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Newsletter oct to dec

  1. 1. Inside this issue: Editorial Message from the PrincipalThe Newsletter……. Toddlers’ Trend (Nursery—III) The Rising Stars (IV—VIII) Activity Galore VOLUME X And much more…………. OCTOBER– DECEMBER 2012
  2. 2. Yet again we have successfully prepared an eventful newsletter that haschronicled all the activities and has presented the vibgyor shades of theModernites. When a team works well, the effort needed to achieve the goalis divided, making work a little lighter and the effects are multiplied andthis aspect is quite evident in the present newsletter. It is our sincereendeavour to impart quality education to our students and help themreach the path to excellence. We hope to achieve this aim by becomingfacilitators as we render all possible help to our students to acquireproficiency in gaining knowledge and sharpening their communicationskills and applying it and thereby making the newsletter a grand success. Iwould like to end with the words of Albert Einstein, who once said,“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledgedefines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to allwe might yet discover and create.” NEWSLETTER TEAM: Ms. Simerdeep Kaur Ms. Kavita Bhatia Ms. Naina Nagpal Ms. Nayan Dahiya Ms. Kajal Bajaj Ms. Shruti Uppal
  3. 3. I extend my earnest wishes for the coming up edition of the newsletter, which is a mirror of mystudents as well as teachers’ indefatigable efforts. My students always give me a reason to smileand motivate me to create more opportunities with an aim to enhance their self esteem. Newsletteris one such platform to exhibit their innate talents and also a kaleidoscope of plethora of activitiesconducted in our institution. I firmly believe that self esteem is a key to success and to pioneer trueself-esteem they must concentrate on their accomplishments and forget about the negatives in theirlives. If you do not have self esteem, you cannot develop self confidence. Its how much you valueyourself and how important you think you are. It is how you see yourself and how you feel aboutyour achievements. It is not about thinking you are perfect - because nobody is - but knowing thatyou are worthy of being loved and accepted just as you are. I further request all the parents to helpthe children explore opportunities to find out who they are, rather than persuading them to be whoyou think they should be. We must show respect for children by giving them choices whenappropriate and then respecting their decisions supplemented with unconditional love and the giftof your time with them. Its only then that we can expect a pre-eminent nation. It does not matterwho you are or where you came from. The ability of triumph begins with you always. “To get a taste it aint enough To eat your fill you need the stuff You think youre there about to land But is the trip just what you planned Youre falling, yes youre falling For the sweet smell of success ! Alka Kapur
  4. 4. Toddlers’ Trend Gandhi JayantiThe birth of „Father of the Nation‟, MohandasKaramchand Gandhi was celebrated by theNursery department with full enthusiasm on1st October 2012 in the school premises .Tiny tots from pre-school and pre – primaryparticipated in various activities likeGandhiji‟s spectacle making activity ,stickpuppet of charkha , colouring , sketching andenacting Dandi March wherein the studentselegantly wore white dhoti , pyjama kurtaand spoke slogans about Gandhiji‟s life andteachings. Classes II , III and IV actively took part in activities like Role play, Quiz, Poster making, Cleanliness Drive, Poem Recitation and Incident Narration on Gandhiji‟s life. PowerPoint presentations were shown to the students to enlighten their path with the teachings of Gandhiji. These activities helped the children imbibe the teachings of Gandhi in a fun filled and interesting way .
  5. 5. Kriti –Art and Craft Exhibition Kriti - The Art and Craft Exhibition was organised by the Nursery Departmenton 3rd November 2012 which comprised of amazing collection of art and craftitems based on the following themes. Class Theme Pre School Ojaswini Pre Primary Christmas Galleria Class I Eco-friendly Warriors Class II The Wonderland of Masks and Puppets Class III Arty Soul CD Decoration“Festivals add happiness all around.”With diyas, candles and lights, Diwali is always colourful and bright. The festivalof lights was celebrated with great enthusiasm by the learners of Pre School on9th November 2012. They decorated diyas using scrap CD‟s, paper flowers,mirrors , glitters and added their own touch of creativity to it. A stick puppet wasgiven to the students as a token of love on the auspicious occasion. It surely litup the hearts of the young kids.
