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  1. 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYThis project report is a review based on theory as well as the industry outlook of performanceappraisal system of the organization.The report starts with the Introduction and Literature Review of performance appraisal systemthat outlines its history, definitions, purposes, types, process, methods, appraiser, parameters ofevaluation and the essentials of an effective appraisal system.Further the performance appraisal system of Jindal Brothers, collected throughvarious primary and secondary sources have been included in the report which gives a fair ideaof the kind of appraisal system being followed across various corporates.Last, the conclusions and references have been mentioned.OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY To identify the technique of Performance Appraisal followed in Jindal Brothers Pvt. Ltd. To study how the employees are rated against these parameters To identify how the performance of the employees is improved and enhanced To provide suggestions & recommendations to improve their Performance AppraisalFINDINGS• Include supervisors and managers responsible for conducting performance appraisals and theexecutive to whom they report.• Meeting should be led by experienced facilitator, such as organization’s head of HR, internalHR person trained as a facilitator or an external consultant• Core of the meeting:• Discussion of each employee’s performance rating and the supervisor’s reasons for that rating.• Start with the outliers (extreme lows or highs)• ID high performers and why• Should be done before all performance ratings and compensation decisions are finalized.
  2. 2. Recommendations 1. To improve attendance there should be rewards for those employees who attains above 95% attendance. 2. There should be training sessions to improve team building. 3. There should be proper training for appraisal to the employees. 4. In the beginning of the year employee must know the performance standards on which his/her performance will be judged in end of year. 5. More stress relieving packages should be offered to the mentally stressed staff. 6. Overtime should be taken care of at time of performance appraisal, which would motivate the employees to perform better for longer hours. 7. Performance appraisal should after at proper span of time . 8. Performance appraisal should be done by expert person.LEARNING1. Function of HR department in a manufacturing firm.2. Solving hurdles in the process of appraisal3. Steel manufacturing process.4. Manpower required for the company.5. Solving employees’ problems.6. Organizational structureCONCLUSION Finding job responsibilities of employees is easy but making of KRA’s is quite challenging. Performance appraisal is a vehicle to validate and refine organizational actions (e.g. selection, training); Performance appraisal provides feedback to employees with an eye on improving future performance. Performance of almost all employees is good.
  3. 3. Environment of the company is very good.