG/PROfulfills the request using the receives the product via PalletPallet Distribution Order Ship Distribution Order Receipttransaction transaction moves the components to the work center location via Pallet Move/Unlink
  27. 27. HardwareMaintain existing Intermec Trakker Antares handheld terminals & RF backboneMaintain existing Intermec printersMaintain “rolling” portable Intermec printers
  28. 28. Implementation and SynergyEffective use of pilot scenarios – Pilot scenarios represented real-world activities – Users caught on very quickly – Users were able to articulate the site-specific requirements – GKN used RF Express for MFG/PRO extensively to deliver training between Eagle visitsMultiple pilots lead to a smooth go-live
  29. 29. Usage Between PlantsIntroduced in transaction section – Distribution ordersCritical to GKN business – Uses Kanban system to drive interplant requisitions – Requisitions are fulfilled using Pallet Distribution Order Ship Transaction – Product is received 24 hours/day using Pallet Distribution Order Receipt TransactionProvides best input to MRP
  30. 30. Lessons LearnedMulti-site simultaneous go-live was critical to successTraining must be thorough at all sitesSystem stress test was very importantAround-the-clock support quickly addressed issues – System experts were available to the users
  31. 31. Global RolloutPrevious sites – AsiaThis implementation – North AmericaFuture (now!) – Europe – South America
  32. 32. Contact InformationJohn Malvaso Jim MiceliIS/IT Manager for Business Applications Senior Project ManagerGKN Driveline North America (DNA). Eagle Consulting and Development6400 Durham Road 135 Kinnelon Road, Suite 204Timberlake, NC 27583 USA Kinnelon, NJ 07405+1.336.364.6449 +1.973.838.5006+1.248.364.7681 (fax) +1.973.492.2758 (fax) RF Express™ for MFG/PRO is a trademark of Eagle Consulting and Development. “QAD” is a registered trademark of QAD Inc. All other products or Company names herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.