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A global crisis


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A global crisis

  1. 1. A Global Crisis Game Manual Game Manual IntroductionWelcome to C&C Generals Zero Hour : "A GLOBAL CRISIS".This mod brings Israel and Syria (from the popular Mideast Crisis total conversion mod made by Isotx)with their full unique armies - into C&C Generals: Zero Hour expansion pack, with all of the originalZero Hour factions, campaigns and Generals Challenge missions, BUT with some great new changeslike realistic models/skins and new units + an additional United Nations Boss General.If you liked Zero Hour and you thought it just needed a new look – This is the mod for you.If you liked Mideast Crisis total conversion mod but you still wanted to play Zero Hour – Well, you donthave to choose anymore!A GLOBAL CRISIS – C&C Generals: Zero Hour mod, made by "Abra".Special thanks to Isotx teams leader Vincent Van-Geel (known as Ome_Vince) for the permission touse his Mideast Crisis mod in A GLOBA CRISIS.Thanks for the original MEC team and for all the good people who helped and let me used their art (seea complete credits list at the end of this document).Official website: forums: profile: 1
  2. 2. A Global Crisis Game Manual Israel and SyriaIsrael and Syria have authentic units, graphics and voices. Some military elements were changed tocreate a more interesting arsenal and enhance game play and balance. IsraelIsrael focuses on agility, speed and using the latest high tech equipment. This makes them a deadlyopponent, capable of lightning fast strikes. In this mod, Israel has been modeled to fit this profile. Forexample, they don’t construct concrete structures, but instead, build tent facilities easily and rapidly. Allvehicles and infantry are flown in. These advantages in construction speed and agility allow Israel to bevery skilled at the short rush attacks. The downside is that having all of its equipment flown in takesmore time than on-site training or vehicle construction, and that the tents do not afford much protection,making Israeli buildings vulnerable to attack.To counter their smaller numbers, Israel focuses on creating the most advanced army in the Middle-East, choosing high quality equipment over quantity. With extensive missile abilities, such as the CruiseMissile Launcher, Israel can pinpoint targets from all over the map with deadly results. However, theirarsenal is expensive, requiring a lot of time, money and effort in their manufacturing of units. SyriaSyria has always relied on large numbers and fortified positions to be victorious in battle. They buy mostof their military arsenal from Russia, acquiring inexpensive, outdated equipment. In this mod, the Syrianarsenal has been slightly adjusted to achieve a better game-play balance, thus allowing Syria to be aneven deadlier force.Syrian structures are large concrete buildings, capable of withstanding a large amount of damage,giving Syria a defensive advantage. Syria must create a Supply Depot and a power generator, as Syriarelies on generating enough electricity to power their structures, as well as the fact that their structuresrequire a lot of time, materials, and large area to build them on.Once the structures are in place, infantry is trained within the facilities, and units are constructed at thefactories, enabling Syria to create large armies very quickly.The Syrian units have essentially the same movement rates as Israel, though most of the equipment isoutdated and no match for their Israeli counterpart. However, the SA-6 is still considered a heavy AAunit, and must not be underestimated. Special Army Technology (for Israel/Syria. Requires 3 star General abilities) Unlock your special technology choice by selecting it from your Generals Powers. Each side has its own choices. You must have 3 Star Generals Abilities. Then, purchase the upgrade at your Technology Center (Israeli Base of Operations or Syrian Command Bunker). These upgrades provide you with special new abilities or new stronger units. It is also reduces the production costs of vehicles or aircrafts or infantry (depends which Special Technology you have chosen). 2
