REPOSITIONING STRATEGY - The classic case of Our Native village, Eco resort


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REPOSITIONING STRATEGY - The classic case of Our Native village, Eco resort

  1. 1. Accurance Case Study
  2. 2. Summary of the case
  3. 3. 100% Eco Resort “5 pillars of sustainability” Energy Water Waste Management Architecture Food chain **SKAL Global award for Sustainability 2011
  4. 4. Village experience holiday Bullock cart driving licence Rustic Romance
  5. 5. Office package for corporate Ayurvedic Spa Therapies Farm fresh organic food
  6. 6. A Village Experience A perfect place to reconnect with the nature Games like gilli danda, kite flying, lagori, spinning a top, firing a catapult, cycle tyre racing, swimming, pottery etc.
  7. 7. Compassionate Food •Free of all animal proteins •Organic food •Whole food (no refined products at all) • A zero oil cooking •No compromise on the taste •Spices and masalas are made in house
  8. 8. Compassionate Food-Food for sick people •Lot of criticism from the leisure customers •Preference of customers for white rice over whole rice •Guests not ready to accept health related issues
  9. 9. Edible Landscaping •Land is utilized for growing food rather than ornamental plants •Handpick vegetables from garden for meal •Farm fresh chemical free •organic vegetables and fruits
  10. 10. Walk with New Trends
  11. 11. Problem Identification
  12. 12. How effective would be the idea of bringing back the concept of “Compassionate food” in the current scenario?
  13. 13. Research Objective
  14. 14. Research methodology • Exploratory researchType of Research: • Primary dataType of Data: • Interview, Online surveyData Collection Instrument: • Focus group, in depth interviewData Collection Method:
  15. 15. Research methodology • Corporate Personnel , students, parents Sampling Unit: • 94 ( 55+24+15 )Sampling Size: • Simple random Sampling Sampling Type
  16. 16. Survey questionnaire, Observations &Findings
  17. 17. 41 14 Male Female 19 24 13 9 Age 25-35 35-45 45-55 55 and above Information about respondents 12 25 18 Occupaition Self employed Private Organisation Govt Organisation
  18. 18. Awareness among the respondents about eco-friendly Resort 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 Yes No Female Male
  19. 19. 20 4 22 9 Medium Print Media Television Internet Family/friends Medium of awareness
  20. 20. 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 Luxurious Resort eco-friendly resort Female Male Preference of respondents to resorts
  21. 21. Preference of respondents to the kind of food in resort 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 Healthy cuisine in a resort regular cusine( Indian,Chinese,Italian) Female Male
  22. 22. Is healthy food meant for sick people?? 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 Yes No Female Male
  23. 23. Will you like to take family to experience different healthy lifestyle from monotonous city life ? 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 Yes No Female Male
  24. 24. Gbo41JN-Zq_8CBn3wsc/viewform
  25. 25. Common observations from Focus group(students) and in depth interview(family members) • Gym routine is difficult because of time issues • Once in a while being in a stress relieving environment is good for body, mind and soul • Eco friendly resorts if it has a good word of mouth, I would like to try. • I would like to try healthy food atleast in one of the meals if it is served well • Im unaware of the nutritional facts and goodness that vegetables, fruits bring to human • When I m with my family, I want the family members to have healthy food for their wellness • If healthy food taste is manageable, I would switch from gym instantly • During pregnancy stage, I want only healthy food and more of a stress free environment
  26. 26. Suggestions on Segmentation, Targeting, positioning
  27. 27. Psychographic Segmentation •Clear focus on attitudes, interests and opinions (AIO) and lifestyles •Younger generation is status and principle oriented with emphasis being laid on healthy food. Segmentation by benefits The market is divided into corporate employees, youngsters and family members
  28. 28. Targeting Strategy •Targets the younger generation aiming at nutrition consciousness •Corporate employees who have a stressful life •Family ‘empty nest 1 and 2’ and ‘full nest 1 and full nest 2’ • Pregnant women
  29. 29. Positioning Strategy •A totally different “experience” where leisure meets nature by fulfilling body, mind and soul- -- Experience marketing •“Health retreat” instead of “Compassionate food” --- Brand Repositioning •Reconnect with your loved ones over a delicious, healthy meal.
