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  • Assigned or available to? Or is this terminology specific to the agency?
  • Changed grammar in bullet #1 and 2 slightly
  • What have you observed about the demographics of the population served by JJC? Do you think there is bias in the law toward youths of color?
  • Changed the position of from in bullet #3
  • Some might see these as a loss of human rights. Can you speak to how the youths rights are protected even while they are on probation? Add one more slide that is a conclusion.
  • Fresno County Probation: Juv

    1. 1. By: Deandra Davila
    2. 2. • To provide protection for the community, support victim advocacy, and deliver essential services to the courts. This mission is accomplished through collaboration and partnerships which encompass a continuum of sanctions including prevention/intervention programming, investigation, supervision, and incarceration.
    3. 3. Fresno County Probation: Juvenile Services Division
    4. 4.  Juvenile Supervision Unit: DPOs supervise offenders released to the community on probation. They monitor the minor’s compliance with the conditions of probation ordered by the Courts both at home and the schools they attend.  Court Services: Deputy Probation Officers prepare written presentence reports on minors to aid the Courts in the sentencing process.  Placement Unit: DPOs work with Group Homes and other out-of-home placements for minors removed from the custody of their parents by Juvenile Court Order.
    5. 5.  The Population worked with are minors who have been ordered by the courts to be on probation.  The majority of minors on probation have committed crimes against people, crimes against property, and have violated their probation.  There’s a DPO at every school whose caseload consists of the minors on probation at that location.  There are also DPOs who are assigned certain area codes. Their caseload has minors that are not currently enrolled in a main stream school.
    6. 6.  Funding is provided from Federal and State Grants.  One of the major sources of funds comes from Title IV-E of the Social Security Act. These are minors who are at risk for being removed from the home and must be younger than 17.6 years old.  The Parents and the minor are responsible for paying for any program that the minor is assigned by the court to attend.
    7. 7.  Probation Officers work with the minor and the parents to provide the best services to help the minor.  The main goal is to redirect minors from continuing their deviant behavior.  Probation Officers refer minors to many agencies around Fresno County depending on what is court ordered.  The DPO works with Police Officers, School Officials, agency workers, and the parents to make sure the minor is complying with the terms and conditions of their probation.
    8. 8.  The DPO provides the minor with a referral sheet to different agencies depending on what they are assigned to complete.  It is the responsibility of the minor to sign up, attend, and complete what needs to be done.  Probation provides services to accomplish the mission because the minor is given resources that will help work through the issues that caused them to get into trouble.  The programs assigned teach the minors that their actions are wrong and let them learn from the mistakes.
    9. 9.  The minor got themselves in to this mess, it is their responsibility to get themselves out of it. This means the DPO isn’t going to hold the minor’s hand through the process, instead they need to be accountable and be responsible.  The probation officer is there to monitor the minor and to support them in anything they need. As long as the minor is complying with terms and conditions, Probation won’t be hard. If the minor is not complying then probation has to provide the discipline.
    10. 10.  I meet with minors and their parents to discuss grades and attendance at school, progress with Community Service hours, drug testing, check behavior at home.  I go to the school setting, talk with the Police Officer and staff to check behavior at school.  I talk with minors who have been sent back to the JJC, to discuss a plan of action.  I’ve learned to fill out the standard documents and paper work needed as a DPO.
    11. 11.  Probation helps improve the quality of life for a minor because we are helping them change for the better.  The minor is held responsible for the crimes they have committed, and they have to pay the consequences for their actions.  There are minors of every race on probation. I have noticed that white parents are more likely to defend and protect their children. They tend to not want to see their child can do wrong.  Probation Officers don’t treat anyone better than another, they are all juveniles on probation and all need to pay the consequences for their actions.
    12. 12.  Service: DPOs work and assist the minor so they can successfully complete probation.  Social Justice: DPOs report to the court all the positive accomplishments of the minor. Make the minor “give back” to the community through community service.  Dignity and Worth of a Person: DPOs evaluate the family using the strengths perspective and focus on getting the minor active in positive activities.
    13. 13.  Importance of Human Relationships: DPOs build a trusting working relationship with the minor to achieve success.  Integrity: DPOs are honest in their reports to the court about minors and act in a trustworthy and responsible way.  Competence: DPOs work with the minor and refer them to agencies where they can benefit from the most.
    14. 14.  The courts assign the minor to counseling if it is needed. The DPO also has the right, anytime throughout probation to recommend the minor for counseling or any type of program, if they see fit.  The minor loses their right to privacy when on probation because their person and property can be searched by any Officer without a warrant. Probation makes sure the minor is attending school to they can get a proper education.  Probation gives the minor a chance to fix their mistakes and to be rehabilitated in to society.
    15. 15.  Deputy Probation Officers help minors become rehabilitated and help them change their ways.  The main goal for the minor to become a productive member of society.  This is achieved through monitoring and assignments given to the minor throughout the term of probation.