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    1. 1. “Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.” — Theodore Levitt
    2. 2. Table of Contents Mission Statement ……………………………………………………………………..……. 2 Campaign Goal Statement …………………………………………………………………. 3 Situation Analysis ……………………………………………………………………………. 4 Dependencies and Risks …………………………………………………………………… 6 Target Audience ……………………………………………………………………...……… 7 Geographic Markets Affected ……………………………………………………………… 8 Campaign Direction and Tactical Details …………………………………………………. 9 Creative Brief …………………………………………………………………………….…. 14 Creative Work ……………………………………………………………………………… 16 Media Plan …………………………………………………………………………………. 17
    3. 3. Mission Statement Graphic Resource Group is more than a printing company. We are the single destination for businesses that desire vibrant visual solutions, effective consumer communication, and impactful messaging. Our clients range from large corporations that need special event signage, marketing materials, and point-of- sale retail displays, all the way to the small business that just needs branded merchandise and simple banners. As a dynamic printing company, we offer seven core services: point-of-sale, print collateral, digital printing, custom displays, event marketing, creative design, and branded promotional merchandise. Graphic Resource Group attributes our success to our ability to collaborate many resources across the printing community while incorporating insightful marketing solutions for our clients’ businesses. We offer expertise and a comprehensive array of services and production capabilities. Our strong network of printing affiliates ensures that we have the ability to excel at each and every project big or small. Graphic Resource focuses on hard work and a dedication to innovation, quality, and customer service. That’s why our company motto is: “Infinite Ideas. Endless Solutions. One Resource.”
    4. 4. Campaign Goal Statement Dear Mr. Smith and Mr. Pyc, We would like to thank you for the opportunity to gain insight into your unique business and also to make suggestions based on our outside point of view. It was a great experience for us to come to Troy and get a first-hand view of how GRG operates. We learned a lot about your company’s exemplary values and business practices that will carry over into our own professional experiences. Our goal for this campaign is to expand your business. We think it is equally important to acquire new clients as it is to retain current ones. While it is up to your high quality customer service practices and production capabilities to form lasting relationships with current customers, our ad campaign focuses on helping you attain new business and creating a recognizable brand image for your company. The main objective of the campaign is to increase traffic to We believe you have a visually-striking and informative Web site that adequately portrays the wide range of your abilities as a printing company and demonstrates that you do much more than just printing. We designed the creative materials in this campaign with the metro-Detroit area in mind. We believe that there is huge potential for growth there while keeping advertising costs as minimal as possible due to the concentrated nature of the area. The print and radio ads that we designed have a clear message about your company. They will draw in new business because the message creatively demonstrates the unique services that GRG offers. Thank you for taking the time to listen to our proposal. We hope you are impressed and take away some new ideas for your company based on the insight that we provide. Sincerely, Firecracker Marketing Solutions
    5. 5. Situation Analysis Company History Over twenty years ago Graphic Resource Group (GRG) was founded by partner Allen Pyc. Allen first grew interested in the print industry as a small child. His father owned a print shop and this is where his inspiration first began. During the 1980’s, when the graphic industry began to change, Allen was working at this print company. This is where he observed first-hand major technological advancements underway. GRG realized that clients were searching for more information and different graphic resource options. GRG took this opportunity to build the business around these growing changes in the industry. The clients were not only looking for a simple print company, but for one that offered a much broader range of services. Current State GRG is currently a one-stop-shop for clients that need a wide spectrum of services. Successfully, GRG takes the role of being a convenient way for clients to get everything done at one place. This makes the process easier and less stressful for the client. GRG is currently capable of handling large jobs. GRG has completed projects from 1 to 10,000 displays. Their Event Marketing department is highly effective within the company. The department is very experienced in project management, exemplified in their coordination of over 100 U.S. Navy trade shows.