  6. 6. Kiddies Kitchenette ActivityIn order to make our students versatile and well–versedwith every possible thing around, ‘Kiddies Kitchenette’activity was conducted for the young students ofPre - Primary on 11 October 2012. The tiny chefs learntvarious culinary skills and the names of cutlery itemsused in the kitchen. It was a fun-filled activity. Let’s Act like‘Let’s Act Like’ activity was organised for the students of class I on 11October 2012. Students came dressed up as mythological, political, historicalcharacters and delivered the dialogues of the character portrayed by them.The keenness and excitement displayed by the young actors was exemplary.Results Of Let’s Act Like : CLASS NAME OF THE STUDENT IA Manya Sachdeva Krishna Bhatia Tannisthaa Sharma (Best Costume) IB Nakul Gulati (Best Costume) IC Sayansh Mishra (Best Costume) ID Prisha Singh Daksh Shaurya ( Best Costume)
  7. 7. Re-living RamayanaDussehra depicts the victory of „Good overEvil‟ and the same was learnt by the scholarsof Pre School and Pre-Primary as they notonly dressed up like the characters of thegreat epic Ramayana on 23rd October 2012but also, enacted different scenes from thesame. The confidence and enthusiasm in thekids could be seen at its best. The activity ofdecorating Lord Hanuman‟s „Gada‟ addedmore fun to the day. Arty Attire-Fancy Dress Competition‘Arty Attire‟ was organised for the pupils of Pre School on26 November 2012. The learners dressed up in the attires of differentanimals, birds and bugs, spoke lines and recited poems on them .Theactivity boosted their confidence and enhanced their knowledge aboutthe diversity in animal kingdom. It was a great learning experiencewhich sensitised them towards the need to save the flora and fauna . Class Best Entries Pre School A Anusha Chourasia Pre School B Himisha Kataria Pre School C Pranay Goel Pre School D Somansh Gupta
  8. 8. Result of Quiz (class III) Result Name of the students Class Position I Tanisha Panesar III B Vansh Khatter III B Position II Vansh Walia III D Position III Vanshika Puri III C Imprints and texture printing activityTo sensitise the young minds regarding the needto keep the environment clean and green,texture printing was organised for the learners ofPre-school on 5 October 2012. The littlechildren enjoyed imprinting texture on a whiteT-shirt with a sponge and learnt the meaning ofthe slogan “Go Green” imprinted on it. It was anenjoyable activity. Tree PlantationFeeling of gratitude towards Mother Earth was shared by the studentsof Pre-Primary on 08 October 2012 through a „Tree Plantation‟activity. Students were taught to be grateful and respectful towardstheir planet. The motto – „Let‟s be friends with our earth andenvironment‟ and the popular slogan „Go Green‟ was well understoodby the young kids. Rose saplings were also planted by them. Studentshad an altogether different experience and exposure while doingplantation.
  9. 9. Expressions- English Poem RecitationThe morning of 27 November 2012 at MPS started on a verymelodious note as „Expressions-English Poem RecitationCompetition‟ was held for the students of Class I. The theme„Environment and Seasons‟ was very fascinating. The students weredressed in innovative costumes and confidently recited poems.Students apprised themselves with various measures to save theirenvironment. Result Name of the student Class Best Poem (content) Shaurya Walia IA Best Costume and Mallishka Malik ID make-up Most Confident child Tannistha Sharma IA Best Presentation Kaustav IB Consolation Jasmine Chandel IC
  10. 10. Children’s Day Colouring CompetitionA fun filled colouring competition was organisedfor the students of Pre School to Class III on9 November 2012.The children displayed theiraesthetic sense and showcased their innocenceand sheer enjoyment of celebrating Children‟sDay mellifluously. Name of the student Class Performance Ritisha Aggarwal Pre School A Parkhi Aggarwal Pre Primary D Prisha Singh Outstanding Class I D Krish Arora Class II A Plaksha Jammoria Class III B Lagan Ahuja Pre School A Khanak Agrawal Pre Primary A Creative Anik Sehrawat Class I B Sarvi Gupta Class II D Spardha Khurana Class III C Lehar Kalia Pre School B Srishti Bhatia Pre Primary A Attractive Bhumi jain Class I C Parth Gogia Class II A Mansi Sancheti Class III E Krishika Pre School C Consolation
  11. 11. Guru Purab CelebrationCelebrating the auspicious occasion of Guru Purab, students of Pre Schooland Pre Primary visited Nanak Piao Gurudwara on 22nd and 23rd November2012 respectively. They offered prayers, listened to the holy Gurubani andrelished the delicious’ Karah parshad’. The day in true sense added gaietyto the religious occasion.Students of Class I also visited Shalimar Bagh Gurdwara on26 November 2012. They offered prayers and listened to the religioushymns from the Guru Granth Sahib. It was a pious experience for all.
  12. 12. Helpers’ Day ActivityHelpers’ day was organised for the students of Pre School on 14thDecember 2012 on the theme People in my Hometown.Students dressed up themselves as various helpers like milkman,doctor, shopkeeper, vendor etc and spoke lines on thecharacters they portrayed. Through this activity, they realised theimportance of the helpers who help them in their day to dayroutine. Christmas Celebrations‘Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle all the way’……………..Celebrating the festive occasion of Christmas, students of classes IIand III participated in Card Making competition on 17th December2012. They decorated cards using various 3D objects, colours andwaste material. The activity was enjoyed by all. Result Name of the student class Good Presentation Yash Tibrewal II B Krish Bhatia II B Most Creative Ishita Tayal II D Neat Presentation Ridhima Jain II D Spell Bee CompetitionThe importance of spellings in English language was realised bythe learners of classes II and III through ‘Spell Bee Competition’which was held on 26 December 2012. The interesting words givenin the worksheet along with commonly misspelt words allowed thepupils to brainstorm and hence showcase their spelling quotient.
