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Eclipse Demo Camp Bangalore 2009 - JSDT


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Published in: Technology
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Eclipse Demo Camp Bangalore 2009 - JSDT

  1. 1. Eclipse Demo CampJavaScript Development Toolkit (JSDT) Deepak Azad
  2. 2. Eclipse Demo CampAgenda What is JSDT ? How to get it? Pain points in JavaScript development JSDT features2
  3. 3. Eclipse Demo CampHow to get it? As part of Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers (since Eclipse 3.4) By adding ‘Web tools platform’ to plain Eclipse Also part of Rational Application Developer (RAD)3
  4. 4. Eclipse Demo Camp4
  5. 5. Eclipse Demo Camp5
  6. 6. Eclipse Demo Camp6
  7. 7. Eclipse Demo CampPain Points in JavaScript Development Text editor, firebug and browser refresh were the best tools available Minimal content assist Minimal static validation No refactoring support No source code navigation support7
  8. 8. Eclipse Demo CampJSDT Library mechanism Library mechanism to manage common objects, variables, and types in a project JSDT library : prototyped object/class definitions and JSDoc Prepackaged libraries User defined libraries8
  9. 9. Eclipse Demo Camp9
  10. 10. Eclipse Demo Camp10
  11. 11. Eclipse Demo CampFeatures Content assistance Script validation and error detection Quick fix Refactoring Same-word highlighting Source code navigation11
  12. 12. Eclipse Demo Camp12
  13. 13. Eclipse Demo Camp13
  14. 14. Eclipse Demo Camp14
  15. 15. Eclipse Demo Camp15
  16. 16. Eclipse Demo Camp16
  17. 17. Eclipse Demo Camp17
  18. 18. Eclipse Demo Camp18
  19. 19. Eclipse Demo CampLinks jsdt/
  20. 20. Eclipse Demo Camp Thank You20