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Editing, Proofreading, Manuscriptedit, Reseapro, Medical writing, Rewriting, Indexing, Camera Ready Formatting, Translation, Language Pairs, Target Journal Selection, Response to Reviewers,Publication support services

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Company Profile And Services Overview

  1. 1. ManuscripteditYour online partner for scientific & Englishediting, proofreading, writing/ rewritingand publication support services
  2. 2. Who are we ? Online service portal of Reseapro Scientific Services Pvt. Ltd.1 Providing online editing & proofreading services2 Incorporated in Feb 2009; Companies Act 19563 This is office located in Go ahead and replace it Head an example text. Bhubaneswar, India Top Scientists, doctors & IT experts with about 20 years4 experience in Board of Directors5 350 Expert subject editors & native English editors6 Large client-base in over 60 countries7 VeriSign trusted company with secured interface Your Logo
  3. 3. Our Clients  Individual researchers, doctors, students  Publishing houses  Pharmaceutical companies  Healthcare industries  Universities  Research Groups/institutes  Other corporations Your Logo
  4. 4. Recent visitors
  5. 5. Partial Client List  Columbia University Elsevier, Italy  Jinju National University Jinju Gyeongnam, South Korea State University of Montes Claros-Unimontes, Brazil  University of Miyazaki, Japan Nan Hua University, Taiwan  Cheongju University, South Korea Tanta University, Tanta, Egypt  Dow AgroSciences LLC, USA Universiti Sains Malaysia, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia  National Cancer Centre Singapore, Singapore King Fahad Hospital of the University, Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia  Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz, Piracicaba, Brazil University of Saarland, Saarbruecken, Germany  Sejong University, Seoul, Republic of Korea Boston College, Brookline, USA  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA Zagazig university, Zagazig, Egypt  Gunja-Dong Gwangjin-Gu , Seoul, South Korea Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China  Universiti Utara Malaysia, Sintok, Keda, Malaysia Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Lisbon, Portugal  Mudra Institute of Communications Ahmedabad, India Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan  University of Évora, Évora, Portugal Osmania university, Hyderabad, India  Amsterdam Noord Holland, The Netherlands Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea  Chiang Mai University, Thailand Kyushu National Agricultural Research Center, Koshi, Japan  Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi, India Silla University, Busan, South Korea  Gyeongsang National University, South Korea PGIMER, Chandigarh, India  Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran St. johns university, Jamaica estate, USA  University of New South Wales, Australia Centre of grace assembly, Abuja, Nigeria  Tokyo University, japan University of London, London, UK
  6. 6. Services Service offerings Substantive Editing Medical Writing Target Journal Journal Selection Formatting Poster Design & Proofreading Camera ready Creation Medical Re-Writing Journal Submission FormattingAll subjects All subjects Editing research Research Proposals/ Proposals Equation Building Response to Grant Application Design & Reviewers Writing Development of Full translation Typesetting Medical Promotional Business Proposal & Editorial Support to & materials Writing Indexing Journal Publishers Scientific editing Formatting Design and Publication Editing Services Writing Services Services Development Support Group of in-house and online editors
  7. 7. Scientific Editing & English proofreading  Research papers  Medical papers  Thesis/ dissertations  Research proposals  Grant applications  Term papers  Student essaysCovers all Subject fields of scienceengineering, medical, academic,  Resumesocial sciences, art, history, culture  Personal statements  Promotional sales brochures  Poster design
  8. 8. Medical writing & Editing  Abstract  Slide kit / Power Point  Literature Review Presentation  Scientific research  Press releases papers & journal  Feature articles articles  Cover letter for  Thesis/ dissertation journals  Case study  Clinical study reports/  Clinical study reports/ documentation documentation  Product packaging  Medical Protocol  Newsletter  Product inserts  Brochures  Monograph  Posters  Continuing medical education (CME)  Business Proposals  Grant applications  Promotional /sales materials
