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soal mid bahasa inggris kelas 7 K13


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soal mid bahasa inggris kelas 7 K13

  1. 1. ENGLISH MID SEMESTER SEVENTH GRADE OF JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL AND RECOMMENDED TO USE DICTIONARY NAME : CLASS : Multiple Choice (1-15) 1. Asep : Hello, I am Asep Inda : Oh, Hi, I am Inda. How are you? Asep :…………..? a. Fine, thank you c. Nice to meet you b. Good night. d. I’m quite alright IDENTITY CARD Full Name Date of birth Address School Hobby High Weight Favorite : Artist Food Drink Color Sarah Aulia 25th December 1996 Jl. Mawar No.13 SMP 12 Bogor swimming 150 cm 40 kg Olga Saputra Noodle Apple juice Blue
  2. 2. 2. How old is Sarah now?.......year old. a. 20 b. 19 c. 17 d. 18 3. How tall is she? a. One hundred and fifty centimetres b. One hundred and forty four centimetres c. One hundred and four centimetres d. One hundred and fifty four centimetres 4. What is Sarah’s favourite drink? a. Lemon juice. c. Avocado Juice b. Tea d. Apple Juice 5. A: What does the students do in every Monday morning? B: They…….flag ceremony. a. Does c. Did b. Have d. Has 6. Andra : Hani, This…..Randi Hani : Hi, Randi a. Are b. is c. does d. did 7. Justin Bieber has…………………hair a. A short and brown b. A long and brown c. A curly and blackd. d. A wave and black
  3. 3. This is Mr. Johan’s house. It is big, clean and comfortable. There is a garden in front of the house. There are some plants and flowers in the garden. There are some rooms in their house. They are a large living room, a dining room, two bathroom, a kitchen, three bedrooms and a garage. There are carpet and sofa in the living room, a picture and a clock on the wall. The television is near of the bookcase and the fan is in the corner. The bathroom has a shower and there are a gas stove and a refrigerator in the kitchen. 8. What is the text talk about? a. Mr. Johan’s garden. b. Mr. Johan’s house. c. Mr. Johan ‘s room. d. Mr. Johan’s kitchen. 9. What are in the garden? a. Two bathrooms. b. Plants and flowers. c. A kitchen and a garage. d. A living room and a dining room. 10. Where is the carpet and sofa? a. At the corner. b. In the kitchen. c. In the living room. d. In the dining room. 11. This is Mr. Johan’s house. The synonym of the underlined words is……… a. Garden b. Home c. Bathroom d. bedroom 12. The seventh month of the year is… a. July b. February c. March d. April
  4. 4. 13. Teacher: The blackboard is dirty. Please……………………………………! Anita : of course ma’am a. Go to the blackboard b. Clean the blackboard c. Touch the blackboard d. Show the blackboard 14. A: How do you say the time? B: It is almost afternoon….it is? a. Two thirty p.m. b. Eleven to five a.m. c. Five to twelve p.m. d. One quarter past one. 15. Today is Monday. Yesterday is Sunday. What day is two day after this day? a. Tuesday. b. Wednesday. c. Thursday. d. Friday.