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Deepak crm vodafone

  1. 1. NCRD Sterling Institute of Management Studies A CRM REPORT ON vodafone submiited to prof. Iftiqar Mistry submitted by Deepak R Gorad
  2. 2. I. Introduction – Vodafone a. Company Profile b. Vodafone in India c. Market Shares in India II. Gartner’s Eight Building Blocks a. CRM Vision b. CRM Strategy c. Valued Customer Experiences d. Collaborative Efforts e. CRM Process f. CRM Information g. CRM Technology h. CRM Metrics AGENDA III. Benefits to Vodafone from CRM IV. Issues Faced in CRM Implementation a. Program b. People c. Processes d. Technology V. Best CRM Practices in the Industry
  3. 3. I. INTRODUCTION Name VODAFONE comes from “Voice”, “Data” & “Phone” Largest telecom company in the world (turnover) 2nd largest telecom company in the world (subscriber base) after China Mobile Public limited company Operations in 31 countries & partner networks in another 40 countries Listed on NYSE Founded : 1983 as RACAL TELECOM, Demerged from Racal Electronics (parent company) in 1991 and named VODAFONE HQ : Newbury, England Employees : ~ 79,000 Source : WIKINVEST COMPANY PROFILE
  4. 4. 2005 : Acquired a 10 % stake in Bharti Airtel 2007 : Acquired a controlling 67 % stake in Hutchinson Essar for US $ 11.1 bn. Sold back 5.6% of its Airtel stake back to the Mittals & retained 4.4% In September, Hutch was rebranded to Vodafone in India. Source : WIKINVEST Vodafone UK Vodafone Essar Vodafone Australia Vodafone Ireland Vodafone New Zealand Vodafone Egypt Vodafone Italy Vodafone Spain Vodafone Portugal Vodafone Turkey Vodafone Germany Vodafone Netherlands Vodafone Hungary Vodafone Sweden Important Subsidiaries : VODAFONE IN INDIA
  5. 5. Airtel 24% Vodafone 18% BSNL / MTNL 13% Tata 9% Idea 11% Aircel 5% Reliance 19% Others 1% MARKET SHARE IN INDIA Source : TRAI Report JUN’09
  6. 6. VODAFONE’S OFFERINGS Enterprise Central Telecom Management Global Device Portfolio Managed Mobility Services Mobile Money Transfer Vodafone Live Vodafone Mobile Connect Vodafone Connect to Friends Vodafone Passport Vodafone Freedom Packs Vodafone At Home Vodafone Media Systems Source : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1211109
  7. 7. 1st Block CRM Vision 2nd Block CRM Strategy 3rd Block Valued Customer Experience 4th Block Collaborative Efforts 5th Block CRM Process 6th Block CRM Information 7th Block CRM Technology 8th Block CRM Metrics II. GARTNER’S MODEL
  8. 8. Snapshot
  9. 9. (i) CRM VISION CUSTOMERS FOR LIFE ! To earn our customers' loyalty, we will anticipate their needs and act to create superior value in their eyes. We want to be known for Consistency Reliability Flexibility Responsiveness Innovative Services We will make this happen in an enriching environment of trust, cooperation and mutual respect.
  10. 10. VODAFONE’S CRM PHILOSOPHY Involving Customers as Co-innovators
  12. 12. Enriching Service Experience
  14. 14. (iii) VALUED CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Vodafone has taken advantage of strong presence of Hutch Essar in Metros. It has LEADERSHIP IN CONTRACT SEGMENT. It has STRONG CUSTOMER FOCUS Mass market PREPAID FOCUS : e.g. low value 10/- sachet recharge. Innovative Value Added Services : Easy e-recharge E-recharge using SMS Premium SMS Ringback Tones International Voice & Data Roaming
  15. 15. Vodafone plans to bring ULTRA LOW COST handsets to India. Introduced VODAFONE LIVE! In India. Introduced BALANCE TRANSFER for the first time. Introduced UNIQUE OFFERS FOR MULTINATIONAL CORPORATE ACCOUNTS. Introduced SINGLE BILLING SYSTEM in 2007. Comprehensive approach across call centers, retail, internet & automated systems. Industry leading PROCESS IMPROVEMENT based on extensive customer research.
  16. 16. (iv) COLLABORATIVE EFFORTS The program was built on 4 major pillars : Strategy I T Culture ProcessCOLLABORATIVE EFFORTS
  17. 17. Vodafone’s ability to chart out an average life cycle allows it to market different services. It prospects aggressively through advertizing. 2nd stage combines provisioning and verification. Vodafone activates a customers account and makes a first rating of the customer based on the application. Vodafone’s well planned welcome process includes a call informing clients of the Vodafone help line & various value added services. At the end of this stage their first bill is generated. (v) CRM PROCESS The first collection marks the start of up-selling and cross selling. Analytical module steps in, CRM has to make every attempt count since clients can only be approached only a fixed number of times. This stage may see a client wishing to leave. To keep churn down , Vodafone uses retention policies and loyalty processes to bring clients back to the fold. Many clients are won back.
  18. 18. (vi) CRM INFORMATION Custom analytics provide meaningful insight for personalized customer communications & interactions. Now, VODAFONE can:  Identify customers’ value segments  Understand customer needs and preferences  Create targeted marketing & sales campaigns for specific customer segments  Monitor customer responses  Apply experience to future campaigns  Steer customers’ buying behavior
  19. 19. (vii) CRM TECHNOLOGY
  20. 20. (vi) CRM METRICS 1. Cases closed same day. 2. Number of cases handled by agent. 3. Number of service calls. 4. Average time for resolution. 5. Average number of service calls per day. 6. Percentage of service renewals. 7. Customer satisfaction level. (CLTV) 8. Complaint time-to-resolution. 9. Average number of service requests by type. 10. Percentage compliance with service-level agreement (SLA). 11. Revenue coming from Commercial Partners. 12. Complaints handling (e-mail/letter). 13. Brand image. 14. Customer Categorization.
  21. 21. Monitoring how customers interact using various modules of CRM. Visibility of business transactions across India. Monitor Service Level Agreements. Maintenance and modification of CRM system. Inconsistent data flow sometimes. Change Management. Aligning CRM to Vodafone’s vision and growth objectives. Finding the right CRM managers in India. ISSUES FACED POST IMPLEMENTATION
  22. 22. THANK YOU