  9. 9. PricesType of service Turnaround time, days Price per page (i.e. 275 words), US$Editing ServicesSubstantive editing 1 - 10 13 - 22Proofreading 1 - 10 7 - 13Full translation & Scientific Editing 15 - 30 30 - 40Editing Research Proposals/ Grant applications 3 - 30 15 - 35Formatting ServicesCamera-ready formatting 3 - 15 7 -10Target journal formatting 1 - 15 6 - 10Typesetting & Indexing Quotation based Quotation basedPublication Support ServicesJournal Selection * 3-5 220 – 300 *Journal submission* 2 220*Response to reviewers* 3 250*Editorial Support to Journal Publishers 10 2000Writing ServicesMedical writing 15 - 30 150 - 180Medical re-writing 15 - 30 150 – 180Research Proposals/ Grant Application Writing 15 - 30 150 – 180Business Proposal Writing 15 - 30 150 – 180Design & DevelopmentPoster design & creation * 3 - 10 500 – 1200 *Designing & development of medical 3 - 15 120 - 180promotional materials* For single assignment ** For detail prices visit
  10. 10. Editing Process3 –stages to guarantee highest quality Expert English Chief subject language Editor editor editor
  11. 11. Work-flow
  12. 12. Manuscript SubmissionFile Formats 1 Text formats Microsoft Word, This is an example text. Go ahead and replace it Rich Text format PDF LaTex 2 Figure formats Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Microsoft PowerPoint PDF Your Logo
  13. 13. Editing example: Delivered as Track changed manuscript
  14. 14. Unique selling point (USP) Security Competitive ServiceHighest Time priceQuality boundFREE Sample Editing
  15. 15. Editors & medical writers  350 Expert subject editors & native English editors.  In-house and online contractual editors from top universities.  Masters, PhD and post-doctoral level editors.  Highly experienced and published in peer reviewed journals.  Familiar with APA, MLA, AMA style writing.  Some of them are peer reviewers and Editors of international journals.  Members of professional societies: American Medical Writers Association (AMWA), European Medical Writers Association (EMWA), Council of science editors (CSE)
  16. 16. Editor recruitment & trainingIn-house & online editors Recruitment  3 step screening process  Rate of candidate selection is less than 5% Training  APA and MLA style writing  English language training  Editing tools  Regulatory guidelines
  17. 17. Robust online interfaces
  18. 18. Robust online interfaces
  19. 19. Editing Services Substantive editing Full Translation & Scientific Proofreading Editing Editing Research proposal
  20. 20. Substantive Editing The substantive editing service at involves:  thorough and comprehensive revision of the manuscript content and incorporation of substantive changes to the text.  checking the manuscripts English language for spelling, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation.  rephrasing & revising sentence structure, improving word choice.  adjusting the writing style to make it consistent and logical and conform to a chosen standard.  improving the organization and quality of communication.  triple-checks to improve the clarity and logic of presentation, and most importantly ensure that the intent of the author is presented correctly.  eliminating repetitions, to ensure continuity and logical presentation of the authors thoughts and making overall improvement of the manuscript.  fact checking to verify simple and obvious statement of facts about their accuracy.
  21. 21. Proofreading The proofreading service at involves:  reading the manuscript thoroughly & picking up all types of errors present therein,  making appropriate corrections of the errors,  reviewing the manuscript for appropriate capitalization and punctuation,  checking the manuscript for consistent use of abbreviations,  checking the manuscript for correct documentation of references.  Focusing on checking typing mistakes, missing words, punctuation, capitalization and so forth by proofreaders.  checking the manuscript with regard to its layout such as headlines, paragraphs, and illustrations for their correct dimensions and placement, type, etc.
  22. 22. Editing research proposals The outline of a proposal should:  be strong, comprehensive and communicated in a coherent, concise and focused manner.  present specific details, i.e. what the research will focus on, what objectives and goals will be accomplished etc.  present the methods with which the objectives will be realized.  Our expert editors will keep the above points in mind while editing or proofreading your research proposals/ grant applications. The detail of this service at includes the following:  ensure that your proposal complies with the guidelines and formats of the funding agency as far as possible; but such guidelines should be made available to us.  edit your research proposal for errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation, check for correct choices of words and phrases.  remove superfluous words and repetitions, re-organize to improve coherency.  check for clear description and rationale of the experimental methods.  point out obvious scientific discrepancies, and review the tables, figures and legends.