  3. 3. A Global Crisis Game Manual Israeli UnitsIsraeli Vehicles Dozer Standard Israeli Construction Dozer. Supply Truck Standard Israeli Supply Vehicle. Magach 7A MBT Israeli improvement for the outdated US M-60 medium tank, but can still be lethal. Possible Upgrades: Engineer, Carpet Launcher (Requires Armored Division Tech.) Merkava 2 MBT The most common Israeli tank. It has the same fire power as the Magach 7A tank, but its armor protection is much better (35% stronger). Can carry 2 additional infantry soldiers in the back. Expensive. Possible Upgrades: Engineer, Mine-Slapper (Requires Armored Division Tech.). Merkava 4 MBT (Requires Armored Division Special Technology) The most advanced Israeli battle tank. It has the best armor protection and improved fire power. Equipped with TROPHY anti-missile defense system. Can carry 2 additional infantry soldiers in the back. Very expensive. Possible Upgrades: Engineer, Mine-Slapper. M577a3 Purpose: Field command/Non-combat intelligence. Provides radar and stealth detector; Can command F4 Scout planes and Blue-Horizon spy UAV (if unlocked). Possible Upgrades: News Crew. Humvee The Israeli Humvee is a light assault and patrol vehicle. Can carry 4 infantry (can fire from Humvee). Starts with 2 standard infantry inside. Can heal infantry inside the vehicle. M113 Zelda 1 APC Israel’s primary APC vehicle. Infantry however are only partially protected. Can carry 4 infantry (can fire from Zelda). M113 Zelda 2 APC (Requires Generals Abilities) Zelda APC with improved reactive armor. Better protection for infantry. Can carry 6 infantry (can fire from Zelda). Starts with 2 Israeli MG infantry inside. Expensive. (Requires Special Technology Generals ability to be unlocked). Namer Heavy APC (Requires Armored Division Special Technology) Heavy Armored Personnel Carrier. Based on the Merkava chassis. Can carry up to 10 passengers! Soldiers exit and assist the APC while its attacking a target and get back inside when the attack is over. Starts with 4 Israeli standard infantry soldiers inside. Very Expensive. 3
  4. 4. A Global Crisis Game Manual M109 Artillery (Requires Generals Abilities) Israel’s main artillery unit. Upgrade: Auto Loaders (purchasable at the War Factory Landing Strip). M163 Hovet - Vulcan Air Defense System (VADS) The main anti-air unit of Israel. With its powerful Vulcan it’s a deadly weapon. Possible Upgrades: Machbet - Stinger Missile Quad Launcher. Quad Bike (Requires Sayeret specialization) Fast, light scout vehicle. Soldier can evacuate quad. Lance Launcher This is the Israeli Superweapon Vehicle, which is capable of firing a Lance-Nuclear missile. It can be housed inside the superweapon structure.Israeli Aircrafts F-16 Fighting Falcon The main light, all-round fighter of Israel. Armed with light AA and AG missiles and with a Vulcan AA gun. F-15 Eagle (Requires 3 star General promotion) Heavy air superiority fighter. Starts as F-15C interceptor. Expensive. Upgrade: F15E. Armed with 2 laser guided bombs (Requires Air Force special tech.) When upgraded to F15E Strike Eagle, its AA ability is removed. E-2C Hawkeye AWACS Purpose: Aerial intelligence and defense. This aircraft patrols your base, and can launch F4 fighters attacks on air-targets. AH-1 Cobra A small, light attack helicopter. Cheap in production but still lethal in numbers. -Fast attack chopper. AH-64 Apache (Requires 2 star General promotion) Heavy attack helicopter. Expensive. Upgrade: Longbow radar (Requires Air Force Commander special technology). UH-60 Black-Hawk Purpose: Collecting supplies, transporting infantry. A tough and agile multi-purpose transport helicopter which can also provide weapons fire. 4
