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This is a biography on Bill Clinton.

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Bill clinton

  1. 1. By:Deeksha Jonnalagadda
  2. 2. Bill Clinton was born on August 19, 1946.He was born in Hope, Arkansas.He was the oldest child in his family.
  3. 3. William Jefferson Blythe Jr. is Bill Clinton’sfather. He was born on February 27, 1918 inSherman, Texas. He died on May 17, 1946 inSikeston, Missouri at the age of 28. This wasbecause of drowning and a car accident.
  4. 4. Virginia Clinton Kelley is Bill Clinton’s mother.She was born on June 6, 1923 in Bodcaw,Arkansas. She died on January 6, 1994 inHotsprings, Arkansas the age of 70. This wasbecause she had breast cancer.
  5. 5. Roger Clinton, Jr. is Bill Clinton’s half-brother.He was born on July 25, 1956 in Hotsprings,Arkansas. Fortunately, Roger Clinton, Jr. isstill alive. He currently is not experiencingany disease 
  6. 6. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton is Bill Clinton’s wife. Shewas born on October 26, 1947 in Chicago, Illinois.Fortunately, Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton is still alive.But she is experiencing a blood clot. On December3, 2012, a spokesman for the former first lady said, "Inthe course of a follow-up exam today, SecretaryClintons doctors discovered a blood clot hadformed, stemming from the concussion she sustainedseveral weeks ago. She is being treated with anti-coagulants and is at New York-Presbyterian Hospitalso that they can monitor the medication over thenext 48 hours.” Let’s hope nothing bad happens 
  7. 7. Chelsea Victoria Clinton is Bill Clinton’sdaughter. She was born on February 27,1980 in Little Rock, Arkansas. Fortunately,Chelsea Victoria Clinton is still alive. She iscurrently not experiencing any disease 
  8. 8. This is Bill Clinton’s Signature.Now, let’s talk about our main person. The42nd president of the United States ofAmerica. His name is William Jefferson “Bill”Clinton. His political party is the democraticparty. This is what he looks like:
  9. 9. In Hot Springs, Bill attended St. Johns CatholicElementary School, Ramble Elementary School,and Hot Springs High School – where he was anactive student leader, avid reader, andmusician. He was in the chorus and playedthe tenor saxophone, winning first chair in thestate bands saxophone section. He actuallyconsidered dedicating his life to music!!
  10. 10. Bill Clinton was highly influenced by thepreachings of Martin Luther King Jr. Heattended and memorized Martins “I Havea Dream” Speech.
  11. 11. In 1964, Clinton graduated from Hot Springs HighSchool. In 1963, as part of the American Legion Boys’Nation program, he went to Washington, D.C., andshook hands with President John Kennedy at the WhiteHouse. Later Kennedy inspired him to pursue a career inpublic service. Clinton went on to earn a degree fromGeorgetown University in 1968. Afterward, he attendedOxford University on a Rhodes scholarship. In 1973, hereceived a degree from Yale Law School.At Yale, Clinton started dating fellow law student HillaryRodham (starting from 1947). After graduating, thecouple moved to Clinton’s home state, where heworked as a law professor at the University of Arkansas.So, his early career was just being a law professor.
  12. 12. In 1974, Bill ran for Congress against an incumbent Republican Congressman. No oneexpected Bill to win or even be competitive. Bill, however, campaigned hard and only lostby a few hundred votes. Instead of discouraging him, Bill went back out to meet peoplethe day after the election. In 1976, Bill was elected the Attorney General of Arkansas at theage of 30. Two years later Bill ran for governor and won, becoming the youngest governorin the United States in over four decades. Bill Clinton, however, became too ambitious andalienated the voters of Arkansas, losing a close re-election campaign. Although this wouldhave ruined the careers of most politicians, Bill Clinton persevered and rebuilt his imageand won back the governors mansion in 1982. Bill, learning from his earlier mistakes, toneddown his agenda, but still accomplished his goal of improving Arkansas public schools. Billhas also exhibited slightly erratic behavior characterized by several geniuses. In 1988,nearly all of Bill Clintons friends expected him to run for president. As late as thirty minutesbefore Bills press conference, his top aide was convinced that Bill would run for president.Hillary had no clue what Bill had decided. Apparently, Bill decided when he was walking tothe podium that he would seek re-election as governor and not seek the presidency. Bill,however, did make one enormous blunder during the 1988 campaign. Bill gave a horriblespeech at the Democratic National Convention. Many pundits declared his nationalpolitical career dead before it even started. Bill Clinton, however, proved the punditswrong by winning the presidency in 1992, by overcoming a plethora of charges brought bysome very powerful opponents. Throughout, Bill Clinton has surmounted many setbacksduring his presidency including failure of his health care package, the 1994 Congressionalelections, and of course the numerous scandals. But despite these setbacks Bill Clintonpersevered and accumulating a significant number of accomplishments, includingpassage of his 1993 Budget, the Brady Bill, a balanced budget, welfare reform, NAFTA, andwinning re-election in 1996.
