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Have we crossed the chasm


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In this talk, I try to provide a perspective on weather or not we have crossed the Chasm with Agile transformation. Based on a few surveys, I explore the current state of agile adoption across the industry and try to predict the kind of coaching/transformation needs that might come up in the near future.

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Have we crossed the chasm

  1. 1. Have we crossed the chasm DEEPAK GURURAJA AGILE COACH @ SOLUTIONSIQ
  2. 2. About Me…  Agile Coach with 12 + Years of Experience  Coach by Choice  Foodie  Love to travel  Have worked in a variety of industries – from inbound call centres to Server hardware  Create Experiential learning sessions  CSM / CSP / CSPO / KMP / ICP / ACC / CLP / SA
  3. 3. Crossing the Chasm
  4. 4. Adoption Lifecycle Time  AdoptionRate
  5. 5. Breaking the Chasm
  6. 6. What we will intend to learn today  Where we are on the On the curve of Agile Adoption  What are some of the early trends  Based on these trends, what does the future look like  What skills should we acquire, for us to be future ready Would this be worth your time?
  7. 7. Agile Transformation
  8. 8. Agile Transformation
  9. 9. For Some, its a leap of faith
  10. 10.  As a group Discuss –  With respect to the agile adoption curve across the industry, where do we stand  Innovators  Early Adopters  Early Majority  Late Majority  Laggards  Why do you think so? Where are we with Agility?
  11. 11. Where are we with Agility?
  12. 12. Lets look at the general adoption trend Time  • E Commerce • R&D • Innovators • Cutting Edge • Startup • Services • Large Sized Org • Legacy • Cautious • Banking • Finance • Healthcare • Defence • Insurance
  13. 13. Bulk of transformation needs  Banking  Insurance  Finance  … What does this trend tell you about where we are on agile transformation?
  14. 14. Surveys and trends  Version One State of Agile Survey  Ambysoft survey Have you seen awareness in people
  15. 15. What these tell us  We have crossed the Chasm  Awareness of Agility is more  We have more CSM’s and PSM’s than ever before  There is one Agile meetup happening every week in Bangalore
  16. 16. Oh.. Wait a minute  If we have crossed the Chasm… it means  We are here  So the need for agile coaching will start to go down???
  17. 17. I just decided to become an Agile Coach
  18. 18. But Wait…..  Career survey says that the top skill to have is  Agile  Devops  Scrum Top 10 Technology Skills in Demand for 2016 for-2016.html
  19. 19. Where are you going with this???
  20. 20. So here are my thoughts….  Agile adoption has largely picked in the last decade  More companies are Agile today  Market and competitors are pushing agility  Agile consulting is a huge industry today  But, where do we see ourselves in the near future?
  21. 21. A closer look at these survey
  22. 22. What practices have you adopted
  23. 23. Some Obvious missing items  Continuous Integration  Dedicated Product Owner  Single Team ( No Separate Dev and Test Teams )  Coding standards  Continuous Deployment  Collective Code Ownership  Pair Programming  TDD/BDD
  24. 24. From Ambysoft Survey
  25. 25. What’s the pattern you see  Though we have crossed the Chasm,  Our adoption is only at a practices level  Very little in-principle adoption  Teams are still struggling with going beyond the ceremonies
  26. 26. Top Reasons for failure of Agile Projects
  27. 27. Let’s take a poll  Based on your experience, what are some of the areas of challenge during the process of transformation
  28. 28. Based on my experience  Major Chunk of challenges revolve around  Cultural transformation  Scaling  Handling distributed teams  Leadership Agility  Sustaining Agile Culture  Code Agility So, what do you think are the areas where coaching needs would come up next?
  29. 29. What new coaching skills should you acquire?
  30. 30. How about the idea of a T or a Pi Shaped Skillset for a Coach Coaching Skills Facilitation Skills Agile Coaching Framework Knowledge Scaling Disciplines Leadership Coaching Leadership Agility Technical Coaching Personal Coaching Agile Gaming
  31. 31. Connect @DeepakGururaja deepaktgururaja Deepak_Gururaja Deepak Gururaja