  5. 5. A Global Crisis Game ManualIsraeli Infantry Standard Infantry Israels standard infantry. Well-trained and equipped. Can capture structures. MG Infantry Heavy MG troops. MG Infantry deploys and fires a heavy machinegun. With their constant spraying fire, they can pin down enemy troops and cause massive damage. Spike Trooper Heavy Missile Troops. This modern heavy missile severely damages enemy vehicles and aircraft. Medic Purpose: Heal infantry. Medics are useful for keeping groups of infantry dug-in. They are not to be underestimated. News Crew Purpose: Generates income. World Press is visiting the area, and pays the IDF for protection. They pay you more for taking pictures of enemy structures, units, etc. Hero “Boaz” Camouflaged. Armed with a 50cal sniper rifle and special abilities, the Israeli Hero is essential to your army. Upgrades: Hornet Mine, MLRS Strike (Requires 3 Star Generals Abilities). Sayeret Sniper Infantry Special Forces with sniper rifles. Camouflaged. Very effective against infantry. Limitation: No more than 5 snipers available (can still be available via para-drop). Sayeret Standard Infantry (Requires Sayeret specialization) Standard Sayeret Special Forces troops. Camouflaged. Able to capture buildings. Sayeret Bazooka Infantry (Requires Sayeret specialization) Armed with a light-weight Bazooka, they are more agile and deadly than the Spike. Camouflaged. 5
  6. 6. A Global Crisis Game Manual Israeli Structures Command Center / Construction Yard The main structure. This is where you construct your Dozers and Supply Vehicles. It also provides power for the THEL AA Laser, and can hold 2 infantry. Special feature: This structure can take off and relocate. Barracks All of your infantry troops are flown in to the barracks, and all infantry upgrades are constructed here. Can hold 2 infantry. War Factory Landing Strip Vehicles are flown in on this cargo plane landing strip. It can hold 1 infantry unit. Airfield Construction, assembly and repair of all aircraft and helicopters are done here. The airfield can house up to 4 jets and 2 infantry. Israeli Base of Operations Israels radar outpost. Along with the Command Vehicle, provides Israel with radar. Houses the Special Technology Upgrades. Can hold 2 infantry. M110 Artillery Defense The main Israeli defense structure. An M110 is positioned with sandbags able to hold 2 infantry. Nautilus Tactical High Energy Laser (THEL) System A large experimental AA Laser capable of doing massive damage at long ranges. Can hold 2 infantry. Requires power, which is provided by the Construction Yard. Cruise Missile Launcher (Limited to maximum of 3) A special structure for the Israelis. When a launcher is set up, powerful Cruise Missiles can be bought and fired at any target throughout the entire map with precision. Arrow Anti-Ballistic Missile Base (Requires Air-Force Tech.). An advanced Israeli Missile Defense system. Can launch Arrow missiles to intercept incoming ballistic missiles and also effective against aircrafts. Limitation: Only 1 system. (Also requires 4 Star General promotion). Lance Superweapon Structure Purpose: Produces and garrisons Lance Launcher. The Israeli superweapon structure. This is not the superweapon itself, but the Structure where the Lance Launcher is assembled and can be garrisoned. Can house 1 Lance Launcher. 6
  7. 7. A Global Crisis Game Manual Israeli Special AbilitiesIsraeli Special Technologies:(Purchasable at the Israeli Base of Operations.- The Special Technology Generals power must be unlocked first!