  30. 30. Recommendations
  31. 31. 1. Repositioning
  32. 32. We are adding an icon “Health retreat” in the menu along with the dishes offered currently. Thus customers have the option of choosing what they wish.
  33. 33. Complete luxurious HEALTH Retreat •Take help of nutritionist and chefs to come up with the healthy and tastier menu •Simple, Elegant and Nice presentation of food
  34. 34. •“Healthy and Heavenly” weekend Buffet Lunch or Dinner Complete luxurious HEALTH Retreat
  35. 35. •State the calories of each dish in the menu (like McDonalds and Starbucks) •Provide information to the guests about the richness of food in terms of nutrition Complete luxurious HEALTH Retreat
  36. 36. •Name every plant grown in the farm •Engage guests in the edible landscaping •Learning to cook with whole grains at Health Retreat Edible Landscaping
  37. 37. 2. Solution format for advertisements
  39. 39. 3. Corporate image management
  40. 40. Free Health Awareness camps Personalised Blogs Consistent Social Cross Promotions – STIMULATE WOM
  41. 41. Therefore I travel India blog. And much more
  42. 42. 4. Marketing Communications
  43. 43. Message Execution (Hyperbole, emotional, action inducing) Executional framework Slice of life & Dramatization Appeals- Rational &emotional Billboards Signals, airport, Pondicherry & Goa TV- late fringe slots Magazines (Last Page)
  44. 44. Interior Designing focussing on “ SMILE”
  45. 45. 5. Gamification
  46. 46. GAME 1: •The customer picks any vegetable and says the colour he wants to see in final dish.
  47. 47. GAME 2: Guess the ingredients in the food served. If customer wins the game, he earns a Membership star.
  48. 48. 6.Medical Tourism
  49. 49. 3 new packages 1. Corporate HEALTH RETREAT 2. Tie up with Major DIABETIC Clinics 3. Package for Women for Pre and Post pregnancy
  50. 50. "Think of it as a centre where people would go for a day, a weekend or a week for healthy lifestyle education while having a good stay.“ •Offering yoga classes •Lifestyle consultations •Meditation classes
  51. 51. 6.Other Recommendations
  52. 52. •Guerrila marketing – Hot air balloons in IPL matches in bangalore •Add kids play zone along with carrom, chess, table tennis
  53. 53. Experience heaven on earth... Introducing “Tag line” to Our native village ( Helps in brand recall, brand building)
  54. 54. Conclusion
  55. 55. Solution for Q1 : Repositioning •Yes we are bringing back the concept of compassionate food but we are repositioning it as ‘Health Retreat’ •We are adding an Icon Health Retreat in the existing menu •By gamification, recommended marketing communication, Corporate image management and Medical Tourism, this repositioning idea has all the potential to attract the target customers and add great value to the motto “Sustainable living of Our Native Village.”
  56. 56. Solution for Q2 : •Everyone in the world wants to be healthy. Its not that 8 out of 10 guests are health unconscious, its that they have not been in a natural environment so far to explore how healthy appetite is. •Through our Health Retreat Packages, integrated marketing communications and gamification where we involve the guests to participate & give them a wholesome experience. •Through our survey we have found that corporate employees and families are health conscious but due to artificial environment, they could not think much abour health.
  57. 57. Solution for Q3 : Effective Inventory Management •Provide transparency significant cost •Base Cycle Stocks on Economics: •Reduce Order Transaction Costs: •Lower Inventory Holding Costs: •Base Safety Stocks on Customer Service: •Forecast Routine Demand Statistically: •Rationalize SKUs •Minimize Purchase Minimums: Use Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) and Vendor Stocking Programs (VSP) •Maintain Accurate Inventory Balances •Exploit Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP):
  58. 58. •No, ditching the idea is such an easy decision to make. But being an eco-friendly resort, the association with nature gets totally fulfilled only when ‘food’, the most integral part of living, is also natural. •When we can build a scenario where the guests engage in trying healthy food in one of their meals through our recommendations in the previous slides, 5 years down the line, Health Retreat would become an important USP of our native village. Solution for Q4 :