  13. 13. Bill Clinton’s term(s) of office were fromJanuary 20, 1993 to January 20, 2001.However, he only had 2 terms. During the 1stterm, he signed the Family and MedicalLeave Act of 1193 on February 5. During the2nd term, Clinton proposed a new initiative toprovide coverage to up to five millionchildren. These are his terms of office.
  14. 14. Bill Clinton’s Political Party is the DemocraticParty. This was from 1993 to 2001. In 1987, therewas media speculation Clinton would enter therace after then-New York Governor MarioCuomo declined to run and Democratic front-runner Gary Hart withdrew owing to revelationsof marital infidelity. Clinton decided to remain asArkansas governor. For the nomination, Clintonendorsed Massachusetts Governor MichaelDukakis. He gave the nationally televisedopening night address at the 1988 DemocraticNational Convention, but his speech, which was33 minutes long and twice as long as it wasexpected to be, was criticized for being toolong and poorly delivered. Presenting himself asa moderate and a member of the NewDemocrat wing of the Democratic Party.
  15. 15. This is Al Gore’s Signature.The Vice – President during Bill Clintonspresidency was Al Gore. He was born onMarch 31, 1948 in Washington, D.C.Fortunately, Al Gore is still alive. He iscurrently not experiencing any disease 
  16. 16. 1993 – Thirteen wild fires raged Southern California, someattributed to arson. Five counties were declared disasterareas.1994 – A destructive earthquake registering 6.8 on the Richterscale, centered in Northridge, struck Southern California at4:31 a.m.1995 – Earthquake, measuring 7.2 on the Richter scale, hitsKobe, Japan.1996 – Hurricane Fran hits Carolina coast.1997 – Mexico announced that it will repay U.S. loan threeyears ahead of schedule.1998 – AT&T announced its plan to acquire cable giant TCI.1999 – A 7.6 magnitude earthquake hit Taiwan.2000 – China was granted permanent normal trade relationsstatus with the U.S.2001 – End of Bill Clinton’s Presidency
  17. 17. Bill Clinton had an influence on well,everybody. Since he was president, almosteverybody took him as a role model.
  18. 18. Bill Clinton currently lives in Chappaqua, NewYork. He lives in a house with his wife, HillaryClinton. This is what his house looks like:
  19. 19. What is the president doing now? Oh, I know.He is busy running the William J. ClintonFoundation. The William J. Clinton Foundationis a foundation Bill Clinton established with themission to improve global health, strengtheneconomies, promote healthier childhoods andhealth and wellness, and protect theenvironment by fostering partnerships amongbusinesses, governments, nongovernmentalorganizations, and private citizens.
  20. 20. After Bill Clinton left the White House, he moved to Chappaqua, New York, the home-base of that states junior member of the United States Senate, Hillary Clinton. The former President keeps an office in New York City and maintains an active speaking schedule. His energies are devoted to two common post-presidential chores: writing amemoir and overseeing the creation of his presidential library in Little Rock, Arkansas. Moreover, as one of the youngestmen ever to depart the presidency, he is still actively involvedin issues of public concern, especially through the work of the Clinton Presidential Foundation. The Foundations agenda includes combating HIV/AIDS, fostering racial and ethnic reconciliation, and promoting the economic empowerment of poor people. Clinton also has a reputation as one of the most smart political experts within the Democratic Party.
  21. 21. Bill Clinton is my favorite president. There areabout a million things he has done for not justAmerica, but for the world. For example, hecreated the William J. Clinton Foundation;And that helps people around the world. Hehad also had the economy booming with therecord of the largest budget surplus (amountof money left) in America’s history. He helpedthe most people get jobs during thepresidency. If only we could just make theterms longer . . .