- Require 3 Star General promotion). Armored Division Special Technology will be armor. This upgrade grants access to the Merkava-4 MBT and the Namer heavy APC. Carpet Upgrade available for Magach 7A, Mine-Slapper Upgrade available for Merkava tanks, M109 artillery starts at level 1. Pricing Changes: All vehicles are 20% cheaper. Air Force General Special Technology will be Air Force. F-15c fighters can be upgraded to F-15E strike bombers. Longbow radar upgrade available for Apache gunship. Arrow Anti-Ballistic Missile Base and Countermeasures Upgrade become available. Pricing Changes: All aircraft are 20% cheaper. Sayeret Special Forces Special Technology will become Sayeret infantry. Makes available the Sayeret Standard Infantry, Sayeret Bazooka Infantry and the Israeli Scout Quad. Pricing changes: All Infantry 20% Cheaper.Additional Israeli Upgrades: M109 Auto Loaders This upgrade provides the M109 with Auto Loaders that increase its fire-rate. (Available at the Israeli War Factory Landing Strip). “Boaz” Hornet Mine Unlocks the ability of the Israeli Hero “Boaz" to plant Hornet Mines. The Hornet Mine is a heavy Anti-Tank mine that fires upward. (Available at the Israeli Barracks). 7
  8. 8. A Global Crisis Game ManualIsraeli Generals Promotion Abilities 8
  9. 9. A Global Crisis Game Manual Syrian UnitsSyrian Vehicles Dozer Standard Syrian construction dozer. Supply Truck Standard Syrian supply vehicle. T-72 MBT An old and outdated Russian tank, but not to be underestimated, for it still is a fearsome foe. Upgrade: Improved reactive armor (Requires Republican Guard Special Tech.). BMP-2 A light, amphibious Infantry Fighting Vehicle. Can carry 8 infantry. Starts with 5 Syrian standard infantry inside. BMP-3 (Requires Republican Guard special technology) An upgraded version of the BMP-2, capable of carrying 8 infantry. A heavy APC with a more Anti-Tank cannon. Starts with 5 Syrian standard infantry inside. AT-5 Technical Light, cheap and outdated technical with a mounted AT-5 Konkurs missile launcher. Because of their low-cost and quick construction time, they are handy in tight situations. Created at the War Factory. Can carry 3 infantry. Starts with 2 Hezbollah guerrilla fighters inside. AT-14 Technical (Requires special technology) Purpose: Fast attack vehicle. Upgraded Technical with AT-14 Kornet laser guided missile launcher. Capable of deadly rocket attacks. Can carry 3 infantry. Starts with 2 Hezbollah guerrilla fighters inside. SA-6 Purpose: Anti Air Syria’s main AA unit. A devastating unit with powerful, long-range rockets capable of firing with great accuracy from extreme distances. BM-21 SSM Launcher (Requires Generals Abilities) Purpose: Medium-range artillery. This is Syria’s main artillery unit, an old upgraded BM-21 fitted with 2 HE rockets. Upgrade: Chemical warheads (Requires Chemical Warfare upgrade). 9
  10. 10. A Global Crisis Game Manual FROG-7 Rocket Launcher (Requires 3 star General promotion) Purpose: Long range artillery. A long-range rocket launcher that is capable of firing a devastating HE heavy rocket. Upgrade: Chemical rocket (Requires Chemical Warfare upgrade). Scud Launcher The Syrian superweapon vehicle. It is capable of firing an HE Scud, and can be extremely well hidden, since it is cloaked when standing still.Syrian Aircrafts MIG-21 Fishbed The main, light, all-round fighter of Syria. A very weak and outdated unit, but also very cheap. Has light AA and AG rockets. Upgrades: Carpet Bombing. Mig-29 Fulcrum (Requires 2 star General promotion) Heavy strike bomber. A famous jet from Russia, not to be underestimated. Has HE Bomb and Vulcan AA gun. Upgrade: Chemical Bomb (Requires Chemical Warfare upgrade). Iranian F-14 (Requires Iranian Reinforcements Special Tech.) Purpose: Anti-Air. The famous US F14 Tomcat jet (sold to Iran before the Islamic revolution), capable of firing Phoenix rockets from great distances. An excellent Anti-Air jet, constructed at the Airfield. Mi-24 Hind Purpose: Heavy assault transport helicopter. These aircraft are very well armored, carry lots of weapons and up to 5 infantry. Upgrades: Extra rocket pods, extra gattling cannons. Ka-50 (Requires Republican Guard or Iranian Reinforcements Tech.) Purpose: Heavy attack chopper. A heavy-attack helicopter, able to drop concussion bombs that temporarily disable an enemy vehicle. It is constructed at the Airfield. 10
