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Integrated Marketing Communication of Mahabharat


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Integrated Marketing Communication of Star Plus Mahabharat. It will give you an insight of IMC with example of Greatest Epic :)

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Integrated Marketing Communication of Mahabharat

  1. 1. INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATION OF MAHABHARAT Deepak R. Gupta - Asst. Professor (NET / SET) APMP (Marketing) - IIM Calcutta MBA (Marketing) - Welingkars M. Com (Management) - Mumbai University BMS (Management) - Bhavans College ACMM,ACBM – Welingkars Facebook:
  2. 2. INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS (IMC) •Is a communications process for planning, creation, integration, and implementation of diverse forms of communication to a brand’s targeted customers and prospects •Has as its goal influencing or affecting behavior of targeted audience •Considers all touch points a customer/ prospect has with the brand as potential delivery channels for messages •Requires that all of a brand’s communication media deliver a consistent message •Has customer/prospect as its starting point for determining types of messages and media to inform, persuade, and induce action Facebook:
  3. 3. INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATION  Integrated marketing communications is the integration by the company of its communication channels to deliver a clear, consistent, and compelling message about the organization and its brands  The specific mix of advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, and public relations a company uses to pursue its advertising and marketing objectives. Facebook:
  4. 4. INTRODUCTION TO MAHABHARAT • Mahabharat is a drama TV series on Star Plus based on Indian legendary epic of the same name Mahabharat. The story of the throne of Hastinapura, the kingdom ruled by the Kuru clan. The two collateral branches of the family that participate in the struggle of the throne of Hastinapura are the Kaurava and the Pandava. Facebook:
  5. 5. DIGITAL MEDIA - YOU TUBE Facebook:
  6. 6. DIGITAL MEDIA - MSN Facebook:
  7. 7. DIGITAL – LIFE OK CHANNEL Facebook:
  8. 8. DIGITAL MEDIA - MSN Facebook:
  9. 9. OOH - HOARDINGS Facebook:
  10. 10. OOH CAMPAIGN Facebook:
  11. 11. OOH - HOARDINGS Facebook:
  12. 12. 3D HOARDING The second hoarding is a 17 feet tall Draupadi standing with her eyes closed, praying to Lord Krishna, depicting the famous "Vastraharan" scene. A satin saree comes down all the way from the billboard above, showing the protector Lord Krishna blessing her and saving her modesty. Advertiser: Star India Pvt Ltd Advert title(s): Hoarding OOH Agency: DDB MudraMax, India Facebook:
  13. 13. 3D HOARDING The hoarding portrays a 22 feet tall Arjun kneeling down and looking into the water pot in front of him to take a shot at the rotating fish above his head during Draupadi's Swayamvar. At its peak, the sculpture protrudes six feet out of the billboard, while a large 3D golden fish rotates overhead. The billboard has a huge backlit Star Plus logo on the top right corner. Facebook:
  14. 14. MOBILE HOARDING Facebook:
  15. 15. 3D PRINT ADS Facebook:
  16. 16. PRINT ADS Facebook:
  17. 17. 3D ADS Facebook:
  18. 18. MOBILE APP Facebook:
  19. 19. MOBILE GAME Facebook:
  20. 20. RADIO • On radio, Star Plus is running spots across radio channels. It has tied up with Radio Mirchi for a show called 'Vicharon Ki Mahabharat' wherein the RJs are initiating provocative discussions about the characters of the epic and their behaviour. • Through a 'stationality change', the Mahabharat title track has been integrated with the jingle of Radio Mirchi. Facebook:
  21. 21. CINEMA • On cinema, the channel has tied up with about 350 screens across the country and has been promoting Mahabharat for the past two weekends. • The promotion was live for two weeks. Facebook:
  22. 22. SPONSOR • For the record, on the sponsors front, while Fortune and Ghari Detergent are the presenting and powered by sponsors respectively, the other brands that have come on board as associate sponsors are – – – – – – – Super Vasmol 33 Kesh Kala, Marvel Tea, Vinod Intelligent Cookware, Cycle Agarbatti, Lux Inferno, Syska LED Lights, Siyaram's and Eyetex Dazzler. Facebook:
  23. 23. SUMMARY • A fiction show (especially a mythological show) is being promoted at this scale. • As per industry estimates, the channel must have spent Rs 12-15 crore in promoting Mahabharat. • The leading Hindi general entertainment channel has broken all boundaries with its innovative "larger than life" marketing campaign. • Apart from high value spots on television, the campaign uses innovations across media such as print, digital, outdoor and onground that have been acknowledged and appreciated. Facebook:
  24. 24. SOURCE • e_121320098921793.png • • Facebook:
  25. 25. THANKS A TON FOR GOING THROUGH IT !!! Deepak R. Gupta - Asst. Professor (NET / SET) APMP (Marketing) - IIM Calcutta MBA (Marketing) - Welingkars M. Com (Management) - Mumbai University BMS (Management) - Bhavans College ACMM,ACBM – Welingkars Facebook: