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Placment News November09


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Placment News November09

  1. 1. Placement News – Nov’09
  2. 2. REQUIREMENT INFLOW 87 Total Num of requirements 3 CRM 1 XI 1 EP 8 ABAP 4 BASIS 1 PS 6 PP 18 MM 11 SD 8 HR 1 CO 25 FI No of requirements inflow for the month of Nov, 09
  3. 3. <ul><li>LIST OF COMPANIES MODULE WISE </li></ul>
  4. 4. Companies for FI Keane International Zensar Intelligroup Zafco High Noon Corp Yash Technologies Hexaware Wipro Technologies HCL AXON Visa Steel Genmills Thomson Reuters Emergys Software Private Limited The Hackett Group. Dexler SAPTHA Capgemini- Mumbai S2 Infotech Bosch Quinnox Consultancy Services ATOS Origin Polaris Software Lab Limited AG Technologies MGL Chennai Accenture SAP FI
  5. 5. Companies for HR Gigahertz-ng Capgemini- Mumbai HCL AXON Visa Steel Patni Computers LGS Global ltd Zensar Hexaware SAP HR
  6. 6. Companies for SD Visa Steel ST Microelectronics S2 Infotech Patni Computers Keane International Intelligroup High Noon Corp Genmills Emergys Software Private Limited BPTP Limited AG Technologies SAP SD
  7. 7. Companies for MM Zensar Zafco Visa Steel Talent Capital of India ST Microelectronics S2 Infotech Polaris Software Lab Limited Keane International Intelligroup High Noon Corp Emergys Software Private Limited Dexler CMC Ltd. Capgemini- Mumbai BPTP Limited Asteria Tech-Chennai AG Technologies SAP MM
  8. 8. Companies for PP Mahindra Hero Cycle Keane International Zensar Emergys Software Private Limited High Noon Corp SAP PP
  9. 9. Companies for ABAP ST Microelectronics Prospecta Keane International Intelligroup Enteg Emergys Software Private Limited Capgemini BPTP Limited SAP ABAP
  10. 10. Companies for BASIS LGS Global ltd Keane International Emergys Software Private Limited Capgemini- Mumbai SAP BASIS
  11. 11. Companies for CO_PS_XI_PI_EP CMC Ltd Capgemini & CMC Ltd BPTP Limited Wipro Technologies SAP EP SAP XI_PI SAP PS SAP CO
  12. 12. <ul><li>PLACEMENTS FOR THE MONTH OF NOV’09 </li></ul>
  13. 13. Asst. Consultant Capgemini SD Consultant Maersk Global Service Centres (India) Pvt. Ltd (2 Candidates) SD Consultant Wipro Technologies (2 Candidates) SD Consultant Wipro PS Asst. Consultant Wipro PP NA Offerred with IBM & TCS MM Asst Manager System - IT KRBL MM Consultant Wipro (2 Candidates) MM Sr.Consultant IBM MM Asst. Consultant Capgemini HR Asst. Consultant Wipro Technologies (2 Candidates) HR Asst. Consultant Capgemini, Hyderabad FICO NA Zafco, Dubai FI FICO Consultant Infinite FI Associate Consultant ATOS Origin (2 Candidates) FI IT Associate Functional Trainee Fijitsu, Pune (2 Candidates) FI FI Consultant Dexler Information Systems Ltd FI Consultant PwC FI Associate Consultant Wipro Technologies (3 Candidates) FI Trainee Offerred with Intelligroup ABAP Associate Consultant Keane International through High Noon Corp (2 Candidates) ABAP Designation Hiring Company Name Module Placements for the month of November’09