    6. 6. Line of Business GRG is focused greatly on local businesses within Troy, Michigan. They do more than simple printing for our client. We also have a vast amount of resources and connections that have attributed to their success. From business cards to retail display the work they’ve done has expanded throughout Michigan . Other projects GRG specializes in are promotional merchandise, event marketing, creative design, digital printing, and point of purchase kits. One example of their recent work is the signage and trusses for the 2009 NCAA Men’s Final Four event in Detroit. Current Business Objectives  Double sales within in the next 2-4 years to $12-15 million  Create a recognizable brand image  Expand business to include more retail, point-of purchase, and custom displays  Communicate business and services to customers through other means than word-of-mouth and referrals
    7. 7. Dependencies and Risks Dependencies  The network of local Troy businesses give GRG the edge of having an extensive array of available resources to complete projects. - GRG’s success depends on continues customer satisfaction with finished projects.  In order to avoid conflict within the business network, GRG must use discretion when taking on new clients.  The ability to provide services and various merchandise depends on the cost of the material and the struggling economy. - The ability to expand geographically depends on traveling costs such as fuel. Risks  Taking on too many clients and not having enough staff to be able to provide sufficient customer service.  If GRG expands its clientele too much, it may lose some of its most reliable customers if they don’t continually receive the quality work they’ve been receiving in the past.  GRG could be held reliable for injuries sustained by GRG produced items.
    8. 8. Current Target Audience Right now, GRG’s primary focus is on current cliental and referrals in the Troy, Michigan area. Businesses are searching for the right company to have all of their printing projects completed in one house. Within the surrounding Troy area, local businesses go directly to GRG for convenience, fast, and effective results. In turn, this company solves that problem by providing all printing services for the client’s needs. GRG relies heavily on their current cliental for their business to prosper. Companies that continue to have their projects completed by GRG spread Word-Of-Mouth (WOM) to others, creating referrals for GRG. Additionally, this company focuses on outside referrals that reach beyond Troy. GRG completes tasks nationally for other businesses that need all their printing solutions done efficiently. Here are some examples projects GRG completed for their target audience outside of Troy. GRG started and finished within 4 weeks the design and logo for New Year’s Eve’s hats at New York’s celebration in Times Square. GRG was also chosen to produce 185 display doors to help increase student enrollment in Detroit Public Schools. GRG has done a few projects outside of Troy, but we would like to increase more awareness of GRG’s printing services and capabilities.
    9. 9. Future Target Audience If GRG expands, their main fear is the potential of breaking that bond between their current clients’ and then loosing their business. GRG does not want their company image to change to such an extent where current cliental may not want to do business with them anymore. With this in mind, it still is possible for GRG to expand and not loose business from local companies. Our companywould have to do a lot of research to find out the best and most money efficient waythat will work best for GRG. First, we would focus on a specific region in the US that would be best suited for GRG’s printing needs. Wealso has to keep in mind that with expansion, we still have to keep up with our current clients’ needs. As long as we research and evaluate the pros and cons, we will have a better understanding of exactly what GRG has to do to expand their business.
    10. 10. Geographic Markets Affected Detroit Metropolitan Area - Livingstone County - Macomb County - Monroe County - Oakland County - Washtenaw County - Wayne County
    11. 11. Campaign Direction and Tactical Details Key Product Features Unlimited production capabilities  High quality printing abilities  Strong network of local business affiliates  One-stop shop Customer Benefits  Ease of mind  Innovative marketing ideas for their company  Excellent communication  Mutually beneficial strategic business partnerships
    12. 12. Strengths Customer Service Friendly, have strong relationships with clients Go the extra mile to ensure the sale (providing samples) Beat suppliers prices (Co-America) Innovative for the client benefit (try this!) Web site Informative, gives good examples of past projects Resources Strong network of external resources Helps make GRG a “one-stop shop” Great relationships with suppliers Expertise Over 20 years collective experience Able to offer recommendations, give advice Weaknesses Small Company Can get behind in contacts, especially follow-up from past clients Need to be able to keep in touch in order to retain past clients for future jobs No clear specialization Outdated mission statement; vague on company purpose/goals Lack of national recognition; rely too heavily on WOM and networking Lack of customer feedback Web site Contains some grammatical/typographical errors Elements of the site take away from GRG’s ability to be a legitimate player among the “big guys” of the printing industry No formality over linked company pages S.W.O.T. Analysis
    13. 13. Opportunities Especially instrumental in helping smaller companies who need promotional help but can’t afford to hire an agency Can work closely with clients to develop entire P.O.P. and other outdoor/print campaigns Expansion into retail Larger trade show and industry event presence Google Adwords University connection for interns University work- sports, campaigns, etc… Combining printing with marketing solutions is relatively new Threats Larger companies may be able to charge less for printing services Having a more widely-recognized name can make big companies appear more trustworthy than a small company like GRG Limited ad spending Companies unwilling to take risks by going with new printing company Mixed company relationship between ad agencies and GRG Limited reach (few national projects)
    14. 14. Trend Analysis GRG currently is lacking a strong internet or social media presence. Current trends in the industry indicate that there is a demand for online designers. For GRG to appeal to more designers, they need to have a stronger internet establishment, which would include a massive design overhaul to their webpage. Having more technologically savvy designers would be a huge asset to GRG. Current economic situations have lead to immense drops in revenue and thus advertising expenditure. GRG should limit amount of work done for advertising agencies and pursue options in other areas and venues, such as university work, sports, and point-of-purchase. Because of recession GRG needs to have a stronger name. Manufacturers of consumer products are forgoing new designs and special packaging campaigns; and retaining existing ones. GRG should expand into this retail area, but wait until the economy turns around (as expected in the next few years). This could prove to be a good opportunity for GRG to get ahead of other graphic design companies in the field.
