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  • Thank you for seeing us off at the airport
  • The place we had been…
  • I visited a lot of elementary schools in Missouri because my profession is about education and electronic learning. The elementary schools in US are very different from Taiwan. The elementary schools in US are no rings in the school and teacher can choose what he wants to teach by himself! It’s very free and happy for learning.
  • I also visited  middle school. It is the school Joyce work in. It also different Taiwan. The middle and high school in US is like the university in Taiwan. Teachers have their own classroom and students need to go to different classroom every class. But in Taiwan, students have their own classroom, It’s opposite! And from elementary to high school, students have the nap time(Approximately 1 hour) after lunch because their school time is from 7:30 am to 17:00 !
  • The  digital learning in some schools are doing very good! It’s amazing to me!
  • This is a special elementary school in Lee’s summit. The building was a horse Arena. So there are many horse’s stuff in that school.
  • This is a cool university name park university. Park University is the 2nd biggest university in US which uses the distant learning(E-learning). You can graduate from the school only use e-learning even never go to the school!!
  • Left one is my first host family-Norman & Margie. I taught them how to write calligraphy.
  • Left one is my second host family-Steve & Joyce. They have a cute dog-Mickey, she ate all the dessert in my bag , haha~~ Right and top one is my 3rd host family-James & Karen. They came from Germany, they introduced many things about Germany to me. Right and down one is my 7 th host family- Therese’s  niece.
  • I also taught my host families making Taiwanese tea. Right and down one is my 6th host family-Merle & Linda.
  • We also have many party in the month. We taught them paper art and sang Taiwan songs in the party.
  • We also taught them how to use chopsticks.
  • We spent Easter day with each host family. My 1 st host family taught me painting on the egg.
  • We had many special experience, such as horse back riding, playing golf, shooting and getting in the school bus! I love the school bus in US because the school bus in Taiwan is not so cute like this. The school bus in Taiwan just like normal bus.
  • We had been invited to cook Taiwan food in the party. We cooked lots of cuisine in that day!
  • My host families all are very nice to me! The pictures are my 2 nd and 3 rd host families .
  • This is my 4 th host family-Bruce, Licha and her sister Jennie. They have their own restaurant-Alaska house. So I spent most time in their kitchen. It was very fun!!
  • This is my 5 th host family-Bob & Judy. They have 2 long legs dogs, so cute! Haha~ Because this family host Wendy and me, so we two cooked some Taiwan food for them.(coke chicken win, tea egg and pearl milk tea).
  • This 5 th host family is volunteer in YMCA, they go to YMCA and play with disability kid every week, so we went together. The cute boy name Drennan, we had a great time with him.
  • This is my 7 th host family-Therese and her sister’s family. She has 2 cute cats! I also had good time with her niece.
  • This is my 8 th host family-Phil, Viv and their daughter Sarah. Sarah is a cute and sweet girl! She also can play Clarinet like me.^^
  • The building in Chillicothe is very beautiful because there are great painting on the wall. Some host family took us to special restaurants, such as hooters and sky restaurant.
  • We 5 have lots of luggage… Thanks everyone to help us transport our luggage! The mail box also very cute in US. You can’t send your mail from your own mailbox in Taiwan, you need go to the post office. Our mailbox is like the photo at left down .
  • We visited TOM who is 6040GSE leader and Donna who is inbound Coordinator ’s house. Their toilet is so cool! We saw their scrapbooks. It’s amazing to us because there are no scrapbook in Taiwan.
  • We have lots of presentation in the month. Taiwan has 4 big festivals. We introduced every festival respective in the meeting. Kay introduced lunar new year. I introduced Lantern festival. Wendy introduced Dragon festival. Karol introduced Mid-Autumn festival. And we introduced everything about Taiwan together in district conference.
  • This is District conference. We met other district’s GSE .   One is from Korea, another is from Denmark.
  • We met Ray many times in the month! It’s so lucky!!
  • This is John’s farm. It’s so big!! We have great time in here. He even let us driving his big truck.
  • We went to lots of farms in Missouri The scenery all very beautiful.
  • There are many special museum in Missouri such as The pony express, Nelson Atkins Art Gallery, Patee House Museum, Jesse James home…..
  • Steamboat Arabia Museum and Walt Disney’s house !
  • We also visited Harley company.
  • Truman museum and world war 1 museum.
  • Art Museum
  • We went to the opening baseball game!! It was my first time to go to the baseball game. We sold the newspaper before the game. That day I really had a great experience. And the electronic wall in the baseball field showed “welcome GSE from Taiwan”for us !!!
  • We went to many concerts, such as The Five Browns( ), The Duttons family show( ),and Jazz night. We went to a special movie theater, you can order meals and eat when you watch the movie. So everyone has a table!
  • We went to Nature Center. There are many interesting stuff!
  • We went to Jamesport to see Amish. Their life and dressing are special. They depend the horse to produce Kinetic energy. We also went to visited older Mennonite. I bought two berry jelly in one of older Mennonite’s store. It’s so delicious!!!
  • I love the food in Missouri !!
  • We really had  wonderful times in this month. We met so many friendly people. We all had good host families. We did a lot of special things. We experienced so different culture....... Anyway...Thank you so much!! We love you, we love Missouri......See you, my friends!!!!
  • There are memo if you download

    1. 1. Presentation in my recommend club GSE outbound team-Taiwan Team Leader : Sakula(Susan) Team Member : Wendy Karol Evonne Kay
    2. 3. 職業參訪 Vocational day
    3. 12. 與 hostfamily 的互動 Interaction with my hostfamily
    4. 30. 各社例會與地區年會 Rotary Meeting& District Conference
    5. 36. 農場體驗 Farm Experience
    6. 39. 博物館及美術館 Museum
    7. 45. 其他活動 Other Activities
    8. 49. Amish..
    9. 51. Thank you…Missouri…