  13. 13. Homework!! Homework! Homework! Homework! So much homework, too much homework! Why too much homework? I do homework, you do homework We all do our homework Are we scared? Yes, we are! It saves us from the teacher‟s scolding It saves us from the parent‟s scolding So much homework, too much homework Some find it boring, some find it interesting But still we all should do homework It helps us for better learning, It prepares us for better future!! Prerna Chauhan III E God’s Gift to Me! Money Money can give you books but not Dear dear God, knowledge, In this world, Money can give you house but not home, I am not alone Money can give you a bed but not sleep, As I have a family of my own.You have also given me loving friends, Money can give you a medicine but not Who give me wonderful moments. good health, I thank you God for blessing me, Money can give you something but notWith a beautiful world where I can be.. everything! Kavya Arora II A Shaurya Walia I A
  14. 14. Night Camp- ‘A home away from home’‘Happy times and rejoicing moments come & go, leaving behind sweetmemories that make our lives shine & glow.’One such memory that embarked the hearts and minds of the students ofClasses Pre School to IV was the Night Camp, which was held on 22 nd & 23rdDecember 2012.The camp was amalgamation of joyful and fun filled activities like horse cartride and games like Burst a Balloon, Match the Pair, Blow the Ball, PuppetShow, Hat Decoration and many more. The evening progressed with aspectacular „Circus Show‟ wherein the students from Classes Pre School to IVenthralled the audience with their absorbing performances. Besides dance,various performances like juggling, cart-wheeling, hoopla acts amazedeveryone present. The tiny tots also enjoyed sumptuous feasts during thecamp. The students enjoyed every moment to the fullest. It will surely be agreat memory to cherish for all who participated.
  15. 15. A Moment of Pride!Ms. Alka Kapur has been awarded with an award for „Mentors who changed lives‟for her immense contribution to bring a change in the society on 17 December 2012from SOE Global Education Awards Organization.Madam Principal has vowed to innovate new opportunities for the people who areassociated with her in every possible way and work to bring excellence in all. It‟s amatter of immense pride to have such a wonderful torch bearer amongst us whocontinues to strive for all of us selflessly. Rally against violenceThe students organized a rally to express their anguish and deep concern for theinjustice done towards women. The rally was flagged off by Madam Principalaround 200 students participated in it. The students shouted slogans and carriedthought provoking placards on the need to respect women. People appreciated theefforts made by the Modernites. The idea was to let the students understand that awoman is the full circle, within her is the power to create and transform. And wemust respect woman.
  16. 16. SANITATION WEEKOur school believes in the dictum “Cleanliness is next toGodliness” . Keeping this in mind, Sanitation Week wasobserved by the Modernites from 17 November 2012 to 24November 2012. Different activities were organized for thestudents which inculcated a sense of responsibility andhygiene etiquettes in them. AIMUNThe diligent and meticulous work of the Modernites made them succeed withflying colours at AIMUN 2012. Under the able guidance of Ms. Inderjeet KaurKalra, eight students brought laurels for the school. . Issues on the seriousconcerns like disarmament, money lenders and refugees were discussed. It isa matter of great glory that amidst the cut throat competition at the conferenceour school bagged the Best Position Paper Award in ECOSOC committee. PEACE WEEKIf we are to teach real peace in this world , and if we areto carry on a real war against war, we shall have to beginwith the children. Hence the school observed „PeaceWeek‟ from 1 October 2012 to 6 October 2012 to paytribute to the father of the nation. Madam Principaladvised the students to follow the Gandhian principlesin order to make this world better than the best. Aplethora of activities focusing on Gandhian philosophyincluded Debates, Poster making, Extempore, Slogan writing and many more.The Peace week acted as a trigger to make the students familiar with hisperpetual and valuable thought process and also his role as a harbinger ofIndian Independence. The whole ambience was imbued with patriotic fervor.
  17. 17. Trip to NASAA trip to Nasa is one of the most blissful moments to cherish for oneand all. 14 students along with the two teachers Ms. SimerdeepKaur and Ms. Naina Nagpal were accompanied by MadamPrincipal to National Aeronautics Space Administration from25 October 2012 to 5 November 2012. The Splendorous time enjoyedin Washington DC and New York made the students overwhelmedand joyous. The trip enabled the students to acquaint themselveswith the rich cultural heritage of USA. Gurupurab CelebrationGrace is the divine favour showed to man, leading to the project stateof spiritual well being. On account of Gurunanak Dev Ji’s birth ceremony, Gurupurabcelebrations were held on 27 November 2012. The unique aura andgrace were witnessed by the Modernites in Prabhat Pheri. Thewhole atmosphere became pure with the rendition of a melodiousshabad.