    15. 15. Marketing Message The main message that we want customers to take away from this marketing campaign is that Graphic Resource Group will relieve the stress usually involved in coordinating the production of a complicated printing project. The customer will learn that GRG is the single place they need to call, and they will take care of everything.
    16. 16. The Creative Brief Marketing Objectives Develop a partnership between GRG and local businesses Generate and increase in GRG website traffic Establish a brand identity with metro-Detroit businesses Purpose of Advertising Establish GRG as a one-stop marketing solution for metro Detroit businesses Offer the best “deal” Make sure that GRG is the first place they turn to Key Insight GRG relieves the stress associated with coordinating multiple facets of a complex printing job through their series of closely connected business partners. Campaign Print advertising can target specific businesses throughout the metro-Detroit area. It can also show the printing capabilities of GRG through vivid full color advertisements. The recurring aspect of cohesive advertisements carrying a specific brand message over a year in the newspaper will establish a brand identity with frequent readers. Style/Tone High quality Lighthearted Sharp colors Establish a exaggerated feeling relatable to stressful print projects Mandatories GRG logo Web site address (
    17. 17. ) This is an example of a print campaign specifically targeting university athletics. It is more specific than other direct mail campaigns we developed due to the unique nature of the printing projects required by the customer.
    18. 18. Creative Work Graphic Resource Group Get all your printing done in a One-Stop Shop. www.graphicresource.comGoogle Adwords Using Google AdWords as another advertising party will give Graphic Resource Group an advantage over other organic search results . Targeting GRG with highly effective keywords to text ads will increase traffic flow to their website with sponsored link bars instead of the organic results. Since GRG has such a wide range of capabilities, their website is their loudest voice to educate potential customers. Google AdWords will put GRG in a separate pool of search results, which will be on the first viewing page of target keywords. Google charges on a per-click basis, so we decided to allocate $100 for a one year campaign starting May 1, 2010 and ending April 30, 2011. From evaluating the process, determining the best price per click will be monitored and changed throughout the whole one year campaign. Promotional Merchandise We will design and print your promotional ideas. Event Marketing Event displays printed in a fast and efficient manner! Retail Displays Need High-Quality printing for your retail displays?
    19. 19. Direct Mail Since Graphic Resource Group is primarily a printing company, launching the campaign using a direct mail piece is a great opportunity to demonstrate their impressive printing capabilities. Personalization turns what is commonly perceived as “junk mail” into a proudly displayed desk calendar. The Graphic Resource logo and Web site will be in sight continually, keeping the company in the clients’ minds. Six months into the campaign, a second personalized direct mail piece (such as a pen, or for more active clients, a personalized wall clock) will be sent out to the clients to continue to keep Graphic Resource Group fresh in their thoughts.
