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First day at school


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first day at school for tiny tots

Published in: Education
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First day at school

  1. 1. Tagging Tag everything belonging to your child, for e.g.  Collar of the T-shirt of students (Std. Pre Nur to Prep) Bag  Tiffin Box Books & Copies;  Pencil bag  Shoes.  Apron  Napkin  Mat  Water Bottle  Belt
  2. 2. Almanac Filling up of the almanac is mandatory. Please fill up all the details in the almanac carefully. Provide your phone numbers as well as alternative numbers in the almanac. Please keep the school’s phone number saved with yourselves.
  3. 3. Please furnish all the details on page Nos. 1, 2, 13 & 55 of the almanac, with photograph in Proper School Uniform and send the same with your ward. If your ward is suffering from any chronic medical disorder, please submit the reports of the same to the school office.
  4. 4. Check your child’s almanac everyday for homework and other details. Check your child’s UT marks, attendance and uniform pages daily. Check the school to parents section everyday.
  5. 5. Bus ID Card Fill your child’s Bus ID card properly/ neatly (in CAPITAL Letters only). Kindly note that children will not be allowed to board the bus without Bus ID card for their safety. Your child should wear his/her bus ID card everyday.
  6. 6. Bus details It is important to be in your specified bus stop 5 minutes before the allotted time. The bus will not wait if you are late.
  7. 7. Child will be carried back to the school in case parents are not there at the bus stop. Nos. of Transport Incharge / Bus Driver should be kept handy in case of any queries. Kindly call on the school phone during the working hours i.e. from 8 am to 5 pm.
  8. 8. Parent Teacher Meeting It is very important for you to attend the P.T.M/OPEN DAY to discuss the progress of your child. P.T.M is a medium of discussion between you and the teachers. Never miss a P.T.M. We consider slow learner as well as above average students performance
  9. 9. CLASSROOM INSTRUCTIONS Checking bag everyday. Extra work should not be done(in the school copies and books). Cover books and copies again if it tears off or gets scratched. Work upon hand writing and formation of letters No absence during UT. Only hanging bottles are permissible.
  10. 10. THANK YOU.