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Employee Wellness Programs-India


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Corporate Healthcare in India is only about providing an insurance policy but our integrated wellness programs assist corporate to counter employee sickness and subsequent health and financial effects at the nascent stage of the illness. Some of the services that we offer include:
1. Corporate Health Programs that includes stress management, weight management & diseases prevention programs etc.
2. Seminars conducted by eminent doctors/counselors/ consultants
3. Nutrition programs included seminar by nutritionist , naturopaths & dieticians
4. Men’s & Women’s health Seminars
5. Office Ergonomics sessions to help treat employee back & neck related problems

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Employee Wellness Programs-India

  1. 1. Corporate Health Program -- The wealth of business is best founded on the health of its workers (WHO )
  2. 2. What is “ my office my health is a provider of innovative and effective Health & well-being solutions to corporate”
  3. 3. The health of India’s workforce is in serious jeopardy… • Growing trends of sneaking health conditions like Obesity, Spondilytis, Hypertension and more which result in bigger catastrophes like heart attack, stroke and Paralysis • 75% Indians below the age of 40 are over stressed. • WHO says, in India 60% of the deaths are attributed to chronic lifestyle diseases, possibly will increase to 77% over the next 10 years …ALARM
  4. 4. Why these disturbing trends… …as the demands of the workplace increase tremendously…
  5. 5. We have a solution for you! has a unique multifaceted approach towards healthcare and is capable to handle each employees healthcare needs.
  6. 6. Our PrOgrams COmPrise
  7. 7. Our Solutions includes
  8. 8. . Health awareness activities at work is gaining importance as working people spend more than half of their waking hours at work, this provides an ideal opportunity for employees to share and receive various health information and for employer’s to create healthy working environment
  9. 9. How can healthy staff benefit your business ? It is a win-win situation for employee as well as employer.
  10. 10. What is the economic value? 3:1 ROI
  11. 11. Every 1$ spent on health program in the workplace 16$ is saved through less absenteeism- Forbes report
  12. 12. Thanks! “We have to move fromillness to wellness. Companies will have to invest in wellness. There is no choice. Its not philanthropy. It’s enlightened self-interest.” You can write to us at @office_health