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Emerg n rise

  1. 1. ByZuhaib Hassan [30096564]Emmanuel Anuroop Deekollu [30097811]
  2. 2. Apple Inc. is an American worldwide company which usually focus ondesigning and manufacturing consumer electronics and closelyrelated to software products.Apple develops, sells, and supports a series of personalcomputers, portable media players, mobile phones, computersoftware, and computer hardware and hardware accessories.Mid of 1990: Apple declined sales and profit but after that becomethe most profitable PC company in the world.Introduction to APPLE
  3. 3. It was widely reported that a famous quote from Steve Jobs in the 1980swas the Apple company mission statement: "Man is the creator of change inthis world. As such he should be above systems and structures, and notsubordinate to them."Apple is one of the major Inc. which manufactures many electronic gadgetsfrom mobile to PC.This major competitors are: Samsung, Google and MircosoftApple objectives• Quality high• Speed fast• Cost effectiveContinued…
  4. 4. Strength:• Customer loyalty combined with expanding closed ecosystem• Brand reputation• Retail storesWeakness:• High price• Incompatibility with different OS• Further changes in managementOpportunities:• High demand of iPad mini and iPhone 5• iTV launch• Increasing demand for cloud based servicesThreats:• Rapid technological change• Price pressure from Samsung over key components• Android OS growthSWOT Analysis
  5. 5. Software that enables the world conversationIts a VOIP service that’s more well known for its video calling optionMillions of individuals and businesses are membersIntroduction to SKYPE
  6. 6. Features include• Skype-to-Skype audio calls• One-to-one video calls• Instant messaging• Screen sharing• Document sharingWork on different platformsBenefits of Skype
  7. 7. But when it comes to more broader compatibility and support, Skype is aclear winner as it supports cross platform video calling between Iphone, iPadand iPod touch to Windows, Mac and vice versa. Skype also has support forvideo calling over 3G, something which Face Time lacks.This is the reasonfor apple to collaborate with Skype in order to get competitor advantage.It would be most interesting to see not only if this drives more users to usingSkype as opposed to the carriers’ voice channels but also the fallout for thetransition of communications from a very hardware-oriented infrastructureto a complete software infrastructure operating totally “in the cloud”.Benefits of Skype to APPLE
  8. 8. The “cloud” in cloud computing can be defined as the set ofhardware, networks, storage, services, and interfaces that combine todeliver aspects of computing as a service.Introduction to CloudTechnology
  9. 9. The “cloud” in cloud computing can be defined as the set of hardware,networks, storage, services, and interfaces that combine to deliver aspectsof computing as a service.CloudTechnologyIntroduction to CloudTechnology
  10. 10. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): This service offers storage andcomputing resources for IT organizations used to deliver business solutions.Platform as a Service (PaaS):This service provided developers black-boxthrough which they can develop applications. Services like billing, a serviceto build services, or data access and database services can be included in thiscategory.Software as a Service (SaaS): In this category, service provided hosts thesoftware so that user doesn’t have to install, manage or buy any hardwarerequired for the software run in their electronic appliances. All it takes is tostay connected to use the service provided by the host. Example of service isFacebook.Services provided by CloudTechnology
  11. 11. Elasticity and the ability to scale up and down.Self-service provisioning and automatic reprovisioning.Application programming interfaces (APIs).Billing and metering of service usage in a pay-as-you-go modelBenefits of CloudTechnology
  12. 12. Apple came up with new cloud service called iCloud in fall of 2011. iCloud ismainly designed to sync data seamlessly with all Apple devices whenconnected over to Internet.Customer ConvenienceReturn of Interest (ROI)iCloud DemostrationUse of CloudTechnology in Apple
  13. 13. With this we conclude that nowadays mobile technology is very popularwithin Apple Inc. Using of these emerging technologies to the mobiletechnology could be one of the reasons for the increase in the revenue andthe brand apple.Conclusion