Sample- Affiliate Marketing- Campus Ambassadors


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Sample Affiliate Marketing - Campus Ambassador, A presentation ( Plan of action and implementation) that gives an insight of Campus Ambassadors/ Affiliate network and how to launch such programs in Indian Subcontinent.- Based on case.

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Sample- Affiliate Marketing- Campus Ambassadors

  1. 1. Campus Ambassadors Program
  2. 2. A PRESENTATION ON YOUR ROLE Connect to us on:
  3. 3. • BiotechNaukri Campus Ambassador are the growing leaders who can take charges of things. You are the upcoming faces of the biotech industry because you are already in the race of leading professionals with us . Who are Campus Ambassadors Of
  4. 4. Benefits✓ 4 3 2 1 A separate web presence: Profile+ Web Page + Email Access to top biotech job’s, Internships & HR interactions through our customized panels Opportunity to represent your college or campus in top Biotechnaukri ambassadors meet Rewards an recognition for getting batch mates & others on board on 5 Privileged access to Biotech communities, forums, events databases and industry reports
  5. 5. Extra Mile Also! • You will get a chance to meet the top professionals from the biotech industry . • Every sixth month you will get a chance to win the Most popular Ambassador award • Being in the ambassador network you will get the chance to interact with other ambassadors too • You will be coming in the lead of being a upcoming professional
  6. 6. We have picked people with leadership quality. We been preferring those student who have been a active part of there colleges student clubs /placement committee and those students who have managed to balance their academic performance along with their extra-curricular activities For Campus Ambassadors Selection Criteria
  7. 7. Role of Campus Ambassadors As a campus ambassadors your primary role is to spread awareness about the numerous trainings, scholarships and later on jobs . Encourage your batch mates to get registered on so that they get that all updated information through our portal
  8. 8. BiotechNaukri popularity meter Every person you invite who join will add points to your popularity meter ,everyone that person invites also add points to you popularity and it will help you to earn merchandise and goodies that will be sent to you via currier. Your accumulate point for : Points Per Invitations Sent 5 Per Invitations Accepted 6 Per Individual with projects & internships 7 Per Individual uploaded mark sheets 15 Per Individuals: with Video CV 7 Per Individual: with profile photo 20 Verified account(email-ID) 30 Verified phone no’s 35
  9. 9. Spread Awareness in your Campus As campus ambassador you will have privileged access to Biotech Industry surveys, reports and database. Contacts with HR’s of Industry through our channels Recruitment drives, placements, walk-ins
  10. 10. Where do I start? You are Campus Ambassador & can use this for your correspondence Firstly, Complete your profile details on the site & Update all your details like projects, internship etc. Next, Invite your batch mates to Join BIOTECHNAUKRI.COM. (You can do this by using the “Invite Friends” widget on the site, when you login) Since we will run this as a monthly contest, please invite your batch mates .
  11. 11. Merchandise
  12. 12. How we will help • We are communicating with companies to bring more jobs to your campus through our dedicated team. • We help you get Internship’s in desired field before placements through our HR network, consultancies, Agencies and Biotech companies registered with us • You get to communicate with HR’s of companies through us and get guidance to prepare for interviews and aptitude tests. • Events, seminars, forums, blogs, for your identity development • Deserving candidate gets Job after graduation!
  13. 13. Now Sketch Your Plans to Be the Leader
  14. 14. Go Ahead and get the rewards Start it be a successful Campus Ambassador
  15. 15. Discuss with your batch mates the numerous opportunities available with us and bring them onboard Biotechnaukri:  Internships  Recruitment drives, placements, walk- ins  Scholarships & Fellowships  Share Biotech Industry surveys, reports and database. What is the wait for?
  16. 16. THANK YOU!