  11. 11. A Global Crisis Game ManualSyrian Infantry Standard Infantry Syrias standard infantry. Can capture buildings. Upgrade: Can build camo nets (Requires Camo Netting upgrade). RPG Trooper The RPG is not a very accurate weapon, but its range is pretty good and the damage substantial. Can be used against ground forces or against aircrafts. Flame Thrower Infantry A deadly weapon capable of doing massive damage to structures and infantry groups. Deployed MG Infantry MG infantry carries a very powerful .50 cal. Machine-Gun. Very slow movement. Requires deployment in order to fire. Can be used for Anti-Ground, Ant-Air, and Anti-Missile purposes. Hero “Khalid” Purpose: Knife Attack, Planting Explosive Charges, Nuke Beacon. Syrias Hero. Slower than normal, but has a deadly constant-fire machinegun, and some very handy abilities. Camouflaged. Upgrade: Nuke Beacon (Requires 3 Star Generals Abilities). Civilian Purpose: Generating Income. Syrian civilians can be sent inside the civilian structures to generate money. They will ONLY generate money when inside a Syrian civilian structure. Upgrade: Arm The Civilians. Republican Guard Company (Requires Republican Guard tech.) The Republican Guard is a company of well trained troops, who fight in large numbers. Armed with heavy weapons, they are capable of smashing enemy lines. Suicide Terrorist (Requires Hezbollah component special tech.) Specially trained troops who will sacrifice themselves to blow up enemy positions. 11
  12. 12. A Global Crisis Game Manual Hezbollah Leader (Requires Hezbollah component special tech.) Purpose: Mig21 Strike Ability, Generating Morale Leader of the Hezbollah have many tricks up his sleeve. He also provides morale for nearby troops. Stealth. Hezbollah Guerrilla Fighter (Requires Hezbollah special tech.) Camouflaged infantry, well trained in guerrilla tactics. Can plant roadside bombs. Hezbollah Katyusha Infantry (Requires Hezbollah special tech.) Carries a single Katyusha 107 mm rocket launcher. Moves slowly but stealthy (camouflaged). Requires deployment in order to launch the Katyusha. Syrian Structures Command Center / Construction Yard The main Syrian structure. Used to construct dozers and house infantry. Able to house 2 infantry. Upgrade: Radar.Upgrade: Radar Power Generator Purpose: Providing power. The main power supply of Syria. Upgrade: Extra generator for more power. Command Bunker Purpose: Housing Troops and Vehicles, Point of Sale for numerous upgrades, including upgrading your Special Technology choice. The large Command Bunker can house many troops and vehicles, which can fire from inside the bunker. Supply Depot Purpose: Storing supplies, creating Supply Trucks. A supply warehouse where Syrian trucks can drop off supplies. Barracks The Syrian infantry Barracks constructs all sorts of infantry. Can house 2 infantry units. War Factory Constructs all the Syrian vehicles on the spot. Can hold 2 infantry. 12
  13. 13. A Global Crisis Game Manual Airfield Constructs all Syrian aircraft and helicopters. Guard Tower Purpose: Defense The guard tower can house a total of 4 infantry, and is cheap and easy to build. Camouflaged dug-in Tank Purpose: Stationary Defense. A modified T72 tank has been dug-in and now serves as stationary defense. It is well camouflaged, and therefore very stealthy. Civilian House Purpose: Generating income. Construct random civilian structures and fill them with civilians to earn money. Once inside, the civilians start generating money. Mine Field Purpose: Defense. Construct a minefield at a location you wish to defend. These minefields are a backbone of the Syrian defense, and should not be underestimated. Syrian Superweapon Structure Purpose: Produces the Scud Launcher. The Syrian superweapon structure. This is not the superweapon itself, but the structure where the Scud Launcher is assembled. Syrian Special AbilitiesSyrian Special Technologies:(Purchasable at the Syrian Command Bunker.- The Special Technology Generals power must be unlocked first!- Require 3 Star General promotion). Republican Guard This upgrade gives you access to the BMP-3 Assault Transport, AT-14 Technical, Ka-50 attack helicopter and the Republican Guard troops. T-72 tanks can be upgraded with improved reactive armor. Pricing Changes: All vehicles are 20% cheaper. Iranian Reinforcements This upgrade gives you the Iranian F-14 Fighter, Ka-50 attack helicopter and AT-14 Technical. Pricing Changes: All aircraft are 20% cheaper. Hezbollah Component This component gives you access to the Suicide Terrorist, Hezbollah Leader, Hezbollah guerrilla fighter, Hezbollah Katyusha infantry, and AT-14 Technical. Pricing Changes: All infantry are 20% cheaper. 13