    20. 20. This 30-second radio ad will run in a pulsing pattern on WJR, a Detroit-based AM radio station. This means that it will run two times a day, three days a week during May, June, July, November, December, and January. This pattern is a cost-effective way to help Graphic Resource Group retain a strong radio presence. We chose WJR because it is widely listened to in the metro-Detroit area and is a high-quality, credible radio station among professionals. The commercial will have a light-hearted tone in concordance with the campaign message. Narrator: “Still staring at that stack of papers? Wish you could throw it out the window? Sick of your boss breathing down your back? Wish you could throw him out the window? Before you do that let us make your life a lot easier. Hi, I’m Jim Smith, co-owner of Graphic Resource Group. Some people think of us as just a printing company; well they’re wrong. We will take that frustrating print project no matter how far along you are, and transform it into a stunning polished product. Whether you are making signs for a big event, setting up store displays for your exciting new product or want to promote your company and have no idea where to start, we are the one stop shop for you to go to. Visit us online at to see what we are capable of. “Infinite ideas. Endless Solutions, One resource.” Radio
    21. 21. Print A lighthearted yet informative print ad will run in the Detroit Free Press on a semi-regular basis throughout the entire fiscal year. The ½ page ad will run in the Detroit Free Press six times a year, falling on a Wednesday. Each spot will cost $22,074 so the total cost will be $132,444. The 1/8 page ad will run once a month on Thursdays. The estimated cost is $88,296. All together we anticipate spending $220,740. The majority of our ad spending will be print; it is an excellent way to draw people interests in Graphic Resource Group.
    22. 22. Media Plan The creative materials that we developed for this campaign include: personalized direct mail pieces, a business pitch letter aimed at specific metro-Detroit businesses, universities and ad agencies, a 30-second radio spot, print ads to run in the Detroit Free Press, a social media campaign featuring a blog, and online advertising for the Graphic Resource Web site using Google Adwords. Our campaign goals are:  Increase sales numbers by 25% in 12 months. - 2009 sales were $6.9 million, so projected 2011 sales are $8.6 million  Raise awareness of GRG across metro-Detroit businesses, universities and ad agencies.  Generate more Web site traffic. In order to achieve our goal of increasing Graphic Resource Group sales by 25% in the next 12 months, we need to attain new business as well as retain current clients. Our media plan focuses on initiating and maintaining long-lasting, mutually beneficial business partnerships. The goal is to continue to create an entire network of companies; after all, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. The purpose of advertising is to generate interest and attract new customers; Graphic Resource Group will build a business relationship with them using excellent communication and demonstrating superior quality of production.
    23. 23. The fiscal year for our media plan is May 2010 through April 2011. The estimated budget for the campaign is $250,000 based on current media costs.
    24. 24. After getting the clients’ attention with the direct mail, a pitch letter will be sent out two weeks later. The client is more likely to read it if they have already heard about Graphic Resource Group, became interested, and possibly even visited the Web site. The purpose of the pitch letter is to specifically explain why entering into a business partnership with GRG would be beneficial for the client. The pitch letter would be personalized based on the type of business that each client is; for instance, if the client is a university the letter would discuss their sports event promotional materials, where if the client is a retail chain the letter would demonstrate Graphic Resource Group’s experience and expertise in P.O.P. displays and other in-store signage. To demonstrate their excellent customer service, GRG would follow up with a phone call or email as promised in the pitch letter. Business Pitch Letter
    25. 25. The purpose of the social media campaign is to give Graphic Resource Group a “face” as well as keep them relevant by acknowledging changes in the industry. The blog will give the company a personal edge while still keeping them professional. It can be linked into the current Graphic Resource Web site and will be regularly updated by staff members with news about the company, the printing industry, their clients, or anything else of interest. The blog will also be a networking tool because of the ever-growing weblog community; Graphic Resource Group will use their blog to call attention to related companies, who will do the same for them. One of the biggest benefits of a social media campaign is that there is no cost involved, and minimal time demands. Social Media To market GRG effectively, our company first needs to direct more people to our website. Google Adwords is the best source we could find to increase traffic flow to their webpage. Since Google Adwords is a cheaper alternative then using other parties, we don’t have to allocate much money out of our budget to this type of advertising. Along with direct mail, a blog, newspaper print ads, and following up with a business pitch, the surrounding Detroit area will think of GRG as not just as a well-known local print shop, but as a company that is the best choice for their printing needs.