  23. 23. Full Translation & Scientific Editing The salient features of our translation service are as follows:  translation done by native speakers with good English knowledge  translation using the right terminology, tone and style for your need.  we ensure to deliver the translated manuscript on time  we ensure that the final manuscript in English prepared through this service retains the original content of the document in native language while providing a polished and eloquent presentation that reads as if written by a native English speaker.  we have more than 350+ editors and 1000+ translators working for us.
  24. 24. Formatting Services Camera-ready Target journal formatting formatting Equation Typesetting & Building Indexing
  25. 25. Camera-ready formatting Our camera-ready formatting service includes the following:  prepare designated layout and formatting style.  arrange texts, paragraphs and figures within a specified margin and position.  ensure that the manuscript is ready for direct printing by the publisher.  if available, use the desired word template for the working document.
  26. 26. Target journal formatting The target journal formatting service at includes the following:  format the full manuscript in accordance with the authors guidelines of the journal.  ensure the desired line spacing and margin of the journal.  arrange texts, paragraphs and figures within a specified margin and position.  if available, use the word template of the journal for the working document to ensure correct formatting according to the journal standard.
  27. 27. Equation Building  Create mathematical notation for word processing, web pages, desktop publishing, presentations, elearning, and for TeX, LaTeX, and MathML documents.  Tools used: MathType, GrindEQ Math
  28. 28. Typesetting & Indexing Typesetting is an important part of preparing a manuscript for the market. Our professional typesetting service involves enhancing the quality and value of our clients manuscripts by:  reformatting the text and images into the required style.  arranging the text, tables and figures on the predefined specifications of page sizes  preparing a fully formatted manuscript for direct printing. Indexing is generally designed to help readers find their way around a document quickly and easily. This is made by preparing a route map for a document. The indexing service at Manuscriptedit covers manuscripts such research papers, books, website, or database. Our indexers will make a systematic list of all the entities for an easy navigation within the manuscript
  29. 29. Publication Support Services Journal Journal Response to Selection Submission Reviewers Editorial Support to Journal Publishers
  30. 30. Journal Selection Selects the most appropriate journal on the basis of :  Scope of journal  Impact factor  Target readership  Duration of review process  Visibility of the journal  Cost of publication
  31. 31. Journal Submission Process of submitting the manuscript to journals:  Check whether the language is publication-ready  Check if the paper is formatted according to journal guidelines  Create author account on the journal website  Complete the entire journal submission form and submit the manuscript  Provide all details clearly  Monitor progress of submission  Correspond with journal editor
  32. 32. Response to reviewers Following details will be performed:  Interpret the reviewer’s comments,  Make desired revision of the response written by the author  Check the response for correct tone, and perform English editing  Edit the cover letter to be submitted with the response  Clearly communicate and make point-wise response to reviewer’s queries
  33. 33. Editorial support to journal publishers acts as an intermediary between authors and the journal publisher. We do the following work for the journal publisher:  Obtain all accepted manuscripts from the journal publisher.  Complete formatting and typesetting of texts, tables and figures conforming to the journal standard.  Directly communicate with the authors and obtain best quality figures if necessary.  Carry our iterative editing until the manuscript is publication- ready.  Prepare galley proof of the document and communicate with authors for proofreading.  Return the "corrected proof" to the journal publisher.
  34. 34. Publication Support Packages
  35. 35. Benefits of using our PublicationSupport packages  Professional touch: You focus your time and energy on research; we will handle your publication steps with a professional touch.  End-to-end package: Depending on the package chosen, we will help you in each step of the publication process starting from editing and polishing your manuscripts English, journal formatting, journal selection, and the cumbersome submission process as well as ensure that you have addressed all the journal reviewers comments in your response.  Experienced and published editors: Your manuscript will be handled by editors with experience in peer- reviewing and publishing in international journals.  Subject expert comments and suggestions: For Premium and Advanced packages, our subject expert editors will provide comments and suggestions to improve the quality of your manuscripts communication and organization.  Fast and reliable service: You can rely on us with regard to delivering our services to you on time.  Post-delivery assistance: We continue to engage with you and provide support in every stage after delivering our services to you.
  36. 36. THANK YOU