  14. 14. A Global Crisis Game ManualAdditional Syrian Upgrades:(Available at the Syrian Command Bunker). Chemical Warfare Upgrades your FROG-7, BM-21 SSM and Mig-29 with Chemical Warheads. Arm the Civilians Upgrades your Insurgent Ambush Civilians to be armed with assault rifles instead of stones and pistols.Syrian Generals Promotion Abilities SU 14
  15. 15. A Global Crisis Game Manual New Oil Refineries Tech. Building This new type of Tech Building is spread throughout the “MEC“ maps in tactically key locations. Like the normal Zero Hour Tech Oil Derricks, an Oil Refinery delivers $1000 to your funds, and produces a stream of revenue. However, at the start of the game, an Oil Refinery is indestructible. This is to encourage players to come out of their “base” and battle strategically throughout the map. Original C&C Generals: Zero Hour Factions – List of changes:In the mod A GLOBAL CRISIS all the original factions from C&C Generals: Zero Hour (USA, China,GLA and their sub-factions) are still in the game, with the original campaigns and Generals Challenge.Great modifications had been made though, like increased health for armor units (for balance) andespecially in some units design and appearance which make them look and feel more realistic.Here is the list of changes made in the original Zero Hour factions:(Note: If its not listed below, it stays the same as it was in the original Zero Hour). United States of AmericaUSA InfantryNew desert colors uniforms skins and new weapon models for the Rangers (M-16 with M203 grenadelauncher), the Anti-Tank infantry (AT-4) and for the Pathfinders (realistic sniper rifle).New skins for pilots and for Colonel Burton.And theres also a new infantry unit: MG Ranger The American Machine-Gunner. This soldier uses the M-249 SAW 5.56 mm light machine gun. Available for all US military branches. 15
  16. 16. A Global Crisis Game ManualUSA Vehicles Humvee New model for the US Humvee. Desert color. Starts with 2 US rangers inside the Humvee. M1 Abrams Crusader Tank New realistic M1 Abrams tank model replaces the original Crusader tank model. Desert color. Paladin Tank New desert color skin for the Paladin tank. Laser Paladin Tank The US Laser Generals Paladin tank. The Laser Paladin has more powerful laser gun than the Laser Crusader, and of course, better armor. M2 Bradley IFV The American Infantry Fighting Vehicle. Armed with 25mm chain-gun and TOW missiles. The Bradley can carry 6 infantry (starts with 2 US Rangers inside). Available for the regular US Armed Forces. M270 MLRS The famous American MLRS, fires multiple rockets. Standard (desert color) version is used by the regular US military. The Superweapons General uses more powerful version (camouflage colors). Missile Avenger The Missile Avenger has 2 quad Launchers that can fire Stinger missiles against enemy aircrafts. Replaces the original Zero-Hours Laser Avenger for the regular US forces only. Mobile Patriot Truck Patriot system mounted on a truck. Can attack both air units and ground targets. Used by the US Air-Force General (normal missiles) and by the Superweapons General (EMP missiles) and replaces their Avengers. (Only the Laser General uses the Laser Avenger now). 16
  17. 17. A Global Crisis Game ManualUSA AircraftsFixed Aurora bombers skinsThe US Air-Force General (the left Aurora) and the Superweapons General (the right Aurora) nowhave their own unique skins for the Aurora bombers.USA SuperweaponsNuke ICBM SiloFires an InterContinental-Ballistic-Missile (ICBM) armed with a nuclear warhead.Available for the US Superweapons General only (in addition to the Particle Cannon). 17