  18. 18. Visit To President HouseMemories for now and lifetime!A visit to Rashtrapati Bhavan on 14 November, 2012 tomeet the honorable President of India Mr. PranabMukherjee gave a genuine reason to have a wonderfulreminiscence forever in the lives of Ms. Ravinder Gumberand Mr. Kanwal Arora along with a group of eightstudents. The students were taken around and shown thebeautiful premises. The President was greeted with abouquet of flowers and shared his unforgettablememories with one and all. It was a delightful experience. Spic MacayWe dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance formadness, we dance for tears and hopes, we are thedancers and create the dreams.To let the present generation know more about Indiantraditional dance forms, the school availed thewonderful opportunity of witnessing an enthrallingodyssey performance by Ms. Kavita Dwivedi under theaegis of Spic Macay on 4 December 2012. It was amesmerizing performance embedded with lecture ondemonstration of Odyssey dance in its grace andsplendor. The students were motivated to learnperforming arts in future. Christmas CelebrationA cultural fiesta was organized to celebrate Christmasand to mark the beginning of another year with an aimto set new milestones. Flawless enactment in „AChristmas carol’, perfect synchronization of foottapping music supported with colourful costumesentertained one and all. Christmas carols were sungand made the atmosphere pious. The festivities wereconcluded with the sweet and cute Santa whodistributed sweets as a token of festivities.
  19. 19. Poetry Participants Class Result Vanshika V Second Riya V First Interzonal English Debate Competition Participants Class Result Ananya Mittal VIII First Roshni Kalia VIII Rock-A-FellaParticipants Class ResultPushp Narang XAbhay Gupta IXPradipika Sagar X ThirdGauri Vashisht IXLokesh Harja XII English Debate Participants Class Result Simran Thakur IV Second Ria IV Interzonal English DeclamationParticipants Class ResultShweta Rath VIII First
  20. 20. Solo Dance Competition ”Dance is the expression of one’s feelings and emotions.”To break the monotony of regular studies, an inter-class solo dance competitionwas organised for the students of Class Pre School - Class III on 3rd December2012. The participants danced to their heart‟s content. The audience too had a lotof fun and could be seen tapping their feet and humming to the tunes played duringthe programme. The colourful and dazzling attires added life to the show. Result Name of the student Class Best Co-ordination Sujal Singh III A Best Costume & Make-up Mehak Preet Kaur III C Best Choreography Aryan Thapar IIIE Overall Performance Preal Chauhan III E Overall performance Aashi jauhari II C Best costume and make-up Kavya Aora II A Best Choreography Lakshayam II E Best co-ordination Ishika Gupta II D Audience choice Performance Arnav Aggarwal II A Best Group Performance Lagan Ahuja et Pre School A all Best Group Choreography Ridhi Sharma et Pre School B all Best Group co-ordination Ridhi Sharma et Pre School B all Best Costume and Make-up Aishwarya Pre School D Noyonika Pre School A
  21. 21. Customer Cogniznee Participants Class ResultKeshav Dingliwala XI Prachi Jain XI First Ankita Yadav XI Panchtatva Participants Class Result Shweta Rath VIII Joyal Gupta VIII Nandani VIII First Kamakshi Sethi VII Ananya Mittal VIII Namita Kataria VII Radio Show Participants Class Result Akshay VII Third Riya VIII Ballad Singing Participants Class Result Pushp Narang X Pradipika Sagar X Second Gauri VIII Sheil Mahajan XI Gymnastic Participants Class Result Mansha Bhatia IV Third
  22. 22. Edge 2012 Participants Class Result Parth Gogia II First Sarvi Gupta II Edge 2012 Participants Class Result Divya Gupta VI Second Arihant VI Edge 2012Participants Class ResultNaman Jain XII SecondNikhil Kumar XII Thematic Poster Making Competition Participants Class ResultShivam Bindra X Third English Debate Participants Class ResultAnanya Mittal VIII Second Powerpoint Presentation Participants Class ResultAnanya Mittal VIII First Shweta Rath VIII
  23. 23. Interzonal Quawali Participants Class Result Riya Sanga VII Tanya Bansal VIBhanu Mehndiratta VII Mehak Jain VII Vanya Garg VI Prachi Saxena VIII Sapna Jha VII Yashika Chauhan VIII Deepti Uppal VII Niyati Hirani VII Muskan Sharma VII Shweta Rath VIII Joyal Gupta VIII First Muskan Lohani VII Simran Dhingra IX Jasleen Kaur X Muskan Garg XI Chahat Jain XI Tanu Rawat XI Nupur VIII