  18. 18. A Global Crisis Game Manual Global Liberation ArmyGLA InfantryNew realistic skins for the GLA rebels, RGP Troopers, Technicals dudes and Stinger (SAM nest)infantry, as well as new weapon models such as AK-47, RPG-7 and Dragunov sniper rifle (for JarmenKell). GLA Rebel New skin and new AK-47 assault rifle model. RPG Trooper New skin and new realistic RPG-7 model. MG Rebel This is the GLAs new Machine-Gunner. He uses the RPK 7.62 mm light machinegun with a drum magazine. Available for all GLA factions.GLA VehiclesLots of changes had been made in the GLA vehicle units; some units had been completely replaced.The changes include new T-54, T-55 and T-72 tanks models, Ferret wheeled Scorpion, AT-5 and AT-14Technicals, New rocket launchers, and a new skin for the Scud missile launcher.In addition, the regular GLA technicals starts with 2 rebels infantry inside.These changes make the GLA Stealth and Demolition Generals more like real guerrilla groups, andmake the main GLA faction and the Toxin General a bit more realistic. T-55 Scorpion Tank This tank replaces the original Scorpion tank for the GLA main faction and for the Toxin General. It has a low quality gun. It still uses the original Scorpion tank gun and missile upgrades. T-72 Marauder Tank This tank replaces the original Marauder tank for the GLA main faction and for the Toxin General. It uses the original Marauder tank gun shells and salvage upgrades which now increase the tanks fire-rate (instead of double barrels). 18
  19. 19. A Global Crisis Game Manual Ferret wheeled Scorpion This armored vehicle replaces the original Scorpion tank for the GLA Demolition General. It still has the original Scorpion tank gun and missile upgrades. T-54 Marauder Tank This tank replaces the original Marauder tank for the GLA Demolition General. It has an improved tank gun. It uses the original Marauder tank gun shells and salvage upgrades which now increase the tanks fire-rate (instead of double barrels). AT-5 Technical This Anti-Tank technical replaces the toxin truck of the GLA Demolition General. Its the same as the Syrian AT-5 technical, but with a GLA dude on top. AT-14 Technical This advanced Anti-Tank technical replaces the toxin truck of the GLA Stealth General. Its the same as the Syrian AT-14 technical, but with a GLA dude on top. BM-13 Katyusha Truck The famous Russian made 107 mm multiple rocket launcher, widely used by terrorist groups. In "A Global Crisis" the Katyusha truck replaces the Rocket Buggy for the GLA Stealth General only. BM-21 Grad Truck Another famous Russian made multiple rocket launcher. Equipped with 40-barrels for launching the 122 mm Grad rockets. The Grad truck replaces the Rocket Buggy for the GLA Demolition General only. BM-21 Chemical SSM Launcher This unit replaces the Rocket Buggy for the GLA Toxin General. Its the same as the Syrian BM-21, but the Toxin General uses only chemical warheads for its rockets. Frog-7 Rocket Launcher This heavy rocket launcher replaces the mobile Scud launcher for the GLA Demolition General. Its the same as the Syrian Frog-7, but has only conventional warheads. Mobile Scud Launcher New camouflage colors skin. Now, only the main GLA faction and the GLA Toxin General can use this unit. 19
  20. 20. A Global Crisis Game ManualGLA Special AbilitiesToxic Wing5 prop planes drop 4 toxic barrel bombs each.Available only for the GLA Chemical General.(Requires 3 Star General promotion). Peoples Republic of ChinaChinese InfantryOnly minor skin changes had been made, so now all Chinese infantry units have the same uniformcolors.Chinese Vehicles Type-59 Battlemaster Mk II Tank The Chinese Tank Generals upgraded Battlemaster tank with boosted reactive armor, much better against missiles and slightly better against tanks. The standard Battlemaster gets upgraded to this Mk-II when you research the autoloader upgrade. Only for the Tank General. Type-98 Super-Battlemaster Tank The A modern Chinese MBT, based on the Russian T-72 tank chassis with a new modern turret. The Type-98 is armed with more powerful gun and has a better armor than the old Type-59 Battlemaster tank. Only the Chinese Tank General can build the Type-98 tank, but the regular Chinese army can also get this tank through the Reinforcement Pad, if they capture it. 20
  21. 21. A Global Crisis Game Manual Gattling Tank A new model for the Chinese Gattling Tank. Looks way better than the standard one. Scorpion IFV Chinese Infantry Fighting Vehicle. Fitted with a double-barreled turret and an Anti-Tank missile launcher. Can carry up to 5 soldiers. Available for the Chinese Infantry General only. TOS-1 MLRS A powerful 30-barrel multiple rocket launcher mounted on a tank chassis. The TOS-1MLRS creates a fire-storm where its rockets hit, and can be upgraded with black-napalm warheads. The TOS-1 is available only for the Chinese Tank General. BM-30 Smerch MLRS Heavy long-range Multi-Launch Rocket System. Its 300mm rockets are more powerful and have a greater range than the TOS-1 220mm rockets, but the Smerch can fire "only" 12 rockets at a time. The Smerchs rockets also create a fire-storm and can be upgraded with black-napalm warheads as well. Replaces the Nuke-Cannon for the Chinese Infantry General. United Nations - Boss General General Leang (the Chinese Boss General from the last Generals Challenge mission) is unlocked! Now she is the U.N. Boss General! Thats why she controls military units from all the original factions; The USA, China, some GLA related units/structures, and even more! Furthermore, the UN Boss General has some unique units too! (Its a little surprise). The UN Boss General can be chosen as a Human player side for Multiplayer and Skirmish games (No AI support for Skirmish).Thats it.I hope youll enjoy playing this C&C Generals: Zero Hour "A GLOBAL CRISIS" mod.- Abra.For complete credit list see below: 21
  22. 22. A Global Crisis Game Manual Credit ListAbra – Mod creator and project leader, INI and AI scripts coder and integrator, New skins, cameos, logo and title screens 2D artist, Some 3D editing.Vincent Van-Geel (Ome_Vince), Isotx and MEC 1 teams – Original Mideast Crisis mod with theoriginal Israeli and Syrian factions. Special thanks for the permission to release this mod with their MECfactions in it. (For complete MEC team credits see the ingame credit list).The_Hunter and ShockWave team – TOS-1 MLRS, Missile Avenger turret, T-55 tank and the wheeled Scorpion tank models.Medicdude, Whopper and Call To Arms team – T-72 tank model, Scud Launcher skin, Some Infantry partial skins.Daniel Stack and Conquer or Die team – BM-13 Katyusha rocket truck model.Greg "Sarge" DeMaria and Operation: Restore Justice team - M2 Bradley IFV model.Judoka and Urban Assault team – New USA Humvee model.Ome_Vince and CnC Holland team – F-35 Lightning II JSF model.Fritz – Upgraded Battlemaster Mk II tank, New Gattling tank, BM-30 Smerch and M270 MLRS models.IDF_Godzilla – Merkava Mk-4 tank new turret model, M1 Abrams tank model.Chris (Yayo01) – M1 Abrams tank skin, Ranger with a new M203, Rebels AK-47.Namman2 – USA AT-4 Missile Defender infantry, MG Rebel with RPK – Jarmen Kell with Drgunov rifle, MG Ranger with M249 SAW models.Kaiser_Smeghead and Indigo – RPG Troopers new RPG model.TheHonestyFishZ – Pathfinders new Dragunov sniper rifle.Just West – Laser Paladin tank model.12Pandas – Mobile Patriot Truck model, GLA Toxic Wing.Killakanz – Type-98 tank model.MaxON and Petruxa – BM-21 Grad rocket truck model.zn0207 – Arrow (Hetz) anti-ballistic missile base model.JWagner – Dome of the Rock (Mosque of Omar, Jerusalem) 3D model.EA Games – Original C&C Generals : Zero Hour game.Note: All models and skins were taken with permission. I apologize if I forgot anyone. If that’s the case please contact me (Abra) through Isotx website at: www.isotx.comSpecial thanks for my beloved wife and kids who had to live with my gaming andmodding madness. 22